The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

Prada made a good start

Luxury brands have always been highly sensitive to marketing. For example, we have been discussing a lot of “meta universe” recently. This is considered a good medium for contact with Generation Z, and its gameplay has long been dug into the sky by luxury brands.

Next, we will see a series of meta-universe gameplay explored by luxury brands. Of course, this article will be different from the previous content. It will introduce the endorsements of relatively common commercial virtual celebrities, but will study in Yuan Under the concept of the universe, the brand will produce more fantastic ideas.

At the same time, there are the latest cases from Prada, and the gameplay of Prada’s new case should not be missed. It is very likely to be the ultimate gameplay of “Meta Universe Endorsement”.

01  No gender difference endorsement

In the game circle the famous “Final Fantasy”, which has a very fan edge of virtual humans was called “Thunder” in the game, she is definitely a heroine positioning.

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

Thunder in the game丨Tuyuan game screenshots

And it is precisely because of the explosion and positioning of the game circle that she cooperated with Prada for its platform 9 years ago, that is, in 2012, and she wore new men’s products of the 2012 spring and autumn models.

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

Thunder puts on Prada men’s shirt丨Tuyuan brand

Although the poster was only published in a fashion magazine at that time, there was no actual endorsement relationship, but it was a good start for the topic of “meta universe genderless endorsement.”

The product adaptation space of a virtual character can be very high. As long as the virtual character has established a reputation or fan effect, it can actually be appropriately transformed through technology to achieve a higher image match, and even a transgender product interpretation. Such as changing hairstyle, pupil color, shooting background, etc…

02  Interview from Meta universe

In 2015, “Thunder” ushered in its highlight moment, which is the endorsement of the LV “Series 4” series. Please note that it is an endorsement.

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

Picture source LV official

Of course, this endorsement came for a specific product style. At that time, the LV designer admitted that the design was inspired by a large number of animations and games, so you will see that the products of the season have a strong game animation style.

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

Picture source LV official

And more importantly, after being no longer a model in a magazine, “Thunder” actually started public relations and accepted an interview with a media outlet.

Time fun really didn’t lie to you, let’s take a look at the interview.

This was the headline published in the media at the time: “”I’m Proud to Be Selected”: Final Fantasy Character Lightning is Welcomed to the “Large Family” of Louis Vuitton”. Obviously this is a statement from a first-person perspective.

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

The media reporter also interviewed Thunder in a Q&A manner. Let’s look directly at some wonderful interview translations:

“The heroine of the “Final Fantasy 13” series Thunder has been very busy recently. She has been shooting commercials and promotional videos since becoming the spokesperson of Louis Vuitton (LV)’s new spring and summer series “Series 4”. Recently, The hot LV model Lei Ting finally took the time to accept an interview with a French fashion company. She said that when she saw the LV clothing collection for the first time, she felt like she was electrocuted and was deeply attracted.

In this interview, Lei Ting talked about what a fashion model means to her for herself. This character from “Final Fantasy” hopes to one day stand on the same stage as Jennifer Connelly and other supermodels. She also pointed out that she had just entered the industry and had to catch up with the women who had been accustomed to being surrounded by flashlights. She still had a lot to learn.

On the other hand, she also mentioned that she once believed that only the strong and independent style of strong women is the most suitable for her. Later, with the help of LV designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, she completely changed her style and at the same time re-understood herself.

“He made me feel the sensitivity and pride that I should have as a woman,” Lei Ting said: “Maybe I have just met the true self in my heart.” Lei Ting said that this brand new fashion product endorsement experience is like to her It opened up a new field.

“Fashion is not the kind of thing you can teach and give. It is born from each person’s own different tastes and choices. Through it, you show your essence to the people around you.” She explained: ” I have experienced a lot of dangerous events, but this time for me to say is excited, never had the experience .LV was a new adventure, a new fantasy, I truly enjoy the process of heart .”

It’s really wonderful, too magical realism.

You know that this interview is simulated, but since the brand dared to edit it in a serious way, readers would dare to read it wrong.

