This northern man is as great as Sisyphus

​Give meaning to traffic.

This northern man is as great as Sisyphus

Picture|Guo Gangtang and Ramen Brother

July 12, the film “Lost and Love” archetype characters Guo Gangtang online posting said: “Today for me to say is very important.” His son Guo Zhen, who was abducted 24 years ago, was found in Henan.

The relevant interview video released by the host Chen Luyu showed that Guo Gangtang and his wife were weeping with joy. The wife said: “People laughed excitedly. I patronized and cried. Over the past 20 years, I have turned over my son (found it). “

The timeline was dragged to September 21, 1997, in a village in Liaocheng, Shandong. 27-year-old Guo Gangtang was married for three years and his son Guo Zhen was 2 years old, 5 months, and 17 days. The economic conditions of Guo Gangtang’s family are fairly good in the village because they drive tractors for transportation. When he finished that day, he made dozens of yuan, and he was very happy. But when I returned home, I saw hundreds of people surrounded by the door. “At that time, I was stunned, wondering if my kid had an accident. At this time, an old man came over and took my hand and said, Guo Zhen was abducted by a trafficker, so I don’t want to worry about it, and find a way to find the child. “

After that, Guo Gangtang began to find a son. For more than 20 years, Guo Gangtang has been riding a motorcycle alone for more than 500,000 kilometers, and has traveled to every corner of China. He has not found his son, but on the way to find a son, he has helped many bereaved families to reunite happily.

Guo Gangtang’s story was adapted into the movie “Lost Orphans”, and Andy Lau became his “spokesperson.” Due to editing issues, this movie is not rated high on Douban , only 6.7. But Andy Lau helped Guo Gangtang so much. From then on, he had the label “I am the prototype of “Lonely” starring Andy Lau.” He took this label and continued to search for children.

This is the first highlight of his 24 years of searching for a child. Since then, his identity has changed from a person who lost a child to the prototype of the movie “Lonely”.

From reality to art, and then from art to reality, the world is crueler than we thought, and softer than we thought.

We were moved by Guo Gangtang’s joy, this is an admirable man. Think about it, when we were 27, what were we doing ourselves? No one deserves such a fate and test, but fate has never been free from our picking and choosing. If we encounter a similar “question of life”, what kind of life answer can we hand over?

At this moment, we may say to Guo Gangtang, “As long as you are sincere, the stone is open.” But we know in our hearts that finding is a small probability, and not finding is a high probability.

Let’s change the assumption. If Guo Gangtang has been running on the land of the motherland for decades and has not found a son in his twilight years, how would he evaluate his life, and how would we evaluate this shameless northern man?

Guo Gangtang will definitely not regret it. He once said, “We adults can choose to be desperate or strong, but the child can only wait, wait for the father to appear, and wait for the father to bring him home, so I must find the child.”

He put the meaning of life on the matter of finding a child. This caused him endless difficulties and disappointments, but his life became rich, solid, and great.

This is the real version of Sisyphus. The god of destiny punished him for pushing the boulders up the mountain continuously, and the boulders kept rolling down again. God thought it was punishment for him, but he discovered the essence and meaning of life in the hopeless work.

However, Guo Gangtang after all, Shandong version of Sisyphus, like the Foolish Old Man story ending move mountains, like his “labor” is over, the story painted a beautiful end. But in this era of traffic where everything seems to be perishable, we should not easily forget Guo Gangtang.

Guo Gangtang has never “fighted” alone. With the help of movies, media and the Internet, he has received encouragement and help from many people, and his story has been integrated into the context of the times.

In addition to finding a child with the help of the movie “Lost Orphan”, another highlight of Guo Gangtang’s 24 years of finding a child was just 4 months ago.

At that time, the ramen brother, who was popular all over the country, brought tens of millions of traffic to Guo Gangtang’s search for children. In March of this year, Ramen became popular. People from all walks of life rushed to Ramen Brother’s noodle stall and rubbed the traffic at home. One exception among these fame chasers is Guo Gangtang. He was holding the banner of Xunzi, standing far away from Ramen’s booth, hoping to use Ramen’s traffic to realize his dream of finding children.

Later Guo Gangtang in deft on the record he met with ramen brother through: Stand Booth opened the distant flag missing children this scene, the staff noticed was deft, and then they invited Ramen brother made a video to help assist Guo Gangtang missing children. On March 2, Ramen Brother released a video to help Guo Gangtang find a child in Kuaishou, which was viewed over 14 million. On March 3, Guo Gangtang rushed to meet him at Ramen’s house. The two released a video of holding the Xunziqi together , which was viewed more than 10 million.

At present, the details of Guo Gangtang’s success in finding a child have not been announced. We don’t know what role the traffic of Ramen Brother plays in it. But no matter what, the addition of Ramen will add a moving side to this story.

The theme of this branch line is to give meaning to traffic. When Ramen became popular, the crowd of Internet celebrity anchors were denounced by the public as “monsters and ghosts” because these people only had fame and fortune in their eyes. It’s also a “traffic”. The cooperation between Guo Gangtang and Ramen is a good talk in the short video world, because the two are doing something meaningful.

Guo Gangtang used Kuaishou both to find children by himself and to help others find relatives. He has posted 51 works on Kuaishou and has more than 100,000 fans. These netizens have been following him, accompany him, cheer him up, and help him forward and spread. At the same time, more media and self-media accounts have been reporting on his deeds, especially after Ramen brother posted a video to help him find a son, which created a lot of momentum.

After the news of the child’s finding was announced, the “old irons” poured into Guo Gangtang’s Kuaishou works to leave messages, “Congratulations”, “Blessings” and “Thanks for the positive energy of Ramen Brothers”. Brother Ramen congratulated him with excitement, saying, “My personal strength is limited, and the people of our country have paid a lot.”

Good things are happening, and both netizens and Kuaishou platforms are involved in this unusual thing. As a result, a corner of the network becomes bright and warm.

He seeks relatives all the way, and helps others find relatives all the way. In Kuaishou, there are still many people like him.

These stories tell us that traffic itself is neutral. Casting meaning with flow is good flow; dispelling meaning with flow is bad flow. The meaning is 1, the flow is 0, there is no 1 in front, and any more 0 is nothingness.

The story of Guo Gangtang looking for a child has come to a happy ending. The mission of giving meaning to traffic requires more Internet platforms to participate in it.

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