The Web 3 world no longer needs countless accounts. DAS is enough.

In the Internet world, we have countless accounts about social networking, payment, games, shopping…

However, there is an obvious trend now-account cross-platform interoperability, we began to use the same account to log in to different applications.

But this is far from enough, because the account is not really in your own hands.

Although the decentralized encryption world solves the problem of account ownership, it does not solve the problem of interoperability, and the user’s account (that is, the wallet address) is too long, which is very inconvenient for users to access freely.

DAS provides a new solution, like a domain name, but it is much more than a domain name.

This chain tea visit exclusively invited Yang Min , the founder of the DAS team , to introduce this emerging decentralized account system to us.

1. How to introduce DAS in one sentence?

Yang Min : DAS is to the encrypted world, what email and mobile phone numbers are to the Internet, it is an account system in the Web 3 world.

We log in to all Internet services, basically we cannot do without our mobile phone number and email address, because this is your online identity.

DAS is a decentralized account system. In the future, DAS can be used to access various DApps and receive encrypted currencies.

The Web 3 world no longer needs countless accounts. DAS is enough.

2. When did the DAS team decide to implement a decentralized account system? Based on what judgments were the decisions made at that time?

Yang Min : I paid attention to ENS in 2018 and feel that it is the prototype of a decentralized identity in the future.

Earlier on-chain transfers required a wallet address (I think no one can really remember it), but if you have an ENS, you can directly enter the other party’s ENS account number (such as lianchaguan.eth). In addition, each account is different, so it is a kind of NFT with practical value.

Based on the above two points, we set up a team to do similar things in early 2019.

At that time, we wrote the code, but we finally gave up because we found that no matter what we do, it can only be a worse ENS .

2020, by a friend learned Nervos, found that it can actually do on Nervos, because it is a natural cross chain, the user perception of the existence of the Nervos , but only ENS Ethernet Square users can use.

So we immediately did it again and turned all our energy to DAS. We hope that DAS can compete with ENS .

3. As a developer, what are the appeals of Nervos to you specifically?

Yang Min : Our team was established in 2018 and we have done a lot of things in the EOS ecosystem, such as blockchain browsers, wallets, reward tools, etc., and tried a lot of things.

But the EOS ecosystem really didn’t rise, and we didn’t capture any value, so we kept looking for new directions until we discovered Nervos.

Nervos is a natural cross-chain . We can easily implement cross-chain based on Nervos. Just as users register for DAS with an Ethereum address, they cannot perceive the existence of Nervos. And cross-chain is where DAS has more advantages than ENS.

The Web 3 world no longer needs countless accounts. DAS is enough.

Nervos’s technology is very strong and relatively low-key, especially the currency price performance is not very satisfactory, this is what everyone can see.

But Nervos does do a lot of low-level work, but their rhythm is not the same as the rhythm the outside world wants.

Most public chains today are doing EVM compatibility, but there are not so many EVM compatible chains in the world, and there is no difference between them.

I think when this market begins to cool down, most of the public chains will become meaningless and will no longer exist.

Nervos is a bit slower on this road, but it does have its uniqueness. I think this road is no problem.

4. How can DAS be used as a collection account and domain name in the encrypted world, as well as an account for accessing general Internet services?

Yang Min : First, let’s talk about the principle of collection.

If I want to transfer money to the chain tea house, I enter “chain tea house.bit” in the wallet, and then the wallet will go to the chain to check which addresses are bound to the chain tea house.bit, then grab it, and finally complete the transfer .

It needs to be emphasized here that DAS accounts not only support letters and numbers , but also support any language such as Chinese characters and Russian, and also support emoji expressions (such as

The Web 3 world no longer needs countless accounts. DAS is enough.

The Web 3 world no longer needs countless accounts. DAS is enough.

The Web 3 world no longer needs countless accounts. DAS is enough.

The Web 3 world no longer needs countless accounts. DAS is enough.


The Web 3 world no longer needs countless accounts. DAS is enough.

Secondly, regarding access to general Internet services, it is not convenient to disclose it, but I can roughly say what function I want to achieve.

Chats on WhatsApp and Telegram are end-to-end encrypted, in fact, the server does not know what the chat content is. But when registering an account, you need to use a mobile phone number and email address, which is another centralized account system.

And we provide a decentralized account system, which is equivalent to an additional login method .

5. What is the user portrait of DAS?

Yang Min : Of course, the real users at this stage are users who need to transfer money. Frankly speaking, there are not many users.

More people still apply the logic of Internet domain name speculation to hoard high-quality accounts. This phenomenon is also true in ENS. They believe that the DAS system will develop very well in the future, so they first stock up on some high-quality names.

Some users are purely for fun, and they do not seek to sell.