This can be said to be quite an interesting public relations interview article. We have also seen that virtual characters may be more attractive than ordinary real idols when they conduct media public relations activities. Everyone will explore it with a fun attitude .

03Hold  a press conference in Metaverse

Think about the famous big shows around you, how difficult it is to catch your eyes.

Ultra-high-cost venue and stage design, a lot of manpower investment, especially in the fashion industry, there are huge model costs, think about the once Victoria’s Secret show, the investment will cost 12 million US dollars.

But have you ever thought that after the AI ​​technology matures in the future, a hyper-real conference can also be held in the meta universe?

It may be a fashion show built on the space runway in a certain quarter, or it may be a new product launch event in the Pacific Ocean. With the support of related technologies such as headset products, users can even experience virtual new products directly.

In the association of this matter , Dongsen has been born in this small meta-universe.

A while ago, Berlin fashion organization × well-known Dongsen fashion blogger × fashion director of trend magazine, the three parties jointly DIY a Dongsen luxury big-name catwalk. The brands participating in the show include Prada, Gucci, LV, Balenciaga, etc. This kind of luxury big-name joint show is definitely the first time in the world.

From the perspective of the T stage, the audience on both sides is full of cats, cats and dogs, and in the middle of the stage are catwalk models wearing virtual products. The cute and cute feeling is really attractive.

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

Although this big show is more like a novel experience for Dongsen players, it cannot bring much effect to the brand or the product itself. But we also have to think that when the future technology matures, a super-realistic press conference will have a chance to be realized. The super-realistic press conference will also greatly improve the presentation level of the product, and newer interaction methods will be produced at that time. 

04 Product Virtualization

Finally, there is the latest case brought by the luxury brand Prada. This case is very worth seeing because it completely virtualizes the product.

Prada launched Candy perfume in 2011, and its fragrance also has a candy fragrance as its name suggests, so this is a fragrance aimed at younger generations. The advertisements for this perfume are relatively innovative, always showing the lively and lovely side of young women. 

A few days ago, Candy perfume released its latest advertisement. But this time it was quite different. A super-realistic virtual character, Candy, was directly hired to perform the advertisement. 

In the advertisement, you can clearly see the skin texture, spots, and wrinkles of the virtual person, which is very close to the state of human skin. In the official introduction, the muse also has the same name as the product, called Candy, and its pupils have the same purple color as the product packaging. 

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

Picture source Prada official 

From the product positioning to the appearance of Candy, we can easily find that this actually personifies the product. 

For brands, this is a fairly novel perspective and has reference significance. 

When products become more and more homogeneous, brands need to think about how to give products “vitality”. The so-called “vitality” is to make the product no longer a cold product, but emotional temperature. This is the same as making a brand.

However, the traditional way to give life to products is to write copywriting on the product packaging or tell a story with consumers, but the emergence of Candy breaks this limitation and completely personifies the product to make it look like a real person. Communicate with consumers. 

This is actually an idea worthy of reference for companies. In the past, we emphasized the personification of brands, but the next step might be how to personify products, continue to operate with high-quality creative content, and make products have personality characteristics. This is useful for creating competitive products, The explosive products have extremely high potential. 

Of course, brands should be reminded that if such an exploration is really to be done, it is necessary to fully consider the existence of “pits” after anthropomorphization. For example, after Prada launched the Candy ad, negative voices appeared on social platforms: “face shaping”, “is this the aesthetic standard of the fashion industry?”

The ultimate gameplay of Metaverse endorsement: product personification?

In other words, when a product is personified, no matter his personality or appearance, it will inevitably be “judged” by consumers. Those who like it will like it more, and those who don’t hate the product may also hate the product because of the personification. . In the meantime, agency companies are required to carry out good communication design at the level of content creativity and communication to reduce these risks. 

In summary, we have to admit that Metaverse has entered the “marketing world”, and how brands can use this weapon to win attention and win the majority of young consumers has become a brand new examination question in front of us. 

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