The ultimate form of future currency: human value + blockchain super account

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This is a major change unseen in a century, and an era full of opportunities. What has changed? What is the opportunity? Many people want to know.

Today, we are trying to see what this hidden road to customs clearance is by linking astronomical phenomena, the Internet, and DeFi.

At the end of last year, the cycle of the Saturn sign for the past 200 years has ended, and the cycle of the air sign has been switched.

To perceive the changes of the times, we must have a more open mind and break through the shackles of our own “earth-like” thinking, in order to more easily discover the opportunities that the wind-like era quietly descends.

Real estate, the darling of physical wealth in the earth elephant era, will eventually come to an end, and the rising star of the wind elephant era is precisely the current rise of data wealth.

2021-2022 is the year of transition to the fission of the era of complete weather conditions, and our values ​​have gradually changed with the beginning of the great environment.

This year’s quarter of Uranus and Jupiter will run through the whole year. Historically, we can find that this aspect will correspond to changes in the field of information technology.

Whether you know it or not, the changes in the era of data wealth will completely surpass our imagination, and old money will be ruthlessly diluted.

We are experiencing the first stop leading to the meta-universe era: the Internet revolution.

From the previous anti-monopoly of Ali to the recent supervision of Didi, this series of investigations on companies with large amounts of user data indicates that our data sovereignty is about to move towards a more open and transparent path.

In fact, a real big change is brewing, and the field of this change is the Internet, which is constantly flowing with massive amounts of data.

And this transformation of our DeFi world is just involved, we must understand this.

Let’s first look at the stages of the Internet:

The ultimate form of future currency: human value + blockchain super account

Many friends have heard of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0. This is the name for the Internet in different eras.

We have gone through the first generation of the Internet, which is the era of Web 1.0, and we are now in the Web 2.0, which is the era of the second generation of the Internet.

First look at the difference between 1.0 and 2.0:

If you are the first batch of netizens, you should have the impression that when we were online, we could only browse news, articles, pictures and other information and content on the web through the Internet, but could not comment, and ordinary users could not publish news, articles and other information. .

At that time, the Internet only had the function of reading for users. You could only see what the website posted to you. You can receive information, but you cannot feedback and interact.

But the Internet we see now can publish our own opinions, articles, information on Weibo, public accounts, facebook, and Twitter, and we can also comment under other people’s posts.

You can buy and buy on Double 11, and you can also post videos on Douyin, Kuaishou and other websites, or directly broadcast live, which is very different from before.

If you ask you to summarize the difference between 1.0 and 2.0, you might say that the interactive functions are different, the degree of openness is different, and some people will say that the content capacity is different.

But to sum up, people have expanded their influence on the world through the Internet, and interacted with each other more conveniently.

But behind the change of convenience, various problems have arisen:

Those harassing phone calls, endless sales text messages, and endless scam messages blocked, don’t you feel the same.

We are now losing our right to privacy. Our information data is the registration information, browsing information, location information, shopping information, etc. left on the Internet. All of this does not belong to you, but belongs to those who provide services to you. company.

After reading this, you may have discovered in no time what connection you have with the large information company mentioned at the beginning of the article.

In the traditional Internet, an account is tied to a specific application. Even if the account of this application is used to log in to another application, it only synchronizes the identity of the account, not the underlying data under the account.

So how to bind the underlying data? How to let the ownership of data belong to oneself, and even form data wealth?

Haha, this leads to the concept of web3.0:

The fundamental reason for the development of the third-generation Internet Web3.0 is to change the ownership of user data and the control of the Internet.

In other words, the essence of Web3.0 is the return of user data ownership, so as to realize the user’s control over the Internet.

Its ultimate goal is to adapt the Internet to people’s individual needs. This is the true meaning of the next-generation Internet.

The essential goal of Web3.0 is to realize the transfer of data and value based on the return of user data ownership, and to push Web3.0 to a higher level-the Internet of Value.

To understand the Internet of Value, we must first understand the value of data.

