The world’s first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

To paint or not to paint, that is the question

Recently, MetaCity M, known as the first Metaverse mobile game, attracted Xiaolan’s attention – of course, because it invited Lisa, a member of the top K-POP girl group Blackpink, as its spokesperson. 

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ Is it possible for Blackpink to make a Metaverse return? © Official Gamamobi

Although this game has not yet been launched, whether it is the confidence of selling more than 10,000 pieces of virtual land, the domineering of the Sims + Animal Crossing Friends Club, or the pride of inviting LISA to be the spokesperson this time.

It made Xiaolan curious about the novel gameplay of this mobile game developed by Gamamobi, which made it so popular before it was launched.

01 As the gameplay of the game, not bad

In the various drafts of this game recently, the official has been emphasizing the game attributes of MetaCity: that is, the gameplay precedes the financial attributes, focusing on the development and derivation of the gameplay.

Since the official emphasizes game attributes so much, let’s take a look at what MetaCity M has to play.

Although this game has buffs such as “Metaverse”, “Simulation Management”, “Open World”, “Sandbox”, etc., according to the definition of the product by the production team:

Before becoming an “open world Metaverse”, MetaCity M was first a “sandbox simulation business” game.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ © Official Gamamobi

Since it is a sandbox + simulated operation, many elements become familiar. Xiao Lan summed up the settings in MetaCity M as four major systems: real estate, occupation, dress up and business.

real estate system

The real estate at the core of this game is not only the main source of income for the operator of MetaCity M, but also the starting point for the development of the game.

Nearly half of the land on each planet will be open to players to hold, and the rest will be open to players to pay rent to the system.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ © Official Gamamobi

The game will first open the Titan Planet with an area of ​​510 million square kilometers: there are more than 1,600 small towns, 690 secondary cities, 55 first-level cities, and a total of 81.6 million square kilometers of developable land.

Each piece of land will gradually open up the available land size according to the player’s personal property construction progress level, and the land between players will be adjacent to each other to form a community. There will be differences.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ 4 levels of houses © Official Gamamobi

These properties are divided into four categories: personal properties, property exteriors, professional shops, and commercial shops. Each property has its own exterior exterior and interior space.

Real estate is one of the main construction contents for players in the game. As long as the construction conditions are met, they can be upgraded and rebuilt, and there are various styles and appearances to choose from.

Players can also choose their favorite roof, exterior wall materials, windows, and doors to mix and match their ideal characteristic buildings.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ The renderings are for reference only © Gamamobi Official

In addition, the game will also open up the decoration layout, whether it is the material of the exterior wall, windows, doors, or the furniture, decorations, wallpapers, etc., players can personalize the design according to their own preferences to make their house unique.

career system

There are more than 15 life skills in MetaCity M, such as logging, mining, planting, hunting, fishing, cooking, smelting, parts processing, and weaving. free choice.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ Various occupations © Gamamobi official

Dress up system

Everyone must have a new image in the Metaverse. MetaCity M naturally also provides a free face pinching system. The art style of the game adopts the European and American style of Disney-like animation that has high popularity in the world.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ © Official Gamamobi

Yes, although the face pinching system is late, it will come along with the clothing system. Sure enough, Lao Lan said it well: the end of the Metaverse is the QQ show.

business system

In the first stage after the game is launched, all players who purchase NFT land in the game can sell or rent the land they hold to other players.

In the final game, all visible land, real estate, cars, private jets, furniture, clothing, pets, garden plants, etc. can be traded in the game.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ The advertising space has been reserved © Gamamobi official

In addition, MetaCity M also plans to set up a unique advertising system, which can be seen whether you live outdoors or indoors. Just like reality, these advertisements can also be displayed in various forms such as carousel, LED, video and audio advertisements, and specify the range, time, building, size, etc.

From the perspective of a simulation business game, the setting of MetaCity M has indeed become complete. In the Metaverse part, what kind of gameplay will MetaCity M appear?

02 As a Metaverse gameplay, it’s okay

MetaCity M has set up a digital authentication system in order to make players’ labor results in the game “unique”.

This also means that what players gain in the game is no longer just data, but “digital assets” endorsed by the game operation team.

