“The Wolf of Wall Street, Carl Icahn, to Join the Cryptocurrency Hunting Ground, Hints at $1.5 Billion Investment

Carl Icahn, the “Wolf of Wall Street,” is also getting bullish on the crypto space

As companies like JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, another of the most legendary investors, Carl Icahn, the “Wolf of Wall Street,” is getting bullish on the space.

In a phone interview with Bloomberg on Thursday, Carl Icahn said that while he doesn’t hold any digital currencies himself, his company may participate in the crypto market in a “relatively large scale” way.

With a net worth of $22 billion, Icahn is one of the most legendary figures on Wall Street, and he also briefly served as former President Donald Trump’s special economic adviser on financial regulation in 2017.

When asked if he sees cryptocurrencies as a store of value or more of a payment system, or an “underlying blockchain” like Ether, Icahn replied, “With Ether, it’s the underlying blockchain. So, Ether has two things, you can think of it as both a payment system and you can think of it as a store of value. And Bitcoin to me is just a store of value.”

When asked if he was looking at investments in bitcoin and ethereum, Icahn said, “I’m looking at the whole enterprise. I’m not concerned with exactly what I’m going to buy, I’m just looking at the whole business model and what my business can do to get involved in a relatively large volume way.”

In a subsequent question, Icahn revealed, “Well, for us, large volume is not just buying a few coins or something, large volume investments would be $1 billion, or even $1.5 billion …… I’m not going to say the exact amount. I’m not going to disclose that information either.”

Back in 2018, Icahn claimed he didn’t like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, calling them “ridiculous.” “Maybe I’m too old for them but I won’t touch those things.”

But he changed his mind later in the past year amid a wave of U.S. fiscal stimulus. “Investors are starting to worry about the value of our currency (the dollar) and cryptocurrencies may offer an alternative.”

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