The Internet gives everyone the right to generate and publish information, but traditional Internet technology does not have the ability to filter information. In other words, under the traditional Internet mechanism, there is only data and no facts.

Correspondingly, the data on the blockchain itself represents credibility, because the blockchain technology gives trust to the data on the chain at the bottom.

In other words, the data in the blockchain world has been approved by everyone and its security is guaranteed.

And allowing countless people around the world to reach consensus and recognition is itself a huge cost. This is the fundamental basis for the value of blockchain data.

And just said that this involves DeFi, what is the reason?

Let’s take a look at the comparison chart of the traditional Internet and the value Internet, and explore the value of DeFi step by step:

The ultimate form of future currency: human value + blockchain super account

From the above picture, my friends will find that DeFi is the value layer of web3.0, and the current web2.0 does not have this layer.

The main reason is that the traditional Internet cannot complete financial transactions such as payment and transfer on the Internet protocol.

My friend will definitely say, isn’t it a transaction if we use Alipay and WeChat to shop every day?

It should be noted that Alipay and WeChat can only implement payment functions, not a protocol built into the Internet, it is just a hook application.

Simply understand that the current circulation of financial value is carried out through the inter-network of centralized banking institutions (such as UnionPay), not through the Internet.

Web2.0 can’t realize users’ ownership of data, because traditional Internet technology can’t realize the right of data.

And web3.0 uses blockchain technology to transform the traditional Internet technology layer.

For example, the HTTP of the interconnection layer should be changed to Polkadot, COSMOS, IPFS, and then the data center and cloud storage of the storage layer should be changed to Filecoin, IPDB, and the cloud computing of the computing layer should be added with smart contract public such as ETH2.0, EOS, and TRON. chain.

We are investing now, and looking at the value of a project if we only look at the ecological and price performance, it is like a blind man touching the elephant, you can’t see the whole picture.

If you look at the end of the development of the Internet of Value, you will see that many projects are just needed by the future world.

For example, Polkadot intends to transform the inter-chain communication of web 2.0, and ultimately transform the Internet into an inter-chain network, and data encryption also uses its privacy computing applications.

Therefore, the future explosion of Polkadot is a sure thing. Don’t forget that it was the founder of Polkadot Gavin Wood who first proposed the concept of web3.0.

The ultimate form of future currency: human value + blockchain super account

Gavin wood, founder of Polkadot

Another example is the value storage layer corresponding to Filecoin, which is the place to store future data wealth.

The Central Work Report also pointed out that future data is the most important means of production.

On January 11, 2021, Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhejiang Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences, Zhejiang University and other leading groups formally established the 2021-5G new infrastructure IPFS innovation research group, and the national blockchain service network BSN also established IPFS Private Network.

The policy shift indicates that the wealth we now store in real estate will be stored on distributed storage servers in the future.

Its massive data are households, so Filecoin is the real estate 2.0 of the whole people.

After reading the non-financial application facilities of web3.0, we finally return to DeFi.

The best financial system should allow 80% of ordinary people to enjoy inclusive financial services, gain more opportunities and wealth, and drive the other 20%.

But the current financial system is actually only maintaining the 28 principles that were born in the industrial age, that is, only 20% of the people who benefit from the current finance.

Everyone knows that the current financing model of traditional finance has to go through centralized institutions such as banks or securities markets, but these institutions have many inefficiencies, KYC reviews, and data forgery.

The value layer of DeFi is designed to subvert the traditional financing model for the end.

Everyone knows that the web2.0 Internet can effectively transmit information, but it cannot effectively transmit value, and web3.0 endows data with value, so it can become the Internet of Value.

Imagine that future projects will gradually break away from traditional financial institutions such as seed rounds and institutional rounds of financing, but will release decentralized audited company data through web3.0.

At that time, all financial management information was open and transparent, and could not be forged, and then through the DeFi network to carry out global financing of the token economy, what an efficient thing!

From a global perspective, traditional finance actually belongs to a small number of people. After DeFi has developed, it will be quite easy to decentralize Internet financing and start a business. Of course, the premise is that your ideas will be attractive enough.

