This is how “meta” comes: an unoptimistic conjecture about the reality of life in the Metaverse

At the technical level, the capital market is hot, but in the end, it is still up to technology companies to be down-to-earth.

“While a lot of people have high hopes for the Metaverse, I don’t think the Metaverse will succeed,” Philip Rosedale said in a recent interview.

Philip Rosedale has many names, veteran gamer, “Second Life” (Chinese translation of “Second Life”) designer and the most famous – “Father of the Metaverse”.

This is how "meta" comes: an unoptimistic conjecture about the reality of life in the Metaverse

As early as 1999, Rosedale founded Linden Labs and developed the world’s earliest prototype of the Metaverse – “Second Life”.

In the early days of “Second Life”, the response was very good. The players at that time were actually no different from the friends who are now madly shouting “Metaverse yyds”. “Second Life” provides millions of users with an ultra-free virtual environment where they can socialize, shop, build houses, hold concerts and other activities. At that time, some companies tried to establish virtual offices in games, creating a precedent for virtual offices.

People work, live and even get married in Second Life, as if the cool world of Avalanche has arrived. But two decades later, we are still far from a Metaverse in which we can actually live.

And when human beings seriously think about the various rules, ethics, and even paradoxes of life in the Metaverse, they may begin to “rejoice” that we are far from the Metaverse.

What is real?

In “The Matrix”, Morpheus stretched out his hands and showed two pills, one blue and one red, in front of Neo. Is it to continue to be immersed in false “reality”? Or open the door and enter a “reality” that has never been seen before?

Neo chose the latter, but today’s humans are still rocking.

In addition to the “Matrix” conjecture, after synthesizing the thoughts of domestic and foreign scholars and experts in the technology and game circles, the author has concluded two other conjectures, namely “Truman’s World” and “Number One Player”.

Let’s talk about the “Matrix” conjecture first. The first thing to declare is that this conjecture does not speculate that “the Metaverse is the real world” from the perspective of conspiracy theory, but focuses on the word “real”.

This is how "meta" comes: an unoptimistic conjecture about the reality of life in the Metaverse

What is real?

In “The Matrix”, the villain Bald Brother said a very philosophical paragraph when he was eating steak: You know, this steak doesn’t exist, but when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix (the world set fixed terminal) will tell my brain that it is juicy and delicious.

“Ignorance is a blessing.” The bald brother’s concluding remarks also apply to us who will eventually usher in a realistic virtual world. When we can feel gravity, taste, temperature, and even fall in love with AI that is perfect in all aspects in the virtual world, can we really distinguish which is “real”?

In the last article, many peripherals disclosed by Meta have begun to touch the edge of “real simulation”, and we can boldly guess that the Metaverse may really be able to be fake. When our social, life, and work all move into the virtual world, and return to the real world to replenish energy or pay utility bills, the roles of “real” and “virtual” will be completely reversed, and how will we deal with the two worlds? Relationship?

The “Matrix” conjecture is generally a prediction and concern about the impact of the will of the future Metaverse on real life, with different world systems on both sides of the perspective. And “Truman’s World” is more inclined to make a naked deconstruction of the social behavior of “people”.

The paradox of AI

In the movie “The World of Truman”, the protagonist Truman has been determined from the moment he was born. The meaning and value of his existence is to serve advertisements and interests, and even the appearance of his wife is just a pre-determined event. romantic. In the end, he chose to escape and entered the “reality” he had never been in contact with.

This is how "meta" comes: an unoptimistic conjecture about the reality of life in the Metaverse

So, will the future Metaverse world also become a “Trumen world” that focuses on countless people?

Capital and platforms have long been fighting for the status of “Metaverse carrier”. Who doesn’t want to make their company the “king” of the virtual world.

In this world, rules are no longer maintained by violent institutions or arbitration groups, but by equipment and code. In this case, we assume that when the Metaverse appeared, 50% of the world’s people were programmers who could visually inspect 10,000 tons of code for bugs and loopholes, but 50%, or billions of people, became A little white rabbit in the Metaverse who is slaughtered by others.

personal privacy? However, there is a layer of firewall so weak that “Warning” will not light up.

As a result, a paradox emerged: we need an existence above the “rules” that can help us avoid becoming a “Truman”, and this existence cannot be humans themselves, but can only be created by humans.

For now, AI may be the best answer.

This is how "meta" comes: an unoptimistic conjecture about the reality of life in the Metaverse

Then a new paradox reappears: if AI can constrain and judge the citizens of the Metaverse with “rules” on its own, then it has already thought and understood about “rules” itself, in other words, it has deconstructed and reconstructed rules Ability.

When the filming of Truman is a machine that can’t make mistakes, but has a bad taste, can Truman really escape in the end?

Games are hard to become life

If you want to promote it first, and after the two pessimistic conjectures are finished, the “number one player” conjecture, which is familiar to the public, appears much more optimistic. With the support of the Internet of Things connected in series with high-end smart devices, interactive technology (AR/VR) that achieves instant physical feedback, etc., we can now be sure that the Metaverse has a natural affinity for games.

This is how "meta" comes: an unoptimistic conjecture about the reality of life in the Metaverse

In “Ready Player One”, players can obtain gold coins for daily consumption through battles in “dungeons”. In the previous article, we mentioned UGC content as the main way to realize value, so is the “snap monsters and get money” model of “Ready Player One” feasible?

Maybe it is possible.

Compared with the Metaverse, the “Number One Player” world, as a game only for entertainment, does not require much effort in the economic system, as long as there is a reward mechanism to stimulate players to continuously earn gold coins, so that the game can continue to operate.

In the Metaverse world, you can only gain wealth by creating value. Therefore, it is possible to “swipe monsters”, but the process must also create value. For example, by mimicking bugs into “monsters”, players can “correct” with code guns.

Of course, the emergence of this value creation method will inevitably occur after the emergence of the Metaverse, and the high-precision technology involved is unimaginable. Therefore, the “Number One Player” conjecture may become one of the futures of the development of the Metaverse, but it will certainly not become the way of life in the early days of the Metaverse.

This is how "meta" comes: an unoptimistic conjecture about the reality of life in the Metaverse

Of course, there is a shortcut – the live broadcast industry. Presumably after the advent of the Metaverse, this track will gain a terrifying development momentum, and the live broadcast content will also show a rocket-accelerated quality improvement. Perhaps this will become the equivalent of “game” and “work” in the Metaverse. the best way.


The reason why we don’t go into the details of life in the Metaverse is because no one can predict the future, and I don’t want to do something so ignorant and fearless.

But what is certain is that the problems embodied by the three conjectures of “The Matrix”, “Truman’s World” and “Number One Player” will most likely appear in the early life of the Metaverse. Technological breakthroughs are much more difficult.

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