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Today in the circle of friends, I saw a friend who doesn’t communicate much usually sent a press release. The title is “Virtual currency is after all a dream, a Ponzi scheme”.

The content, ideas and writing style of the article are the same as I expected. It still lists the risks and traps that have been mentioned repeatedly, and once again emphasizes the virtual currency activities that the state has repeatedly banned. It seems that what happened in the circle today was “expected” by “people of insight”, and the “people of insight” reminded everyone early not to get involved in this “Ponzi scheme”.

This friend who posted on Moments I met at a blockchain conference. He is an industrialist whose main investment and focus has always been on the alliance chain. Although both consortium chain applications and public chain ( Bitcoin Ethereum , DeFi, NFT) applications are all blockchains, his views on public chain applications are almost the same as those of ordinary people on the market who mainly rely on mass media as their information sources. There is no difference, when it comes to Bitcoin, Ethereum ——— that is a scam, that is hype.

In this regard, I used to feel very incomprehensible earlier, but now I have long been used to it, just to a person who has been in the blockchain industry for many years, but still holds this view. Expressed great regret.

And this regret reminds me of an earlier event.

The protagonist in the past is a senior who was rated as one of the 52 poker cards online in 2018.

This senior has a completely different style from many of the “domineering” characters on the list at that time – he has never publicly stood for any project, and has always been like a lone ranger to research projects and think about ecology by himself. , and teach blockchain knowledge to students for free all year round in universities for free, and teach decentralized thinking.

Before I met this senior, although I had been in this circle for a while, like most of the novices at that time, I was obsessed with running on the wrong road and stuck in an illusory world built only by the project white papers. , while turning a blind eye to the real money in the ecology.

After I had the chance to get in touch with this senior, his suggestions and teachings began to make me reflect on the numerous and “beautiful” projects at that time, and only then did I learn to independently think and examine various phenomena in this industry.

One of his most memorable passages is probably this:

Humans have been living in a ubiquitous centralized world for thousands of years, and even everything we think of centralized is habitual, natural, and correct to us.

Of course, there are quite a few places in which centralization is inseparable, and it must be centralized, because centralization has its unique advantages and benefits, which cannot be denied.


However, there is another part of the world that does not need centralization at all, and has suffered from centralization for a long time.

But because we are used to the centralization of everything, when we suddenly lose the shackles of centralization in a small area, we will feel extremely uncomfortable or even at a loss.

After the American Civil War, black slaves were banned, but people found that some free black slaves were not used to this freedom, but went back to their former slave owners.

Winged birds who are born to fly, because they are caged from birth, see the instinct to fly as abnormal and captivity as normal.

This is where we are now in some areas.

Blockchain technology is precisely a unique technology. It will subvert certain systems and certain cooperative relationships in human society, allowing people to obtain space for free collaboration and free play.

But since this is a practice that has never been attempted in human history, the territory is almost empty. And to rebuild a new world in a blank, its difficulty is unprecedented.

There must be pioneers, and there must be speculators. Trailblazers bring innovation and lay the foundation; speculators rob and swindle.

So in the process we can see both light and darkness. Even at some stage most of what we see is filthy, disgusting, and even tragic. But every time the filth is removed, the unbearable is cleaned, and the tragedy is comforted, the industry will continue to grow and expand on the foundation stone laid by the predecessors.

Because this field is too new and too complex, building this new world still requires a lot of pioneers and funds, so this process will continue for at least a period of time in the future, and all kinds of bizarre phenomena that appear in this process will repeat again and again. .

In my opinion, all this is normal, and it is something that an industry, especially an industry like the blockchain, must experience in the process of moving forward. But in the eyes of outsiders, especially “people of insight”, this is a “flash in the pan” and “speculative speculation”.

Therefore, in the bear market of 2018, we heard bad news from the media, and this time we heard bad news from the media. I believe we will hear bad news from the media again in the future.

Only a few years later, when the edifice of the crypto world has begun to take shape, we suddenly look up and find that it is a beautiful and exquisite building.

But what most people don’t know is how many “bones” and how many “victims” were buried in the foundation of this building. Only brave warriors with firm belief and carefulness can see and enjoy the final masterpiece.

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