They want to become “standard parts” of the Internet majors

The starting line of employment has been brought closer.

They want to become "standard parts" of the Internet majors

It was only in the summer of her junior year that Xiu Yuan, a Chinese language student, realized that most of the jobs related to literary and artistic creation in those Internet companies required knowledge of film and television editing, and if her major did not match, she must have internship experience.

Her department was full of classes, so few people skipped internships. She spent more of her summer and winter vacations reading books and visiting museums than doing internships or spending money, but recognizing the inscriptions on Yin Shang bronzes was what fascinated her.

When she saw that the second half of the fall recruitment was about to start, Xiu Yuan wanted to try a big factory for her own future and “money”.

The working hours of the big factory are very long, the performance appraisal is harsh, and it is not friendly to people over 35 years old, which Xiu Yuan more or less knows, but at least at the loud internship briefing in the school, the big factory promised to provide free afternoon tea, gym and shuttle bus.

Once you enter the “factory” door is as deep as the sea – dealing with trivial and repetitive affairs; dealing with endless docking and reporting; it is difficult to say what you have really learned except acquiring the industry black language …… However, students like Xiu Yuan still want to enter the “factory” to go.

Awakening like a dream

It is a slow process of “waking up”.

The first thing you need to do is to get to know the person you are talking to. The first thing you need to do is to get a job.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. However, most of the places that were clean were saturated and there were no openings.

She wanted to maintain her hobby of writing, but jobs related to literary creation were very limited. Jobs related to content creation in big Internet companies became an option for her, such as Tencent Valley Rain and Ali Film. However, she realized that it was not that easy to get an internship in a big company.

Internships are “padded”. Some internship interviews, the company to examine the “results of the last internship”, which is equivalent to opening up a new “track” outside the campus. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The school that Fei Fei studied in for her undergraduate degree was very “Buddhist”, and her classmates did not have many internships, and most of them planned to graduate and work in second or third-tier cities, but Fei Fei wanted to be more aggressive.

After changing schools for graduate school, the atmosphere around her changed abruptly. In order to chase resources, an internship opportunity was thrown into the student group, and many students would go to add the person who sent the message and inquire about the opposite team.

Fei Fei demonstrates to the reporter the self-introduction that should be present at the interview: “My last internship was with my mentor (note: mentor within the internship company) to define the definition of x category of videos within the website from 0 to 1, to research similar content in the same industry, to hold x online event based on this, and the play volume reached x amount, how has it improved from before ……”

“Do you think there was an increase in airplay due to your efforts, or was it due to luck?” The reporter asked.

“These videos on the station are produced by the bloggers themselves,” she thought for a moment, “but the role of operational intervention is also definitely there.”

Liang Ke is a master’s degree in the United States, currently in a “big factory” every day to see the traffic data of live shopping. Previously, because the “undergraduate major does not match”, and “internship experience is not rich enough”, he also in the recruitment of the interview process has hit the wall.

Liang Ke experienced the group interview “particularly exciting”, each participant had one minute to introduce themselves, and he found that most of his competitors came from 985 universities, or else ranked overseas schools. There are also a few people who use their time to make social accounts and have accumulated tens of thousands of followers.

Next, these people had to discuss a question that was easy to answer at first glance: “How do you survive when you are abandoned on a deserted island?”

The first time to deal with such a scene, Liang Ke mouth stuttered and panicked. The well-prepared ones were the first to come up with business theories and started to categorize and discuss: “Assume first that you can be saved in a short time, then, what to raise the priority, and if not in a short time, then ……” All the brain power was put into thinking “How to justify the next sentence”, like a debate match torment.

After going through the interview, “I felt ‘self-absorbed’ and felt like a loser.” He said.

Before the “new crown” epidemic, some of Liang Ke’s seniors would fly back to China over the weekend and then fly to the U.S. on Monday for an interview like this.

Almost with some relief, Liang Ke mentioned his own evaluation of a certain mentor: “The education is not the best, and the experience is not rich enough, but should not pick the job.”

After some struggle, Liang Ke joined a large Internet factory. Recently, he spent 12 hours a day at the company, often without weekends.

Some of the interns in the team are graduates of a famous secondary school and undergraduates studying in Qingbei, and their working ability does not seem to be inferior to their own. Liang Ke felt a sense of awe.

“Earn” resume

A star recently live with the earnings is not good, where is the problem? Liang Ke began to research the characteristics of the fan population, split into gender, age, income level …… is still the same old problem of which indicators to “raise the priority”.

“There is no particular systematic methodology.” Liang Ke describes the current work of data analysis as not quite requiring the knowledge learned in school.

As he switches between tables and forms, he recalls that being “down-to-earth” is a quality that keeps him grounded. Liang Ke lived with his parents, and his family didn’t understand him when he left early and came home late.

When he was looking for a job, Liang Ke participated in a paid consultation and asked himself which section of the Internet was suitable for him, and the answer was to do operations because he was good at execution and good at communicating with people. Later, as expected, but Liang Ke is still particularly anxious, “from job hunting to employment, is a transition period, employment to adapt to the workplace, is another transition period, endless ah.”

