Three possibilities for the Metaverse to become an inevitable trend

Two days ago, when we talked about Metaverse training, it was mentioned that the trained users expressed their doubts, “Since Metaverse is a virtual world, why is Metaverse the inevitable trend of future development?” How did Metaverse become like this? It’s irreplaceable. If you just treat it as a virtual game, then Metaverse is definitely not that important.

But if the meta-universe is a basic concept, and the development direction that may be derived from the meta-universe is the most important thing, I don’t know if readers can understand it , just like smart devices that benefit modern society, if there is no intelligence With the support of communication technology and chip technology that are indispensable in the device, smart devices may still stay at the level of large desktops. In this way, are these supporting base technologies an irreplaceable inevitable trend in the past era?

I have to say that the concept of “meta universe” is really too easy to spread, because the concept of “meta universe” is really too big, and because of the large heads of foil and the constantly emerging film and television materials of the theme of “meta universe”, it is portrayed for the public. A very intuitive grand dream. Just borrowing the popular software nowadays, a video of “Liu Yexi”, is enough to make the major Internet celebrities in the real world automatically give way.

Three possible development directions of the meta universe

1. Representative Liu Cixin (author of science fiction works such as Santi, senior engineer)

“No matter what prosperity the earth has achieved, the future without space navigation is bleak.”-Liu Cixin

Three possibilities for the Metaverse to become an inevitable trend

In Liu Cixin’s view, the meta universe will be an involution of the entire human civilization, and the entropy of the enclosed closed system will always tend to be the largest. Human beings will focus on exploring the technology of the real universe. As far as the development of civilization is concerned, exploring the universe is an inevitable trend.

Louis Friedman, the founder of the American Planetary Society, wrote in the book “Human Space Flight: From Mars to Stars”: “Although there are genes for exploration in human culture, although space exploration will go on “forever” in some form, But as technology matures, sending humans into space will become less and less necessary. Mars is not only the next goal of mankind, but it may also be the final goal. The exploration of the universe beyond Mars will turn to virtual In the real world, our physical bodies only need to sit in our homes on Earth or Mars, and we can use information processing to travel the entire universe.”

The meta-universe plays an active role in the exploration of the real universe. Human beings will replace the fragile physical bodies with indestructible robot avatars to visit this realistic and dangerous universe, and use the virtual world to synchronize everything witnessed by the robots, speeding up the inevitable process of exploring the universe. The realization. This is also one of the reasons why the metaverse has become an inevitable trend.

If the end of human exploration of the universe only stops in Mars or the Milky Way, then the meta-universe does not seem so important, but if not only that, if the future of mankind is the infinite resources of the infinite universe, then the meta-universe is the future. Bottlenecks such as performance and life expectancy are too weak in this regard. To achieve this goal, the development of alternatives is indispensable.

2. Representative Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook)

“In Metaverse, you will be able to do almost anything you can think of-partying with friends and family, working, studying, playing, shopping, creating, and gaining a new experience that is unimaginable in the current understanding of computers and mobile phones. In this future, you will be instantly transmitted in the form of a hologram, you can arrive at the office without commuting, or attend a concert with friends, or return to your parents’ home. You will spend more time on meaningful things .”-Zuckerberg

Three possibilities for the Metaverse to become an inevitable trend

Social networking has become the mainstream of today’s society. As Zuckerberg said, the development of VR, AR, AI and other technologies will usher in an unprecedented explosion. Humans will enter a real virtual world through hardware devices, where people can socialize, Everything that can be done in the real world, such as playing games, traveling, and having meetings, as well as application scenarios that are unimaginable in the real world. Just imagine the biggest breakthrough when social software and online shopping platforms first came out? It crosses the limitations of geographical space, but the drawback is that the communication between people becomes gradually cold. The meta-universe that Zuckerberg recognizes will completely change this dilemma. On the basis of crossing space, crossing time and interaction The bottleneck allows the original communication to be more specifically perceived.

But it should be noted that the meta-universe imagined by Zuckerberg has the concept of a god, and Meta and himself are the gods of the virtual world he created. This is a drawback, and it is also the reason why the current public believes that Metaverse must avoid monopolizing the future.

Imagine the heavier and heavier virtual time brought by immersive technology. The axis weight of virtual accounts and assets will become higher and higher. That is why you hand over such important things, such as your own social accounts and video accounts, to life and death. The gods of the virtual world come to control, who can accept it.

But in terms of the development of VR, AR, AI and other technologies, traditional Internet giants such as Facebook (now Meta) and Microsoft undoubtedly have great advantages. They may realize a virtual world with a sense of experience for humans faster.

3. Representative Chris Dixon ( A16Z partner, famous investor)

“The 3D world and meta-universe experience supported by Crypto allows people to socialize, make money, and build mini worlds, while ensuring interoperability and true ownership.”-ChrisDixon

Three possibilities for the Metaverse to become an inevitable trend

In the eyes of A16Z partners, the soul of Metaverse is Web3, which is ownership. He said that compared with Web2, the next generation network will have blockchain and NFT as the core primitives.

Under the premise that traditional Internet giants are vigorously developing VR, AR, AI and other technologies, another group of people will explore the virtual world with Crypto as the soul. In this world, people can still do everything that can be done in the Meta world, and at the same time. Really own the avatar, money and virtual assets in the meta-universe. Double the world, double harvest, double happiness.

Does it sound more attractive? But such a world is destined to experience a period of cruel competition, because not every newly created public chain and Dapp can survive. Eventually there will be giants in the Web3.0 era, and the weak will be the same as Netscape in history. The same, gradually disappeared from people’s sight. The survival and development of human civilization has never lacked competition.

Either view is actually reasonable, because it is based on the current era of resources, scientific and technological development, and the development of civilization. It is initiated and can arouse the resonance of many people.

These three ideas are only the current three ideas. With the realization of the meta-universe step by step, the ultimate development will inevitably be more, even infinite possible paths, but no matter which meta-universe it is, it must be the first step. Of chess.

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