This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worthy of attention

Running is one of the daily sports with the lowest threshold. As long as you are willing to go out of the house, you can participate in it. The organic combination of running and token rewards has helped STEPN to quickly establish a considerable user scale. With the explosion of STEPN, a number of Dapps with the concept of “Move to Earn” have sprung up.

Among these Dapps, many were developed in collaboration with well-known brand companies, and some were created by emerging companies. However, before launching the more popular “earning while walking” project in the inventory market, the translator would like to remind readers here that even those Dapps that have been endorsed by well-known brands do not mean that you can guarantee all the funds you invested. can get a positive return.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

STEPN’s sneaker NFT that allows users to earn tokens. Image source: STEPN

1. STEPN (available on Google Play and Apple Store)

STEPN is one of the most popular M2E applications on the market, with more than 800,000 daily active users. When STEPN players buy the corresponding NFT running shoes and go for a walk, run or jog as required, they can receive a certain amount of tokens award. If players want to get token rewards, they must first buy NFT sneakers from STEPN Market and equip them in Dapp, and then go to Move to Earn. These tokens can be sold for cash or used to upgrade sneakers. In addition, since the game time for each NFT sneaker to be rewarded is limited, if you want to increase the rewarded exercise time, players need to purchase additional NFT sneakers.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

A screenshot of STEPNs’ NFT marketplace. Image source: Tech in Asia

STEPN, developed by Australian company Find Satoshi Lab, has received an investment of $5 million. STEPN has a dual token model, namely Green Satoshi Tokens and Green Metaverse Token. The company is a staunch supporter of environmentalism, with particular focus on issues such as how to reduce carbon emissions.

The STEPN team is constantly updating and optimizing products, and plans to launch a multi-chain marketplace, achievement leaderboards, and online marathons this year.

2. Genopets (the app is currently unavailable)

Genopets, an encrypted version of Pokemon Go built on the Solana blockchain, is still in beta. Players level up by purchasing Genopets, then completing challenges and battling other participants. With the support of AR technology, players can find other players or pets in the real scene, and can also get rewards by walking. The Genopets team will also launch PVE adventures, PVP battles and team battle modes in the future.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

 Train digital pets with attributes based on the user’s own health score. Image source: Tech in Asia

The game plans in the future to be compatible with data from devices like Google Fit, Fitbit and Oura, and use this heart rate and sleep biometric data to check the personal fitness of its users. Genopets has raised $8.3 million in seed funding in October 2021. The Dapp has a dual-token model, namely the governance token Gene and the game token KI, and the game token KI will be released after enabling the Gene token pledge.

3. Sweatcoin (downloadable on Google Play and Apple Store)

Sweatcoin is an NFT-free M2E app that works by linking your phone’s motion detector to any compatible server (such as the iPhone’s Health app), and players just need to sign up to get started.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

The Sweatcoin app includes Sweat tokens and is planning an IDO this summer, but the software is designed more for sports enthusiasts than for cryptocurrency investors. Players earn Sweat tokens that can be exchanged for prizes from partners, such as a one-month Netflix membership or a $20 Adidas voucher, plus the app can earn advertising revenue.

Although the platform does not feature NFTs, players can earn double token rewards by purchasing a subscription. Non-subscribers can only earn 10 Sweatcoins per day.

Sweatcoin is a UK-based company founded by CEO Anton Derlyatka and now has over 80 million users. The company has raised more than $600,000 in funding, with the latest round closing in 2019.

4. Calo Run (available on Google Play and Apple Store)

Calo Run is an M2E game similar to STEPN, where players need to buy NFT sneakers, which usually sell for over $1,000, and then can Move to Earn. Each NFT sneaker provides a certain amount of stamina, and more stamina means tokens can be earned over a longer period of time. NFT sneakers can be upgraded and occasionally need to be repaired, plus the app has a rental system for NFT sneaker rentals.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

The app is built on the BNB Chain and features a dual-token model, a governance token called Calo and a game token called Fit.

Calo Run is scheduled to officially launch in the second quarter of 2022, which will open up the market and allow token holders to stake their tokens. The app has two game modes, a single player mode and a team challenge mode, and supports augmented reality technology, which is expected to be launched next year.

Calo Run is a Singapore-registered company founded by co-founders Tuan Pham (who serves as the company’s CEO) and Tri Nguyen (the CTO). As of December, the company had raised at least $1.9 million.