Liang Ke wants to find a “job that suits him”. He knows that it is not beneficial to fight against the general trend of the industry – Liang Ke studied civil engineering, but after graduation, he stayed on the construction site, and his vision of work was easily shattered. Now, he can say to the reporter with a carefree tone, the site often does not comply with the norms, resulting in what he learned useless; the kind of contracting works of the family business, the leaders are relatives. So, he crossed his heart and went overseas to study business administration.

He thought that the construction industry is a sunset industry, drawing for ten years, perhaps to a “project manager” title. Halfway to the Internet is treacherous, but other roads are not?

“Quite tired, quite late every day after work.” A few days after joining, he reluctantly said to the reporter.

Fei Fei also said that at the beginning of the internship into a large Internet factory, “are fully prepared psychologically.” She felt that this trivial and heavy work can bring its own rewards, first the next internship, then a formal job, and then a promotion …… work is boring, but the Internet at the moment is a proper, promising place to go.

She entered the “big factory” internship, participated in several online activities, the number of plays are easily on tens of millions, and soon “earned” to find the next internship resume.

Her role in these events is often that of a “translator”. There were posters and bits and pieces of design inside and out for each event, which the “big house” often outsourced to outside teams; internal turnaround was high and the leaders were busy. So, this situation always happens: a leader takes a look at the sample picture and replies “not good”, when the campaign is only a few hours away from the launch. Fei Fei clicked on the designer’s avatar and translated the leader’s “not good” into – “Pro, this picture looks good, but Can you put this element a little to the right~”

Multi-threaded customer service

On the other side of the weibo, the designer reluctantly changed the picture. Fei Fei filled the pictures into the “big factory” background in order to create a poster with a lot of flowers. She continued to do some copy-and-paste work, and when she was done, it was time for the subway to almost stop running.

She doesn’t have much authority over the designers, although they generally don’t know she’s just an intern. “Designers know that ‘big factories’ have to grab time,” says Fei Fei, “and you can’t find anyone else temporarily at this time. Some people don’t want to change, so you can only reason with them and help them come up with a revised plan ……”

“That’s not how I used to talk.” Fei Fei laughed. She had just joined the company and the regular employee who brought her in mentioned to her, “Could the tone of the buttress be softer? It’s cheaper to communicate that way.” So Fei Fei consciously switched to a sweet tone of voice on WeChat, asking questions that usually end with “yah” or “wow” and trailing a wavy line.

Having built countless groups for matchmaking, she spoke gently to the designers, and as for the bloggers who uploaded the videos, they were able to be a little more polite to Fifi. After being trained by the regular staff, Fifi felt qualified to say to the bloggers, “A different cover image? The sound effects come out a little earlier?”

These trivial designs may not have much of an impact on the results. Sometimes, when Fifi brings what she thinks is a quality video to a prominent position and finds that traffic is dismal, she can’t help but wonder, “Is it my vision? Why don’t people recognize me?”

She felt like a customer service phone in a big factory, with several hotlines at the same time. Later, Fei Fei changed to a “factory” with a sophomore on the team, and only one work group, sitting around typing and answering the same questions every day. “It’s a more segmented customer service.”

Fei Fei’s friend, Wen Jia, told reporters about the line of internship in a big factory – the first internship should not be in a “small factory” with similar business, or choose a “big factory” outsourcing company, to be patient and step by step, and “packaged” in the past.

In the midst of the epidemic, Wen Jia got an online internship in a large factory. She happily attended the training and started to “dig” with the whole internship team, sending private messages to popular bloggers one by one on the company’s competitors’ platforms, relying on a friendly and cute tone, cascading wavy lines, and a thousand promises of more traffic and money to pull each other to their platforms.

Wen Jia was very shocked, and felt that this work is really boring. Undeterred, she found another internship at a “factory” and met Fei Fei. Wen Jia and Fei Fei’s team gave out awards to bloggers, and when they saw that this blogger had high traffic and that blogger had more frequent posts, they were always confused. They spent the afternoon tallying trivially and reporting to the leaders for approval.

She looked at the regular employees, who were busy reviewing why the traffic was not good enough recently. In the “big factory”, work progress is summarized in an excel sheet, and various phenomena are broken down into data, but sometimes, “bad data” seems to find no reason.

“This continues to be ‘precipitation’ (learn) not to learn something ……” has learned the Internet company black language Wen Jia heart or straight drum.

The “language” without personality

Liang Ke can speak English fluently, when looking for a job, this is one of his “selling points” when looking for a job. He is outgoing, likes the Internet, and is very popular on social networking platforms.

After entering a big factory, he struggled with his “inability to speak”. He was criticized for not knowing the black language of the Internet and not being able to represent the factory to high-end customers. Liang Ke then learned to use “precipitation” instead of “learning”, the summary of the words also became “linkage a combination of fist, detonate a what point, to create what differentiation … …”

When it comes to this “foreign language”, Liang Ke is sometimes unsure of what he is talking about and is worried about being demolished.