After the development of DeFi, under the rapid flow of web3.0 application layer capital, decentralized GOOGLE, YouTube, Taobao WeChat and Douyin will appear. Subvert the current seemingly unshakable giants.

Moreover, DeFi will also combine the digital renminbi to empower the real economy, which requires the second step of transformation to the meta universe world: the blockchain super account.

Dozens (over 80%) of central banks around the world are launching CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) plans.

Our country is of course no exception. my country’s digital RMB DCEP is being actively promoted everywhere, and the white paper has also been announced recently.

DCEP will change a paradigm of value delivery. Like DeFi, it is an important part of the programmable open finance world.

After the global financial crisis breaks out in the future, CBDC will reconstruct our world in many ways:

The legal currency system anchoring big data has privatized new data, and the wealth consensus movement has been ignited around the world. It has also laid a solid foundation for the development of DeFi.

The current financial crisis has many causes. In addition to external factors, it also includes the huge risks and crises lurking in the commodity trading system and the currency system, which are constantly escalating.

The imperfections of the old system have caused exchange rate risks, credit risks, system risks, and operational risks to continue to increase.

Any of them is the reason why the current monetary system cannot eliminate deflation and inflation.

But what if there is a currency system in the future that can measure human value in combination with big data and convert it into a digital renminbi through a function?

Integrating the value scale function of money with money and increasing the value creation function of money can fundamentally eliminate the problems of inflation and deflation.

This data privatization currency system is unique to the meta-universe world. If we want to enter the new value management model, we must have the blockchain distributed account DID.

The privatization of IoT data: It can turn every data collection process into a wealth creation process.

The privatization of big data: allows accumulated data to release value.

The privatization of artificial intelligence data: Let AI become a manufacturer of data wealth.

Personal Data Bank: In line with the value currency distribution model, use the new value distribution system to integrate data to create wealth.

As mentioned earlier, the discovery of human value is the discovery of the data value embodied in the social division of labor and commodity exchange in the data market, and the market is the product of social division of labor and commodity production.

If you show the value of data in any social division of labor and commodity exchange, you have a market.

Blockchain is now a new business form, which means that the audit work of the new business form will inevitably be different from the original audit, and the audit business and audit tools will change.

First, use the web3.0 industrial blockchain to convert credible data from the real economy into digital assets.

However, these assets are tokenized (STO) through technical legal procedures.

And we can use the digital renminbi (people’s token) generated by the value of personal big data as a medium to trade these digital assets in traditional financial after the chain reform.

Secondly, the real economy can also map the meta universe virtual world with real assets through the web3.0 project, convert real assets into data assets such as NFT, vNFT or Token, and trade through the value layer of DeFi.

The path is like this:

Data→Blockchain→Digital Assets (Reality)→Chain Reform Financial Institutions⬅Digital RMB

Data→Blockchain→Data Assets (Meta Universe)→defi⬅Stable Coin

Finally, what are the opportunities mentioned at the beginning of the article? I think there are three:

The first is that the token economy will greatly impact our value system, trade system, business model, and cooperation model.

These original models will all undergo major changes, and such major changes will of course also bring many big opportunities. For example, one can pay attention to the rise of distributed commerce brought about by the changes in financing models.

Then the change of business model will change the form of the company-DAO “distributed autonomous organization”.

Its advantage is that it can make it easier for us to get together with like-minded people and fight for the same goal without borders.

At the same time, the open and transparent distribution mechanism greatly reduces the cost of trust and greatly improves the slope of collaboration.

Organizing a “company” can even be as simple as building a WeChat group. As long as you have ideas and influence, the token economy can quickly gather energy to accomplish your goals.

Finally, the answer is about to be revealed:

Because the reform of the currency system will bring about deep-seated social changes, it will also affect people’s wealth and values, and the outlook on wealth in the earth elephant era will also change to the wind elephant era:

The tangible and visible material wealth has gradually shifted to the invisible and invisible data wealth.

We all need to dig deeper into the value of humans in the era of big data. Therefore, the management industry of human value is the hidden path of clearance for this historical change.

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