There is no Metaverse in the VR industry

Enlargement lamp Note : The popularity of the Metaverse concept has made the VR industry that has been silent for five years lively. However, front-line practitioners may not think so. This week, we chatted with a person who just switched from VR. He complained that the industry does not make money at all. The concept of Cengyuan Universe is also a trick of cutting leeks. The entire industry has a feeling for VR: despair. Today’s business situation is much better than VR.

The following is his narrative——

A cute, big sheep丨 finishing

Zoom Light Team丨Planning

I have been in the VR industry for more than a year, and I have also become a few projects, but after I changed my career, after thinking about it, there are still problems with the operation logic of this industry——

At present, in the entire VR industry, to C is a dead end . If you don’t engage in pornography, you will only engage in a VR experience of 20 yuan in the mall, which is particularly bleak. On Steam, no one buys or plays VR games that do not engage in “little butter”. To B, find a major hardware manufacturer to adapt. It is as difficult to drop a project as jumping off a building, and it is not profitable.

If you really want to make money, you must combine it with other content to make a theme park . Existing high-quality theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios also produce VR content, but firstly, their cost considerations are very strict. Secondly, they have their own very strong IP production team, and they almost dismiss these domestic IPs. I don’t like these VR content in China, why use yours? At this time, you have only one way to go: self-build.

Since its establishment, it is inevitable to communicate with local governments, so the VR company has become a content production company of to G. As far as the definition is concerned, it has not changed, but the actual business has changed. This is also the survival reality faced by most domestic VR teams: either I secretly engage in illegal pornography with overseas companies; or I become a member of the to G industry chain.

Making money from local hands is extremely difficult

Since to G, we must bear all risks.

For example, for one of our projects, the talks were extremely smooth at the beginning, and the local government also gave special support. They made a large budget in one go. The budget for the content production part alone is very impressive. Doesn’t it sound beautiful? As a result, the top team was replaced, and the entire project was abandoned halfway through. Except for the completion of the first phase of construction, all the work in the later period was not done.

This situation will leave a series of long tail problems for the company. For example, after signing the project, the company found a large number of suppliers to do content, and now it is told that “stop all, we don’t want it”, what do you do?

This is not a breach of contract, nor is it a breach of contract. The project will continue to be done, but the new leader feels that “you are not very suitable, and you need to change it.” Can I add money if I change it? No, the change is not because I changed my mind, but because you didn’t do well before, so I have to change—it’s rectification.

Generally speaking, this industry pays in stages: 70% (40%+30% or 50%+20%) is paid first, and the remaining 30% is paid after completion. But after the rectification, the remaining funds are definitely out of play-you haven’t finished the correction, how can I give it? This pressure is transmitted to the end of the industry, leading these VR content producers to face the situation: you either accept indefinite rectification and rework countless times, or you can’t stand it, and don’t ask for the remaining 30% of the money.

You can also sue me, then we will continue to do this as planned, but I will change it 18 times a day. I have 10,000 ways to prevent you from getting this money.

Why is the business of to G difficult?

On the one hand, when you deal with the local area, at least you have to mingle with all the people at the bottom. At that time, we didn’t manage a penny and offended everyone at the bottom, and then we were blocked everywhere;

On the other hand, it is also the most essential question: how do projects in the VR industry land? It must be landed with theme parks to be “big” enough for everyone to be interested. To make theme parks will involve land and infrastructure. These two risks are the biggest. That’s why the underlying logic of VR company to G business is not. firm.

You will find that the whole VR is a virtual fire. To C does not make money at all, and to G is particularly easy to get involved in troubles, and you can’t get money at all. This industry is just an empty shell.

What? You said that VR has become the “entrance to the Metaverse” again? Come on.

There is no Metaverse in the VR industry

In fact, the VR industry has been practicing Metaverse for a long time, but it just didn’t say these three words. Now take all of our original planning proposals, keep the content unchanged, and write the three characters “Metaverse” on the cover, which is a particularly complete concept of the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse? Metaverse is a particularly old concept. It itself is a big IP collection, a big sandbox. This big sandbox is a certain illusory world, or the real world, or any mess. The Metaverse is overhead above the entire world, crossing national borders.

Metaverse needs to be enriched. We use the concept of ” thin IP ” to explain this enrichment process-all the characters, all scenes, and everything in the metaverse, I use a “stick”, or a string of codes, Or a blank instead. The people who develop Metaverse turn all the sticks or blanks in it into real people and scenes. I share the IP rights with the developers, so-called buying land, buying clothes, and buying things-this is what Metaverse is about. Original intent.

At this time, we will discover two points: first, the world does not lack Metaverse, because almost all online games have such a Metaverse; second, the essence of Metaverse is that I create “value” in it and transnational Circulation, this is anti-government. Many so-called “technological innovations” are aimed at the direction of building an independent financial system. This is dangerous and unreliable.

You cannot fight against the country. Anyone who has survived the blockchain industry will know this clearly: As long as you are anti-state in the underlying logic, the state will open the door for you at some point. The basic definition of the Metaverse and the morphological conflict between countries determine that this matter is a false proposition at its root . Before that, it has been proven countless times, which is why both NFT and Metaverse are actually nonsense and deceptive. No one in the industry believes it, that’s why.

From the root, you will know that when the Metaverse has developed to a certain level, the country will limit it to the scope of the game, and will not allow you to truly cross borders, and the Metaverse will lose its original meaning. If you don’t have your own financial system, what can you do with Metaverse? Is it a game?