Taking clothes as an example, the type, version, material, and even the matching color, pattern, and pattern of each piece of clothing in the game will become the “uniqueness” authentication elements for the system to use this piece of clothing as a digital asset.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ Huang Zitao is also here (not) © Gamamobi Official

In the exchange and cooperation with other players or systems, “uniqueness” will become an important part of measuring the value of items.

In order to limit disorderly hype and premiums, MetaCity M does not fully adopt a decentralized design, but uses tax rates and alternatives to achieve the controllability of the operation team over the game’s “economic system” cycle to ensure the value of the product. Evaluation is based on the “practicality” of the product itself.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ QQ show is coming! © Official Gamamobi

Players need to pay a certain amount of tax for all buying and selling transactions in the game. Transactions realized through the auction market also need to pay additional transaction tax to ensure the transparency and control of the transaction price, and then provide players with available through the system store. substitute.

In the case that system products can meet basic practical needs, there is no need for players to pursue premium personal creations.

This design not only allows players’ creations in the game to be systematically authenticated and protected, but after ensuring that the value of these creations is based on a “practical” basis, MetaCity M also has the ability to break through the dimensional wall and extend into real life. possible.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ © Official Gamamobi

To put it simply, if a player’s creations and labor results in the game are recognized by other players, then this recognition will still exist outside the game, and the value of these creations will also continue outside the game.

Although the game has not yet been officially launched, at the end of January, MetaCity M had pre-sold a batch of virtual land. After this round of sales, more than 10,000 players have held land.

On May 10, MetaCity M plans to pre-sell a total of 60,000 lands on the second wave of “Titans”.

With the release of the second wave of land, MetaCity M is also trying a new way of playing about virtual land: “Land Distribution Certificate NFT” – players who have “Land Distribution Certificate NFT” can directly enjoy the official land rent weekly Dividend.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ “Land Distribution Certificate NFT” by MetaCity M © Gamamobi Official

In addition, MetaCity M has also launched 20 “E-FLASH NFTs”. Players who participate in the second wave of land purchases will have the opportunity to draw “E-FLASH NFTs” from the open land blind boxes.

It is officially announced that players who win the “E-FLASH NFT” can take away an E-FLASH virtual electric car and a Tesla Mondel3 real car.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ Blind Box © Official Gamamobi

Although not yet on sale, MetaCity M has given us a vision for the future Metaverse by selling virtual land and developing additional gameplay.

But will the truth really be so good?

03 It’s not good to be online for a long time

Gamamobi CEO Huang Jide once said in an interview that his decision to develop a simulation business game was not based on business opportunities. His ultimate expectation is to make a game like the movie “Ready Player One”:

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ Huang Jide © Official Gamamobi

Everyone can create their own world in the game, with both real-world elements and surreal imagination, set their own appearance, create their own works, have a completely different identity from real life, and various entertainment experiences , an environment in which virtual currencies are freely traded and a complete economic system.

In fact, the Metaverse itself is a game, but such a game, from the perspective of economy, finance, diversity, etc., has a way to be comprehensive and rich, which is another unknown.

Huang Jide also said that he is very happy to cooperate with the creators of all NFT projects around the world, and hopes that NFT works will appear in more forms in the fully open virtual world of MetaCity M, so that more people can appreciate the NFT made by the creators. work.

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ © Official Gamamobi

In order to realize this vision, MetaCity M has started to cooperate with a number of global chain brands, including banks, restaurants, construction projects, etc., players will be able to see many familiar scenes in real life in the game.

In addition, players and merchants can make various props in the game online and cash them offline, so as to better combine reality and virtuality. 

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ © Official Gamamobi

Visions are always good, but such visions are not that new—how they are realized is the most important thing: everyone describes the Metaverse as “ready player”, but it seems that all Metaverses have not escaped the QQ show ‘s rut.

In the case that half a year has passed since the first centralized sale of virtual land at the end of January, and the second batch of virtual land will be sold tomorrow, MetaCity M still has not disclosed any clues about the opening time of download on the official website. 

The world's first Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M is on fire

📸️ Stay tuned © Xiaolan’s mobile phone screenshot

When will it be available online? How much can the settings in the official publicity be realized after the launch? What about the quality of implementation? It appears to be unknown at the moment.

And the problems after the launch are the real challenges for MetaCity M. After all, we have seen too many stories about the chicken feathers behind the cake.

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