This year, in April, the Internet “black words” were fired up by public opinion, triggering a burst of ridicule.

But Liang Ke is not the only one who told reporters that one of the benefits of going to the Internet industry is that they can escape another “language”, a set of ways of life that they would not learn.

Liang Ke made no secret of the fact that “big financial companies, consulting companies, do not still like to recruit young people with industry at home, so as to recruit customers?” Liang Ke said his girlfriend went to these companies to intern, very hard, but did not stay, the reason is “no capital”.

Liang Ke entered the Internet company, mainly to the “Netflix” people, this communication pressure is not too big.

Lu Lan, a graduate student, just got an internship opportunity in a “big factory”. He thinks that the Internet black language is the same as academic terms that must be learned when starting out, so there is nothing to make a fuss about.

Born in the countryside and raised in a small town, Lu Lan said he had to stay in the big city because he “couldn’t adapt to the language back home”.

He went to a university far from his hometown. When he went home for the holidays, Lu Lan became disgusted with his friends back home – they pushed and shoved, talked in a gruff manner, bragged, said the opposite, and expressed intimacy and a sense of humor.

In contrast, the terminology of the “big factory” circle is simple and straightforward. In order to enter the “factory”, Lu Lan also contacted some seniors. Between him and the seniors, he spoke very politely. Sometimes when he asked for a small favor, Lu Lan would send an emoji of a crying animal to the person.

“It’s a false enthusiasm.” Wen Jia said. After a few months of “customer service”, she hates to talk with no personality “enthusiasm”, and can not imagine that some of her peers outside the “factory” like this.

There are interviewees told reporters with Lu Lan similar meaning. Coming from a small county, she was determined to go to the big city and get away from the acquaintance society, thinking that being a data-related “white collar” would set her free, but then she was afraid of the indifference hidden under the enthusiastic tone of the “factory”, where data is cold and human feelings are thin.

The long “college entrance exam”

In order to prepare for the “fall recruitment”, Xiu Yuan has read various online posts that give tips to new students. Recently, her understanding of the “big factory” is “like a college entrance exam”.

Maybe it’s a long “college entrance exam”: after a few years of hard work at the head company, you can apply for jobs at other companies and be treated as a “standard”, which is equivalent to getting a good score on the exam. A good score, or harvest another 985 college diploma.

Her attitude toward entering the publishing house became more complicated. According to Xiu Yuan’s analysis, not only is it difficult to enter a publishing house, but, if we apply the aforementioned “big factory” logic, once a small editor in a publishing house leaves the unit for various reasons: “The way out is definitely bad, not as popular as new media editors.”

Not many places need a purely literary editor, but a “big factory” operation can go to all the companies that need to maintain the app or social media as operations.

“When it comes to ‘fall recruitment,’ the more offers the better.” Soo Won laughed, admitting that she was a little flustered. If a publisher threw her an olive branch, would she be able to refuse?

“You definitely have to find a new job before the money in your bank card runs out.” Soo Won says, “It’s a very real problem.”

When asked, “Why did you choose a big factory?” most of the respondents mentioned the risk of unemployment.

The story about “big factories” retiring employees over 35 years old is widely circulated, but in the “big factory” job hunting circle, the common view is that – even if they are retrenched, they will still get a good resume and be treated as an Internet company. Good resume, is treated as a good Internet talent. The people who speak admit that there is a price to pay for taking this path.

“By the time I’m 30,” Faye says, “what am I going to do to compete with 20-year-olds?” She imagines that interview, with others younger and more energetic than her, as they vie for a position. Her mind drifted back to the present, and Faye wondered if maybe she should choose a low-risk path.

Wenjia says she occasionally dreams of a career in writing. But, “That has to be good, right?”

Wen Jia first wanted to enter the Internet to escape the advertising industry. When she was an undergraduate, she wrote copy for a real estate company, and it was “very boring,” all in the “luxury” and “beautiful” language, upside down. What Wen Jia couldn’t accept is that not many people actually read the ads of real estate companies. She opened her phone to show the reporter the number of readers of the real estate company’s public number.

She heard early on that “big factories” are very tired and some of the grassroots positions are very boring. However, at that time she thought, even if it was as boring, at least the content of the Internet giant could be seen by more people.

She entered the “factory”. At first, she sent a lot of private messages to bloggers from other websites in the dormitory, and according to the requirements of the “factory”, she neatly made an excel sheet of the progress of communication with each blogger for merit evaluation. “Haha, it really ‘smells inside’.” She laughs at herself.

Wen Jia had seen many peers with better resumes than her along the way, schools that ranked higher than her and were more professionally aligned; they even did excel better than her. And she can do it through diligence, hard work, not inferior to them.

What about really engaging in writing? She thought, writing about creativity, without a certain methodology, diligence may also be unsuccessful, higher risk, “is another different ‘track’.” She hasn’t made up her mind yet.

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