Tianfu International Airport’s fourth comprehensive drill: seaweed dancing robots and smart bathrooms are here

Today, Tianfu International Airport’s fourth comprehensive exercise, Red Star News reporters visited T2 on site. The future will be used to serve passengers “seaweed dance” intelligent robot attracted everyone’s attention.

Tianfu International Airport's fourth comprehensive drill: seaweed dancing robots and smart bathrooms are here

“Like a seaweed seaweed seaweed seaweed, swaying with the waves ……” a white intelligent robot, with its own music, hands dancing, dancing a seaweed dance.

Not only does it dance, the robot also navigates and leads the way itself. “Take me to the information desk.” “Yes, please follow me.” The robot then turned around and moved toward the information office, and from time to time issued a voice reminder: “I am heading to the information office, please make way.” The intelligent robot moves at basically the same speed as a normal slow pace, and will also bypass obstacles in front of it to avoid pedestrians.

It is understood that in the future there will be more than ten intelligent robots in the check-in hall to serve everyone, in addition to navigation, singing and dancing, etc., can also check the flight and other information. Passengers can either operate by clicking on the screen or communicate with them by voice.

In addition, all bathrooms in Tianfu International Airport are smart bathrooms and equipped with fresh air system, mother and baby room and the third bathroom are standard. Among them, the third bathroom uses a hand-sensing switch, which is located at waist height, making it easy to use in a wheelchair. The large screen at the entrance of the bathroom can also display the squatting position and usage in real time, and travelers can take the initiative to avoid congestion. After use, travelers can score and evaluate on the screen.

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