The two ministries suddenly talked about the “Metaverse” of the Tencent NetEase fire?

Game ETF rose by more than 8% on Wednesday, but there was a scoop of cold water in the evening!

According to Xinhua News Agency’s report on September 8, relevant officials from the Central Propaganda Department and the National Press and Publication Administration, together with the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other departments, leased and sold key online game companies and game account platforms such as Tencent and NetEase on that day. , The game live broadcast platform for interviews. The interview emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the control of “Krypton Gold”, prevent unauthorized changes to game content, illegal operation of games and other behaviors, resolutely curb the wrong tendencies such as “only money” and “only traffic”, and are determined to change various rules and gameplay that induce players to indulge design.

In the past two days, the meta-universe concept with games and VR as the main line has suddenly become popular, and the game ETF has soared by 8% on Wednesday. However, this interview is undoubtedly a big bad news for the game. In addition, the listed company Tom Cat received a letter of concern due to Meta Universe, and Zhongqingbao, which has a continuous 20CM daily limit, also warned of risks. On the evening of the 8th, U.S. stocks opened, and Chinese game stocks fell sharply. As of 23:45, NetEase fell 5.84% and Bilibili fell 7.35%.

So, is the meta universe going to be cold too? Many market participants believe that, in fact, many people have started to speculate before they understand what Metaverse is. At present, Metaverse is basically a game speculation. If the game is not good, Metaverse may only be able to speculate on VR. Other professionals pointed out that, for some companies, Meta Universe may be just another cash cow after liquor and blockchain. This is a game of a big factory, but it may be a “trick” of a small factory.

Suddenly interview

On September 8, the relevant persons in charge of the Central Propaganda Department and the National Press and Publication Administration, together with the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, etc., made an agreement with key online game companies such as Tencent and Netease, as well as game account rental and sales platforms, and game live broadcast platforms. talk.


The interview pointed out that in the recent period, the Central Propaganda Department and the National Press and Publication Administration have successively issued the “Notice on Further Strict Management and Practically Preventing Minors from Indulging in Online Games” and “Notice on Carrying out Comprehensive Management in the Field of Culture and Entertainment”, based on the era of cultivation. The newcomers adhere to the people’s stand and the views of the masses, and have introduced a series of important management measures, which have received enthusiastic response and active support from all sectors of society, which fully demonstrates the care and love of the party and the government for the healthy growth of minors. All online game companies, game account rental and sales platforms, and game live broadcast platforms must increase their political positions, strengthen their responsibilities, deeply understand the importance and urgency of strict management and prevent minors from indulging in online games, and resolutely implement relevant requirements. Effectively protect the physical and mental health of minors.

The interview emphasized that all online game companies and platforms must strictly implement the requirements of the notice, fully implement the time limit for providing online games to minors, and must not provide minors with online game account rental and sale transactions in any form service. It is necessary to strengthen the review and control of online game content, strictly prohibit illegal and illegal content such as wrong value orientation, obscenity, and bloody terror, and resolutely resist unhealthy cultures such as money worship, “mother cannon”, and “dan beauty”. It is necessary to consciously resist unfair competition, prevent excessive concentration or even monopoly, and place the focus on promoting technological innovation and better satisfying the new expectations of the people’s spiritual and cultural life. It is necessary to strengthen the management and control of “Krypton Gold”, prevent unauthorized changes to game content and illegal operation of games, resolutely curb the wrong tendencies such as “only money” and “only traffic”, and are determined to change various rules and gameplay designs that induce players to indulge. It is necessary to strictly manage game promotion, regulate and restrict celebrity endorsement game advertisements, and must not provide promotion channels for illegal games. It is necessary to strengthen the management of game live broadcasts, and prohibit high-value rewards and minor rewards.

The Central Propaganda Department and the National Press and Publication Administration will work with relevant departments and localities to increase supervision, carry out special inspections, and seriously deal with violations; in the near future, they will launch a reporting platform to prevent minors from indulging in online games, and promptly accept and deal with clues about problems. Companies that did not implement them in place found that they should be strict with each other to ensure that the anti-addiction work was implemented and achieved practical results.

In response, Tencent responded that Tencent will earnestly study the spirit of interviews, and under the guidance of relevant authorities, strictly implement the relevant regulations and requirements for preventing minors from addiction, strengthen content security and compliance, adhere to the correct value orientation, and earnestly Protect minors’ physical and mental health and thrive.

