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NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a non-homogeneous token. It is a unique digital asset with uniqueness and scarcity. It uses technology to create a specific or designated digital asset or physical asset in an identifiable data block and store it The digital units in the blockchain can be traded in markets such as art, games, sports, and music. Because of its traceability and non-tamperable nature, it also means irreplaceability, so NFT is often verified by user ownership.

In recent years, especially this year, the NFT market has ushered in explosive growth, and has been widely used in digital art, games, and collections. According to Tokenview’s data, CryptoPunks is far ahead in the ranking of NFT projects , with a total sales volume of 18,873 and a total transaction value of US$1,444,011,358. According to Cryptoslam data, the three items with the highest sales of NFT collectibles are Axie Infinity , CryptoPunks and Art Blocks . According to the data, 2021 is a year of rapid development of NFT, and the exponential growth of the NFT market also represents the transformation and development of the encryption field and the latest development trend.


At present, both the meta-universe concept and the outbreak of GameFi have attracted the attention of investors and capital markets, and the development prospects of NFT are unlimited. The existence of NFT itself has also created a brand-new business model, and its scope of application has also expanded rapidly. In the development process of NFT, its market and value are eternal hot topics. According to data from Cryptoslam, in the field of NFT, artworks and collectibles account for most of the trading volume in the NFT market. When most parts of the world are under lockdown due to the epidemic, forward-looking people or institutions in the economic field and even other fields are gradually satisfied with the “pixels” displayed on mobile phones. But few people know how to determine the value of these highly collectible “pixels” or higher-priced NFTs. Just like card collection or stamp collection, the collection market is always elusive. In addition to the novel market under its own technological exploration, it also foresaw the bubble of the new capital game.

Generally speaking, NFTs have application attributes that exceed collection value, while NFTs with limited collection value often have scarce attributes. At the same time, in addition to these attributes, consider the length of time the NFT has existed in the market, whether it has been traded, and the future Value is the key to identifying and understanding the value of NFT itself. The above are the attempts and status quo of NFT under the current industry standards. It seems to be booming, but looking at the essence through the phenomenon, the significance and value of NFT is far greater than the application in the capital bundling scenario, and its broad application field is truly a block. Chain technology empowers traditional industries to build a platform with extensive experiments, the actual significance of which is far greater than the value of DeFi, so it can better obtain the favorability of users outside the industry and the applicable range of policies in different environments.

Understanding the above content can pry into the value of its NFT through the Osasion public chain. Since Osasion Osaion used the NS-Relays Bridge to verify the relay chain cross-chain bridge to complete the main network data migration, the original Osasion Osasion Wallet APP, such as the contract stamp and invitation code, was abandoned, and all unreasonable existence was discarded in the new system. In places, it tends to comply with regulations and prevailing standards in the industry. The public chain implements the basic performance architecture, and the consensus algorithm on the governance side is uniquely confirmed, which will eliminate the relationship between recommendation and recommendation.

Osasion’s Bayesian ecological experiment will be further optimized, that is, each NFT will represent a unique contract stamp. It is not only the key key to the entrance of the experiment, but also the anchor of fixed value under fixed scenario use cases. Each Osasion NFT is worth $600. For each new node on the chain, two NFTs will be automatically generated and displayed on the wallet asset side. In an ideal state, waiting for the entire Bayesian net body to be encapsulated, which means that 25 million nodes will produce 50 million NFTs, but MPOS activation nodes will destroy 25 million, even if there are early activation nodes that did not use the contract stamp. , The net body’s final inventory will not exceed 26 million NFTs.

As Osasion’s new on-chain asset, NFT’s first use case is to carry the key key to the experimental end of Osasion’s network. The unique feature of NFT also anchors the specific relationship generated by the exclusive node. The same as the old version of Osasion Wallet end contract stamp is that users can transfer NFTs to other users, and get consensus recommendation incentives after the node is successfully created. Two NFTs can get up to 1200 UORA.

The NFT transfer process is also a process of on-chain interaction. Users need to pay a certain GAS fee to complete the transaction. However, in the old version of Osasion Wallet, the use of contract stamps does not require on-chain interaction, and there is no GAS fee, so it cannot It is called on-chain transaction, which is also the essential difference between contract stamp and NFT. Therefore, you can also simply consider the process of transferring out of NFT, using NFT to activate nodes and obtaining UORA recommendation incentives as the process of NFT transaction, because NFT itself is an asset. That is, trade NFT and get UORA.


In terms of technical nature, NFT has unique identification. Users create nodes to generate NFT and become the creator of NFT. At the same time, all information including NFT data and hash value is signed and sent to the smart contract on the chain. It is minted by the smart contract on the chain, and a unique blockchain address is generated. No matter how many accounts the NFT transfers, the ownership data is stored on the blockchain. From being minted to transfer to transaction is open and transparent on the chain, anyone can trace back to the creator of each NFT, and finally The consensus recommendation reward link is still the native node account of the NFT. In addition, all NFT source data and completed minting and transaction records on Osasion’s blockchain are stored in the blockchain platform through smart contracts. Only new information can be added but historical information cannot be changed, and it will not be easy under any circumstances. Lost. This is also one of the values ​​of Osasion NFT as a non-homogeneous token.

The operation path of the smart contract on the technical side has changed everything. After decentralization and smart contract conversion, it will officially enter the MPOS side to complete the link before activating the mining, and transform it into a platform for matching transactions through smart contracts, that is, the host node transfers out No matter which account it is transferred to, it does not need to provide any guarantee and transaction fees, and can be transferred out at will, and the judgment of the value attribution will be determined by the activation of the node in the MPOS scenario. Which node is used will be formed on the matching platform and finally be priced at 600 US dollars for effective transactions, and the transaction fee will be automatically collected into the host node account. So far, in the experimental transformation of Osasion, the compliance is completed.

The innovative point of Osasion’s NFT is that the circulation of NFTs will not produce transactions in the circulation, because Osasion’s NFTs can achieve cost-free and barrier-free circulation, and the final act of matching transactions depends on who uses it and users Pay for the behavior under the usage scenario. However, it is also worth reminding that the transfer of NFT is equal to the transfer of assets, and it is better to treat it with caution. The value of NFT is not simply to replace the role of contract stamps. In the future, the network will pull AUC to interact in more scenarios, so as to become an important interaction medium for Bayesian ecology.

Although Osasion’s NFT does not yet have more empowerment, it is only a necessary condition for users to create nodes and enter the network. It does not have strong artistic value and collection value in a short period of time, and its own value has not yet been Fully developed. However, with the increase of Osasion Ousai nodes and more ecological development and stationing, Osasion Ousai’s NFT will inevitably be given more use case scenarios. We also look forward to the increase in Osasion Ousai’s NFT value attributes in the future to feed back Osasion Ousai itself. , To promote the further development of Osasion Europe.

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