“The world’s sexiest crown prince” wants to create a Metaverse “business mecca”

There are many princes in Dubai, but Sheikh Hamdan is the only one who can be named a male god. In 2012, Hamdan was named “the world’s sexiest royal family” by Forbes, and yes, he is also the national husband of Dubai. Married, twins, forget about sisters.

"The world's sexiest crown prince" wants to create a Metaverse "business mecca"

Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan

Hamdan is popular not because he is the richest, sexiest and most versatile prince, but because he has shown great talent in finance and politics, and is also passionate about technological innovation.

Now, he hopes to make Dubai one of the business mecca of the global Metaverse.

The crown prince leads the promotion of the Dubai Metaverse industry

Although governments in China, South Korea and other places have formulated Metaverse development plans, the Dubai government’s attitude towards Metaverse appears to be more “ambitious”.

Recently, Dubai officially announced the establishment of the “Higher Committee on Future Technology and Digital Economy”, and Crown Prince Hamdan of Dubai will serve as the chairman of the committee.

"The world's sexiest crown prince" wants to create a Metaverse "business mecca"

Dubai High Commission for Future Technology and Digital Economy

The committee will design policies and analyze trends for the digital economy and future technologies, including Dubai’s Metaverse, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Web3, virtual reality, augmented reality, IoT, data centers and cloud computing, and oversee the Dubai digital economy and Implementation of future technology-related strategies.

"The world's sexiest crown prince" wants to create a Metaverse "business mecca"

“The adoption of new technologies will be a cornerstone of Dubai’s vision to create new modes of work in key sectors and increase the impact of the Metaverse on the regional and global economy,” Hamdan said in an official statement.

Hamdan believes that the Metaverse Strategy is a comprehensive plan that is critical to Dubai’s goal of becoming a leading global Metaverse economy and a hub for the global Metaverse community, the next revolution in technology and economy that will shape the future. All aspects of life for twenty years.

At present, there are about 1,000 companies in the field of Dubai Metaverse, with a contribution value of US$500 million to the national economy. Officials predict that through this strategy, the number of blockchain and Metaverse-related companies will increase fivefold.

From governments to corporations are participants in the Metaverse

In recent decades, the UAE’s non-oil sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP has grown, rising to 72.3% by 2021.

"The world's sexiest crown prince" wants to create a Metaverse "business mecca"

As early as 2013, Dubai launched the “Smart Dubai Initiative”, which hopes to improve government efficiency through the use of blockchain technology. In 2020, Dubai released the “Blockchain Strategy 2020”, emphasizing that Dubai will become the “World Blockchain Development Capital”.

In the upcoming Metaverse era, the Dubai government will take advantage of its advantages in the blockchain field to seize the opportunity and improve its competitiveness in the global digital economy competition.

In March 2022, Dubai also promulgated its first virtual asset regulations and established the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA).In May, VARA became the first regulatory agency to enter the Metaverse, establishing the Metaverse headquarters in The Sandbox.

"The world's sexiest crown prince" wants to create a Metaverse "business mecca"

The Sandbox

The agency aims to create an advanced legal framework to protect investors and provide international standards for virtual asset industry management for efficient business growth in the UAE.

In addition, the UAE Ministry of Digital Economy announced the signing of a preliminary agreement with the AI ​​and Remote Work System to use blockchain data platform Chainalysis to provide virtual training programmes to national government agencies.

Following the launch of the strategy, the Crown Prince of Dubai also announced a global event called the Dubai Metaverse Conference to bring together more than 300 global experts. The event will take place in September at the Dubai Future Museum, hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF).

"The world's sexiest crown prince" wants to create a Metaverse "business mecca"

Dubai Metaverse Conference

The number of local companies joining the “Metaverse” ecosystem has also gradually increased.

One of the first Metaverse companies from Dubai, Telephone Communications Technology (TCT), is creating the largest sustainable smart city after receiving preliminary approval from the Dubai Digital Government, and they will provide what commercial enterprises need in a virtual world Everything, users can interact with other users in the virtual world. Its chief technology officer, Shefiq Abdulla, said that it hopes to build Dubai into the world’s most important digital economy, making Dubai and the UAE the Silicon Valley of the Middle East and North Africa.

Emirates has also announced a major entry into the Metaverse and will launch Metaverse-related services for consumers and employees. They have launched software with Oculus VR glasses in 2021, allowing users to wear Oculus to enjoy interaction in the Boeing 777-300E style service.

"The world's sexiest crown prince" wants to create a Metaverse "business mecca"

VR services provided by Emirates

"The world's sexiest crown prince" wants to create a Metaverse "business mecca"

| Put on VR glasses to watch the environment inside the plane

In addition, according to local media reports, UAE-based healthcare company Thumbay plans to set up a Metaverse Hospital in the coming months to offer virtual consultations to patients.

Evolving Dubai

Dubai has been betting on the tech industry for years, trying to make itself an ultra-modern metropolis.

"The world's sexiest crown prince" wants to create a Metaverse "business mecca"

From the perspective of government policy, Dubai has built the world’s first 3D printing office, established the Dubai Future Foundation, and announced that it will put all government documents on the blockchain in 2020. It can be seen that the Dubai government is committed to promoting technology develop a positive attitude. In addition, Dubai, as an emirate, is small enough to be able to quickly trial and error in technology policy, which has an unparalleled advantage over larger countries.

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