Since everyone’s goals are unified, everyone’s actions will also be very unified-to cooperate with the big factory, to get ahead, and then the big factory comes forward to talk to the government, either to get land, or to get the project, or to get the mess. The subsidies are all such a set, and in the end they all boil down to the to G or to VC perspective. Are there VCs and Xinyuan Universe and VR? VC doesn’t believe it either, but they need these concepts when they try to convince LP.

You see that many big companies are engaged in Metaverse, but everyone thinks about this one: cut a leek, make an inexplicable name, ask the government to get a piece of land… No one really believes in Metaverse, there is no suchthing in the VR industry. The universe .

The entire current wave of the VR Metaverse is piled up by layers of Ponzi schemes. Who really is in this industry, who would believe this? I’m not talking about those outside whites or brainwashed young people, people who are at the helm of this industry and have key resources, I’m sure no one believes it. Everyone came here in the wind and rain, and no one would believe that this kind of fundamentally empty-headed thing has nothing to do with it. I will ask you, does blockchain believe in NFT? Who believes in Metaverse now, do you believe it? Whoever believes is depraved .

They are already desperate

Currently, there are three groups of people in the VR industry.

The first category is a large company in the VR industry, with a large number of orders, but to G’s business is mostly , such as the above-mentioned undertaking the construction of the VR Metaverse theme park.

But you can take a look at it on the spot. All the theme parks that have landed, almost no one goes to it a day, so “VR Metaverse” is not just needed by the local government. Only cities that want to spend money are interested in doing it.

Even local governments that spend money are smart. In their eyes, those VR companies with the concept of “Metaverse” are just new and peculiar companies, a bit like a director going to a certain place to make a movie. In other words, what they think of as a VR company is to make content, and you should be a theme park. Only for this, don’t touch anything onward.

The government’s theme park projects all require bidding, but in fact, there is no information about the winning bid of the VR company on the Internet, because they need to register a new decoration company to do this. As a result, the whole thing became particularly stupid: a VR high-tech company that claims to be very good is still the so-called technology content producers, but in fact all the landing business is placed in a decoration company. Registering a decoration company to take over jobs is a common phenomenon in the VR industry . This is the essence of everyone, and it has never changed: VR company is a construction company, do decoration, but don’t think that you are too foreign.

Do you think you are relying on software companies to do to G projects? I tell you very clearly, the essence is that there is a project in the place that asks you to build a theme park. As for the filled VR content, to be honest, people don’t care at all. You give me the whole VR, AR, or XR. , MR, whether you give me to heaven, or into the ground, work hard and make things new and peculiar, don’t say so many, otherwise rework 100 times.

In the second category , people from the original “Crystal Stone” (a state-owned enterprise that produces digital content) have formed a domestic VR content production team , and these teams have absorbed the most VR practitioners.

There are 10 or 20 larger content production companies of this kind, and a company can always make 30 to 40 million yuan a year; there are also a large number of straggler-style studios, and everyone earns a for every order. Money can get positive cash flow in the short term. But just like the situation mentioned above, because the VR company that received the order to G cannot guarantee the order quantity, the balance payment and the rework problems, the source is unstable, which leads to their poor anti-risk ability.

The third category is hardware manufacturers, they are the most profitable, and the strongest ability to resist risks.

Hardware manufacturers are divided into two categories. One is for head-mounted displays. No matter what new and exotic content downstream VR companies use, they must have a head-mounted display before they can be used. Therefore, the head-mounted display is always bought; the other is offline. Equipment manufacturers, called “game hardware equipment” in the industry, are actually roller coasters, small tunnel cars, small speed cars, including slides that tourists ride in theme parks. These things make a lot of money.

There is also the kind in shopping malls. When people sit up and put on glasses, it starts to shake. It is 20 yuan per time, which is very stupid. This kind of “cracking car” hardware manufacturer makes money, but those who operate offline stores don’t make money. You have to look carefully to see why it is so lively. Either there are free seats in there, where everyone can sit and rest, or there are special cheap drinks where you can slurp your wool. So there is no real Metaverse on the C-side, what is tall, what is new world, all give way to VR cradles, “What is the name of Dad’s Dad”, exactly the same.

This is the Metaverse of the VR industry.

In short, the upper and lower levels of the VR industry have long been completely desperate about this matter. Only those content producers who take orders are still a little bit ideal. Why? Isn’t it just to make a beautiful IP, and the future will open up. “All kinds of misery now are paving the way for the future development”, just self-hypnosis.

This industry is difficult. I live like a middle-aged man. I have no status. I have to laugh with people all day. Even with the concept of VR and the metaverse, no one can understand this. You work in this industry and there is no hope at all. You are just going to do this kind of furious things with everyone. If you divide a little money, I divide a little money, and everyone divides a little money. If something goes wrong, all of you have to go to jail. This is one of the core reasons why I left.

In fact, everyone in the VR industry knows what’s going on, but there is still one sentence externally: VR Metaverse YYDS!Awesome!

Doing business is much better than VR

Because I have now transferred to an industrial company, and I can be regarded as a pure big party. People can understand the industry chain as soon as they listen to it, so communication is more comfortable when negotiating or doing things.

For example, if I want to produce, I must talk to the local government about large-scale purchases; if I want to be a processing plant, I must buy land locally. It’s all about infrastructure, and the industry is much better than VR companies. When talking to the government, my waist is hard: I’m here to invest, I’m here to purchase, I’m here to pay taxes, and I don’t expect to get it from a local place. What kind of money, but there must be policy concessions… Anyway, I want to do something for the place sincerely, people’s attitude towards you is completely different.

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