Those years we love the alliance chain, in China may have turned into “scum”

The journey of the Alliance Chain’s scum began at the beginning of this year when IBM suddenly spread the news that Hyperledger seemed to have failed, so it was not maintained anymore. China’s R&D team, which is used to overtaking the bend, developed a bunch of application scenarios on the American Empire’s Hyperledger, and the story is as good as it can be. Today’s alliance chain, proper greasy-headed scum, only to say not to do, but also high-profile and frank.

Those years we love the alliance chain, in China may have turned into "scum"

Blockchain is too hot, everyone wants to rub the heat, pyq’s blockchain people see a professor of China Finance claiming to have started tracking bitcoin and virtual currency in 2008, a time to stir up countless waves of joy. However, this does not affect in any way the day as usual, hat as usual.

Why use blockchain, now many people can speak as if the installation of this chain “device”, has an invincible trust solution. Of course, in the end, regardless of whether the application you are in contact with is true or false, coin or chain, blockchain can be so deeply moved by our initial feelings and emotions, or there are three key points, namely decentralization, distributed ledger transparency and openness, and irreversibility and tamper-evident. These three pillars have steadily supported the success and diversified development of blockchain as a promising youth, and after meeting the golden daddy, Super Ledger, it is doing whatever it wants.

I. Those years, the coalition chain is valiant

In 2016, I, who still knew how to love it, read a lot of blockchain books (in retrospect, I may not even finish reading them) and found that if I landed and used it in our country, I might have to choose the coalition chain. The idea is expressed simply as follows.

Public chain global participation, completely centerless, how to manage?

Alliance chain is polycentric, regulation can be involved, and there is a grip!

Private chain is single center, not distributed enough, do not choose him.

Then I searched on the Internet and found that a professor Cai Weide said that China should take the road of coalition chain. That year I went to Guiyang to study and research and saw the blockchain platforms such as Bubi and Tandem, and saw the rope network structure of sovereign blockchain. Simply put, all the applications I saw were alliance chains, so I became more and more longing for the alliance chain as a promising youth.

Blockchain repeatedly strong information chain, capital chain and value chain, so it was favored to realize the real next-generation value Internet, and once occupied the center of the wind. The public chain like bitcoin, everyone involved, so the degree of decentralization is very high, even if it was questioned countless times that someone manipulated, still sitting firmly on the digital gold throne. 2017’s 9.4 announcement, so that the then bitcoin, ethereum-led (public blockchain) public chain was questioned from the regulatory layer, insisting on the spirit of decentralization, no threshold of access to the public chain. Repeatedly, they have been questioned about the commercial scenario because of the transaction speed, and have been bottlenecked in the technical breakthrough.

In contrast, the consortium blockchain, which is limited in the degree of openness and decentralization, has shown an expected maturity. At the same time, in order to form a consortium, the underlying Hyperledger, Ether EEA, R3 Corda and JP Morgan’s Quorum and other major consortium chains have made their presence felt, from financial scenarios to the development of smart contracts, although the development paths are not exactly the same. But from the most important core of the alliance – the community, the super ledger has been the largest alliance chain system in the world at present.

Second, the power behind the American Empire’s super ledger

So, our R&D team, which is used to bending and overtaking, has developed a bunch of application scenarios on the super ledger of the American empire, and the story is as good as it can be. High-end liquor can be traced, luxury goods identification, art auctions, Internet legal disputes, online contracts and a myriad of others, the most impressive of which is the example of supply chain finance. The head Internet companies launched an ABS product, put on the blockchain, just how many nodes there are in it, this is something you do not ask, just know that very solve some very anxious financial problems.

The journey of the Alliance Chain’s scum began earlier this year when IBM suddenly spread the word that Hyperledger seemed to have failed, so it was not maintained. the Hyperledger open source project was co-founded by IBM with 29 other members in December 2015 and is dedicated to applying blockchain solutions to various industries. the blockchain services platform was launched in 2016 BaaS, using IBM’s blockchain services on Bluemix, developers can access fully integrated development operations and maintenance tools, the Hyperledger consortium of IBM-led incubated Fabirc sub-projects, tool-friendly, extremely popular, to meet the needs of various business application scenarios of smart contract operation. fabric re-shipping Container logistics blockchain TradeLens and trusted supplier network has made a number of attempts.