China’s game stocks slump

Affected by the above news, the Chinese game stocks quickly fell after the opening. After NetEase opened sharply lower, it fell sharply during the intraday session. As of 23:45, NetEase plunged 5.84% to US$90.14 per share.


Let’s look at the game stocks in the A-share market again this Wednesday. It can be described as “the gongs and drums are uplifting, the red flag is in the air”. The 20CM daily limit is full screen, and even the ETF has risen by 8%+.


The rise of game stocks on Wednesday has something to do with the sudden outbreak of Metaverse. As early as March of this year, Roblox , a game company with a meta-universe concept, landed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its share price rose 54.4% on the first day, and its market value exceeded US$40 billion, which aroused the market’s attention. The recent meta-universe explosion may have something to do with Facebook’s actions.

On Tuesday, Beijing time, Facebook’s vice president of AR and VR, Andrew Bosworth, was on vacation with Zuckerberg. He showed off a function of smart glasses that looks like a video recording function to predict the development of smart glasses. Appear.

On Wednesday, Ray-Ban’s official website released a notice dated “09/09/2021”, suggesting that everyone will get more detailed information about smart glasses this Thursday. We can see from the picture that there is a high probability that it is the silhouette of the smart glasses, but other than that, there are almost no details. Foreign media have speculated that the company will join hands with social media giant Facebook to launch a special smart glasses.

Previously, on July 29, Zuckerberg announced on the earnings conference call that Facebook will transform into a “Metaverse” company within five years, and will mobilize competent personnel from various business departments to promote implementation. All signs indicate that the powerful promoter of Metaverse will be Facebook, so his every move will affect the direction of the market.

Will the meta universe be cold?

On the evening of September 8th, Zhongqingbao, the leading concept stock of Meta Universe, disclosed abnormal stock price fluctuations and announced that the board of directors confirmed that the company currently has nothing that should be disclosed in accordance with the “Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s ChiNext Stock Listing Rules” and other relevant regulations. Matters or planning, negotiations, intentions, agreements, etc. related to the matter. The company also reminded the risk that the game mentioned in the official account recently involved the concept of “meta universe” and was forwarded by the media, causing abnormal fluctuations in the company’s stock price. Meta universe is a huge concept and model. The company is still in the preliminary exploration stage, the concept is relatively shallow, and the corresponding products are still under development. At present, the launch time and region of new games are affected by many factors, and there are uncertainties.

In addition to Zhongqingbao, Tom Cat, a listed company, received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and was asked to explain the company’s current main business, main products and the relationship between the concept of Metaverse, and the reason that it “has a user base for Metaverse product development” , Basis, etc. Talking Tom Cat responded to questions related to the concepts of Metaverse and VR on the afternoon of September 8th, saying that the company “has a user base for Metaverse product development” and “has established a special working group for the direction of Metaverse. The company’s share price. Daily daily limit.

So, will the meta-universe concept cool down next? Many market participants said that they don’t understand what Metaverse is, and why they were suddenly fired. It may be the concept of speculation.

A professional from Titanium Media pointed out that VR is only one aspect of the meta-universe track. As the underlying hardware, it can bring users an immediate experience improvement. But if you want to build a mature meta-universe, you also need to rely on a richer content ecology and a social platform that can build a virtual network of relationships. Only in this way can the characteristics of the metaverse—virtual avatars, social relationships, a sense of presence comparable to reality, super openness, and complete economic system and rules—can be fully expressed. For some companies, Meta Universe may be just another cash cow after liquor and blockchain. Meta universe may be a game of a big factory, but it may be a “trick” of a small factory.

According to IDC forecasts, during the five-year period from 2020 to 2024, the growth rate of VR/AR terminal shipments will reach about 86%, and the average annual growth rate of the global virtual reality industry will reach about 54%. The market size of China’s VR industry reached 41.35 billion yuan in 2020 and is expected to reach 105.16 billion yuan in 2023. With the continuous development of new technologies, virtual reality + meta-universe related industries may usher in an explosion. In the context of 5G, meta-universe may explode as an application scenario. However, due to games involved, VR/AR may be subject to some restrictions on the application side, and there are uncertainties in the future development prospects.


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