“Thousand-year porcelain capital” of the renaissance: embrace live reproduction of “ware into the world to go”

The picture shows the Live broadcast base in Jingdezhen Tao Xichuan merchants are live. Li Yunhan photo

"Thousand-year porcelain capital" of the renaissance: embrace live reproduction of "ware into the world to go"

Jingdezhen, June 5 (Xinhua) — The renaissance of “thousand-year-old porcelain city”: embracing live broadcast to reproduce the “ware into the world to go”

Reporter Li Yunhan

“The previous businessmen sold ceramics around the world by sea, but we now rely on live e-commerce.” In the ceramics industry engaged in 7 years Zhou Le, “thousand years of porcelain” Jiangxi Jingdezhen is relying on the digital wave of the Internet, a cultural renaissance.

Jingdezhen, Jiangxi is known as the porcelain capital, according to the relevant literature, only the 16th century to the 18th century, China exported to Europe hundreds of millions of pieces of porcelain. “Craftsmen from eight places to come, ware into the world to go.” In those days, Jingdezhen, standing at the top of the global trade, a moment of scenery.

"Thousand-year porcelain capital" of the renaissance: embrace live reproduction of "ware into the world to go"

The picture shows Jingdezhen Taoxichuan Live live base. Li Yunhan photo

Industrial porcelain production continues to spread so that the cost-effective daily-use porcelain began to “fly into ordinary people’s homes”. “Jingdezhen, which has been doing handicraft work for hundreds of years, has been unable to turn around on the road to industrialization.” In Zhou Le’s view, Jingdezhen also experienced a period of despondency.

“Jingdezhen’s ceramics were born to live, niche ceramic artwork needs to be ‘out of the loop’ through a platform to tell, share and interact.” Over the past seven years, Zhou Le’s ceramic store has witnessed the upgrading of Chinese consumers’ demand in the ceramic category. He says that as China’s economy continues to develop, consumers are increasingly seeking higher levels of material and spiritual enjoyment.

In the wake of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Zhou Le’s store has 6-7 live-streaming sessions on different e-commerce platforms every day. Through the live broadcast, Zhou Le’s store sales showed a 300% increase, and the live broadcast team grew from 10 to 40 people. Among them, the sales of medium and high-end porcelain also showed a faster growth.

“The Internet connects my products to the world, as long as there is a network.” Seven years ago, Ran Xiangfei set up his own handmade porcelain studio in Jingdezhen. He said he used to worry about not having a physical store or not participating in exhibitions, but now through e-commerce, he can sell his products to the world. Last year, Ran Xiangfei recruited foreign agents in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Brussels through the Internet.

Not only is Zhou Le, Ran Xiangfei feel the change of live e-commerce for Jingdezhen ceramic industry, the whole Jingdezhen also catch up with the wave of Internet digitalization.

Last August, Jingdezhen Tao Xichuan Live live base was officially inaugurated. The base is free training for live newcomers, but also live merchants to supervise. So far, the live base has incubated more than 1,400 merchants, all the merchants in the base daily live sales can reach ten million yuan, the highest daily turnover reached more than 15 million yuan.

“Our merchants will also receive some orders for sale overseas, mostly in South Africa.” According to Jingdezhen Tao Xichuan Live live base in charge of Chen Xi, the future base will also explore cross-border e-commerce training related matters.

“Jing drift” Liu Awei is the first batch of merchants stationed in the base, in Jingdezhen drifted for ten years he also tasted the “sweetness” of live. When the reporter saw him, he was finishing goods ready for tonight’s live broadcast.

“The previous Jingdezhen craftsmen are really miserable, these years sales are not ideal, did not earn any money, through the traditional channels of selling the general public can not understand the story behind the ceramic and the process carried.” Today, Liu Awei daily fixed time to start selling ceramics through live, the daily turnover of up to 50,000 yuan, income than before has doubled dozens of times.

Statistics show that in 2020 Jingdezhen city network retail sales of 9.765 billion yuan, ranking 4th in the province, an increase of 10.2%, the number of e-commerce enterprises in the city increased by 927 over the previous year. In addition, Jingdezhen has been named the national “Top 100 Cities for Electricity Business” for many years.

Today’s Jingdezhen, the millennium kiln fire is still burning, large and small “Jing drift”, merchants, artists are using their own hands of the lens, so that ceramics again “out of the circle”. (End)

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