The world’s first Metaverse reality show made NFTs come alive, but I was embarrassed to death

The boring ape is here, and it can’t save this broken show

The world's first Metaverse reality show made NFTs come alive, but I was embarrassed to death

Some time ago, The R3al Metaverse, the so-called first Metaverse reality show, was launched on TikTok, Twitter, Discord, YouTube and other platforms. 

This program, which gathered many well-known NFT images, such as Pete of Boring Ape, Journey of World of Women, Claudine of Doodles, Monty of Cool Cats, and Sam of Robotos, attracted Xiaolan’s attention at that time. 

The world's first Metaverse reality show made NFTs come alive, but I was embarrassed to death

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But Xiaolan didn’t rush to watch it – because only two episodes are updated a week, it’s better to watch the masterpiece “The Things in the West Eighth District” first.

I finally saved up for a while, and just when I thought I could enjoy it in one breath, the Metaverse performed steadily as expected. In one sentence: although the NFT was alive in the show, I was embarrassed to death. 

01 The familiar taste of flatbread is coming

Simply put, The R3al Metaverse is a reality show imitating “Big Brother”. The audience will follow five NFT characters from the Metaverse to the real world, move into a mansion and experience life in Los Angeles. 

You can make up your mind about the fantasy linkage scenes of major NFTs: the boring Ape Yacht Club avatar chats with Monty, and Journey goes shopping with Sam. 

Like a reality show, they’ll be friends, and they’ll probably quarrel with each other — in a nutshell, spark controversy and heat up the show.

The 34-episode series is currently available on TikTok, Twitter, Discord, YouTube and the project website, and has now been updated with eight episodes ranging in length from one to two minutes. 

The world's first Metaverse reality show made NFTs come alive, but I was embarrassed to death

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The source of inspiration for this show, created by the startup animation company Invisible Universe, is also very simple – the main creative team wants to put different characters in one show, like an Avengers-style movie, to form an NFT character universe. 

Tricia Biggio, CEO of Invisible Universe, recalls: 

We joked at first: yeah, put them on a reality show like all the NFT avatars move into one house, and then all of a sudden, we start looking at each other — wait, that’s good idea! 

As an overhead “Metaverse” show, its gameplay naturally also incorporates some Metaverse elements, not just as simple as a traditional reality show-Focus can choose to participate more deeply in the form of an NFT pass. 

The world's first Metaverse reality show made NFTs come alive, but I was embarrassed to death

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In keeping with the decentralized spirit of blockchain technology, the company plans to sell 7,200 “producer pass” NFTs, with holders able to influence the direction of the show, in addition to the opportunity to bring their own avatars to the show. 

Additionally, season two will feature casting from other NFT projects, and The R3al Metaverse will allow for new characters to be introduced, which can then be spawned into their own shows or worlds.

02 No one and no show

The R3al Metaverse has previously worked with celebrities to create animated characters, such as Qai Qai with tennis legend Serena Williams and Squeaky & Roy with TikTok’s viral D’Amelio family. 

The Invisible Universe has previously tended to build its characters on social media first and expand it to books, movies, games, toys, NFTs, and more. 

On The R3al Metaverse they adjusted their approach: instead of developing original characters from scratch, the team was based on classic NFT images.

The world's first Metaverse reality show made NFTs come alive, but I was embarrassed to death

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The reason is also very simple, that is, many current NFT projects allow holders to use the images they own to create and profit from derivative artworks and other projects, and there are not too many restrictions on the derivation of copyright. 

In addition, NFT animation is also more efficient in production: other animation series take years to develop and market, while Invisible Universe has the unique advantage of launching the entire animation and NFT series within a few months. 

Invisible Universe investor Alexis Ohanian said: 

Seeing your NFT come to life, I experienced watching Pete go from a picture (Editor’s note: it seems NFT holders know that’s a picture too) into a 3D character, it’s very special, and I’m glad the Producers Pass holds Someone can have the same opportunity as me. 

And there have been some attempts at 3D transformation of NFT images. The Boring Ape Yacht Club can be said to be the most famous example.

Rappers Eminem and Snoop Dogg recently used their Apes at their MTV Video Music Awards performances and then sold merchandise based on them. 

While there are many advantages, in official parlance, using a ready-made NFT image as a character is not an opportunistic approach, as the characters being driven will all have unique personalities, each carefully crafted to provide story options and dramatic potential. 

Biggio said in the interview: 

We want the right ingredients in the studio to create something fun, conflicting and entertaining. 

We believe the next generation of consumers will demand greater involvement in the development of their favorite entertainment franchises, with endless possibilities for this series, whether it’s spinoffs, new characters or longer series. We’ll see our community guide us in Season 2 and beyond. 

But isn’t the character’s character also the standard of reality show? So, there are still some lazy ingredients.

03 Give up if you can’t do it

Despite all the hype mentioned above, The R3al Metaverse is a show in the final analysis – yes, the next part is the teardown that everyone loves. 

In terms of several elements that measure the quality of a show, The R3al Metaverse did not perform very well. 

Although this show is closely related to the Metaverse, it is just placing virtual cartoon images in the real scene, and it does not have much technical content.

The world's first Metaverse reality show made NFTs come alive, but I was embarrassed to death

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Of course, this is somewhat of Xiaolan’s subjective judgment. Let’s take a look at the data: 

Despite the hype, the official Youtube account of The R3al Metaverse currently has only 85 subscribers, and what is even more bleak than the subscribers is the playback volume: the playback volume of each episode is basically in double digits, and the minimum is even only 28 times (among which There is also a small blue brush once). 

The situation on Twitter is slightly better, with barely over 10,000 followers and about 1,000+ video views. But Xiaolan still couldn’t help worrying, how would the 7,500 NFTs be sold out with this little influence? 

However, Xiaolan’s concerns are somewhat redundant. According to the current situation, I still don’t know who will bring the NFT and the program to whom?

The show team is also well aware of the embarrassment facing The R3al Metaverse, with Biggio saying the show isn’t specifically aimed at die-hard fans and collectors — a relatively small group despite the staggering amount of money NFTs have generated so far. 

There’s no shortage of self-talk about the show: in one episode, characters stare at a painting , confused by its lack of “real-world application” in addition to being a wall decoration. 

The world's first Metaverse reality show made NFTs come alive, but I was embarrassed to death

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Of course, it’s too early to focus on whether the show will appeal to a wider audience, and a looming question is how exactly the team picks NFT holders’ opinions on the show, and whether adopting them helps or hurts such The creative quality of the work. 

The company’s solution is to set up “creative guardrails,” which define the characteristics and motivations of the main characters within a certain range, Biggio added: 

Within these boundaries, there is plenty of room for collaboration, for example, NFT holders will help write interview segments for characters, a common reality show segment where actors speak directly to the camera. 

Here we will have the opportunity to make fun of reality shows, but also the absurdity of virtual worlds. It is difficult for people to define the Metaverse or define the Web3, and this deviation undoubtedly provides a lot of comedy. 

Ah this, Biggio, you said everything I wanted to say, Xiaolan, what did I say?

But here, Xiao Lan finally understands why this show is called The R3al Metaverse. This messy reality show might really be able to show the chaos of the Metaverse to the public. 

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