But we encourage everyone to register the name they need and use it, because no one can be responsible for speculation.

We have reserved accounts for Fortune 500 companies, KOLs in the encryption field, and well-known project parties (such as imtoken.bit). Many people think that we are selling to them at a high price, but in fact we will not collect money from these people.

In addition, in the long run, DAS is positioned as a decentralized personal homepage in the future , that is, a second-level domain name that can be accessed directly in the browser.

This model is very similar to the overseas Linktree. Users can gather their content on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other social platforms on their own personal homepages. At the same time, users can also post links to their homepages to their personal profiles on Twitter.

A few months ago, Linktree raised US$45 million in Series B. DAS can also do what Linktree does, and the data is stored on the chain, and the cost is very low.

We just launched, which cleverly combines the personal homepage with DAS records, and can quickly display the NFT owned by the user, and then everyone can easily build a lightweight decentralized personal homepage.

Our next focus is on overseas markets. The ecology of overseas markets is better and it is easier to understand what DAS is.

6. DAS has the design of Owner and Manager, can you tell me more about it.

Yang Min : The Owner and Manager mechanisms are inspired by the real world, that is, the separation of ownership and use rights of the company system.

This means that the Owner has an account, but does not usually manage it, and then assigns another private key to the Manager to manage the account at ordinary times. For example, to set the analysis, modify the analysis record, add the analysis record and so on.

If the Owner operates frequently, it may cause leakage, and then the entire account may become unusable. But if it is the Manager designated by the Owner for daily operations, even if it is leaked, at most the parsing record has been tampered with, and then the Owner can replace the Manager at any time.

7. What are the possible ways to play DAS in the future?

Yang Min : We will plan a series of activities to make DAS popular on social networks. For example, if you change your name to your own DAS account on Twitter, an identity will be formed at this time.

In the future, there will be a series of ways to lower the threshold. In theory, DAS can also be registered by email.

As an online identity in the encrypted world, DAS can be used directly with the identity of DAS in Metaverse, for example.

8. How does DAS achieve compatibility with all public chains? And what new public chains will be added in the next step?

Yang Min : Nervos provides a bottom layer. We only need to deploy the signature page algorithms of other public chains to Nervos CKB.

Future including dogs currency , Bitcoin we will add, but the first step is that some mainstream EVM compatible chain.

9. DAS is still in the Demo stage, causing heated discussions. Does the effect since its launch meet the team’s initial expectations? And what are the expectations for the future?

Yang Min : Our original plan was to launch in April, but the development threshold is indeed a bit high, so it was postponed for about three months, but the performance after the launch was far beyond our expectations.

There is a threshold for registering a DAS account, and each account registration requires USD 7 (USD 5 registration fee + USD 2 storage fee).

Even so, 1,000 registrations were completed within the first hour of launch, and there have been 7,000 registrations up to now. We expect to open more registrations at the end of August and early September.

10. How does DAS prepare to attract new users to register for DAS?

Yang Min : This month we are focusing on the SDK integration with the wallet. Only after the integration is completed can it be used. So there is no publicity, but there will be intensive new activities in September.

For example, at the beginning of September, we will jointly conduct an auction of boutique short accounts with Binance, and announce it with our wallet partners, and then all the auction proceeds will be returned to users who participated in the event.

Now we have a professional service provider team participating full-time to build commercial services around DAS, such as centralized registration, auction, and trading markets, similar to what GoDaddy’s traditional domain name service providers do.

So in the future, we will also launch the auction function of the trading market and the distribution market with Fomo play, etc., and everyone is welcome to follow the official Twitter and public account of DAS.

11. Finally, what are the possible future opportunities and challenges of DAS?

Yang Min : I think there are great opportunities in the future, because we are not only a domain name, but also an account system (the full name of DAS is Decentralized ‍Account ‍Systems, that is, decentralized account system).

Not everyone needs a domain name, but everyone needs an account, and a domain name is just an account usage scenario.

Of course, this is not only for DAS. For all decentralized account systems of the same type, the market space it faces must far exceed the existing domain name market.

And the industry does need a decentralized identity, which is a very important puzzle in the blockchain industry.

As for the challenge, it is today that development based on Ethereum has become a kind of political correctness. Many people will think that it is wrong that DAS is not developed based on Ethereum.

It takes time to prove that, in fact, Nervos’s low handling fee and natural cross-chain are very conducive to the development of DAS.

The other is that some people think we are copying ENS. But in fact, as long as you compare the code, you know how much innovation DAS has made.

It is precisely because we have seen a lot of problems with ENS that we do DAS, which avoids many unreasonable ENS designs. Therefore, we can only say that ENS is at the forefront of the product direction, and we are a latecomer and a very competitive challenger.


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