5. Dustland Runner (available on Google Play and Apple Store)

Dustland Runner is a post-apocalyptic zombie escape game. Its background is set at the end of the world, where a huge solar flare leaves nothing to grow. Players must defeat pirates to collect supplies to survive.

The more tasks the user completes, the larger the living space will be, and the more rewards will be obtained.These rewards include NFTs and Dose tokens, which players can use to upgrade their skill attributes to take on more difficult tasks.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

Meet the end of the world. Image source: Tech in Asia

While the secondary market for Dose tokens is sluggish, the Dustland team is working hard to launch new questlines, player marketplaces, and even multi-chain services.

In Dustland Runner, people don’t need to buy NFTs to enter the game, but the game includes new side quests featuring the Board Ape Yacht Club, which can only be challenged by players with Ape Coins.

6. Wirtual (available on Google Play and Apple Store)

Wirtual itself doesn’t track a user’s workout data, but it allows users to submit data from other apps, such as Garmin, Fitbit, or the Apple Health app. Players can participate in challenges that include general exercise such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. The winner can be rewarded with Wirtual tokens. But if you are found to have submitted false data, you will be penalized.

Players can participate in challenges for free and earn 0.1 tokens per day, but if you want to earn more tokens, you need to buy NFTs. Token rewards can be used to buy real products in the app and can also be used for sale withdrawals.

Wirtual was founded in Thailand in 2019 by W. James Ventures. Official data shows that it has more than 100,000 users in more than 160 countries. At present, the project has established partners with Gatorade, Schneider Electric and Bosch. relation.

The team is still constantly updating and optimizing the product, and it has announced some related updates, including guild competitions, augmented reality support, and NFT breeding mode. Much of the company’s activity takes place in Thailand, but the team has said it plans to expand globally.

7. Step (available on Google Play and Apple Store)

Step is one of the easiest M2E applications on the market. It does not require the purchase of NFTs, but users need to buy 18,000 Step tokens to use it.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

User interface for Step. Image source: Tech in Asia

There is a 5% tax on the purchase of Step tokens and a 15% tax on the sale.

8. Walken (app is currently unavailable)

Walken is a Solana-based M2E and W2E (win-to-earn) chain game.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

Walken provides players with an entry-level character called Cathlete, through which players can use Walken for free. It combines token incentives with physical activities such as walking, running, etc. The number of steps players take in real life will be converted into in-game Gems tokens, and every 1,000 steps verified will get a Gems.

The company raised $4.7 million in a recent funding round that included Yield Guild Games (YGG), YGG Southeast Asia, and OliveX, among others.

Walken is currently in the closed beta stage and will be officially launched in late June 2022. The WLKN token will be released after the launch.

9. Run Together (available on Google Play and Apple Store)

Founded in Vietnam, Run Together is still in beta and allows runners, joggers and runners to earn Run Together (RUN) tokens through exercise, and users also need to buy NFTs to increase their usage time.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

The app is geared towards more professional runners and will offer a number of weekly and monthly “marathons” that usually range from 2.5km to 15km. It is also capable of measuring exercise steps through GPS information and data from fitness monitoring apps.

The company’s CEO is Nguyen Nhat Khanh, developed by MoonLab.

10. Step App (App is currently unavailable)

Unlike Step or STEPN, the core purpose of Step App design is to provide services for people in the crypto industry, and even in order to maintain decentralized governance, the Step App team tries to avoid the influence of venture capital companies.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

The game has a dual-token model, which is the FitFi governance token and the KCAL game token. There are various mechanisms for earning KCAL in the game, such as KCAL tokens can be earned by using NFT runs and staked token runs.

Step App is still in early development and no app is currently available. It is headquartered in Dubai and its CEO is Kirill Volgin.

11. JustMove (available on Google Play and Apple Store)

Canada-based JustMove is an app that allows runners to compete with others around the world. The team said that after September 15 this year, runners will start to receive bitcoin rewards, and if they reach 1,500 steps in a day, they will be rewarded with 50 satoshis, or about $0.029.

This article lists the Move to Earn encryption applications worth noting

12.Defit (available on Google Play and Apple Store)

Like many of the apps in this article, Defit, developed by UAE 360Sports, requires users to purchase an NFT before starting to use it. The app is still in its first phase of testing, with the second phase scheduled to begin this month. The team is planning compatibility with Strava, Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit, and a range of other health apps.

The Defit Token Rewards Program kicked off in July, allowing users to purchase NFTs within the app, with each NFT expected to cost between $1 and $105.

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