But in February of this year, news broke in the media indicating that the IBM blockchain team has been cut to no more than a few people left, and some said, “IBM will no longer have a real blockchain team.” On September 10, 2021 Microsoft announced the shutdown of its Azure blockchain service, which will still support existing deployments until it is officially shut down. The U.S. empire’s free assistance was cut off, and there was no market for the alliance chain in the U.S. empire, so some of those who have been arrogating to themselves the “high” Chinese agent nodes began to speak of autonomous control.

In fact, after the Shanghai briefing of the State Information Office, the road of China’s blockchain independent innovation has long been extinct. At the briefing, a doctor made it very clear that there is no way to file a record without deploying it on a foreign platform. Later, the experience of many enterprises also showed that the logic of regulatory reasoning might be: if you have ready-made ones and don’t use them, you should spend your own efforts to make the underlying ones, and they must all be for coin issuance.

And now, software development is not good, but the coins are rising quite fast, the hard disk has been rising in price, it is transformed to consider hardware with software to sell, blockchain software and hardware all-in-one machine came, build the environment, help empowerment, the Union chain finally clothed back to the map of the real economy.

Three the cultivation of a scum, PUA all scenarios

Let’s look at the Alliance chain according to the standard match of a scum on the network

I. No matter who is his “darling”

No matter what scenario, blockchain seems to be naturally intimate. The price of goods is already expensive enough, agriculture has to paste the traceability code, logistics monitoring, saying that food safety is the most compatible with the blockchain, in fact, no one knows where the bag printed on the outside of the apple is from, anyway, not following the growth of the fruit. In the same way, there are vaccines, wine and leeks, all of which are “dear” on the alliance chain.

Second, do not want to disclose the relationship between you

The more intimate the industry is with the blockchain, the more the blockchain does not want to recognize you, the most typical one is finance. The most typical one is finance. It comes and goes saying that it is a chain, a while STO, a while ICO, a while token, a while token, a while pass, and of course points, candy and energy. He just does not want to disclose the real relationship between you, that is, the money relationship.

Three, the whereabouts of strange, disappear at any time

A major core of blockchain is traceability, but it can’t say where it comes from. One moment it is an independent innovation, one moment it is a super ledger node, and by the next launch, he is a new infrastructure infrastructure. When you find that for any application, he has an identity, you understand that his existence or disappearance, you can not grasp, and even one day the platform will run away.

Fourth, always say others are bad, and never buy

Alliance chain can say the bad of public chain and private chain, this comes from its own advantages. But it is a real ability for the alliance chain to say the bad things about various other technologies. After all, if you want to “blockchain” an object, his previous object is always not good enough. Our coalition chain has the ability to solve the trust of everything, but it is absolutely impossible to make him give birth to “money”, because it would be illegal.

To be honest, the landing scenario of China’s coalition chain is really chaotic, and it’s hard to distinguish between Li Kui and Li Ghost. Tencent claims to have issued the first blockchain invoice, the three layers of the relationship between state tax, merchants and consumers, without any distributed ledger feasible scenario, is a complete upstream and downstream relationship, there is no chance of trust or distrust. In addition to the Internet majors, all kinds of vaccines, food, tobacco and alcohol are knowingly saying that the original food traceability system is named “Internet of Things + Blockchain” and other lofty new technical terms. All kinds of chain projects stood by big brothers and academicians are using alliance chain. I hope that the projects supported by big brothers will benefit the people and will not be rotten and hollow.

Today’s alliance chain is a proper greasy-headed, pink-faced scum, only talking about not doing, but also high-profile and frank. Although there is a well-known bad character, but there are always countless fans tend to rush. The summer season, the emperor’s new clothes wearing extra comfortable, come on, make, come on, around it, anyway, there are a lot of fools.

Day as usual, hat as usual.

Author Bio.

Wang Juan, Professor, PhD (post) in Applied Economics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Postdoctoral Fellow in Systems Engineering, University of Florida, USA; Member of OECD Special Committee on Blockchain Policy; Chairman of Hainan Green Development International Consulting Co.

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