The turmoil of theft drives AZUKI to rise frequently?

Recently, the trading volume of AZUKI has increased frequently, and the daily trading volume has exceeded BAYC many times, and it has also attracted many industry celebrities such as NFT collector dingaling, encrypted KOL Shenyu, etc. to enter the market. If we review AZUKI’s rise in detail, it is not difficult to find that although AZUKI has been launched at the beginning of the year, the transaction volume has always been flat. But after Defiance Capital founder Arthur’s wallet was suspected of being stolen, Azuki began to gradually appear in the wallets of some crypto whales.


On March 22, Defiance Capital founder Arthur’s hot wallet was suspected of being stolen. OpenSea data shows that in Arthur’s wallet address, 60 NFTs, including 17 Azuki and 5 cloneX, were transferred on the chain. Arthur himself responded on social media and it is not yet certain what happened. After the theft, most people started noticing the Azuki held in Arthur’s wallet.

Judging from the market situation, the market is gradually picking up at this stage. Although it has not yet reached the standard of a bull market, a lot of good news has made the whole market fight again. In this period, finding some potential projects has become a unified goal of everyone. Under the effect of BAYC’s currency issuance, many investors began to turn to the NFT field to find opportunities. Arthur also received extensive attention from the public under this coincidence. .

Azuki’s Value Capture

Azuki is an accessible Metaverse of 10,000 anime-style NFTs. The Azuki series portrays itself as a brand in the virtual world, promoting media and identity in the field. The launch of Arthur also set off a wave of hype in the NFT niche.

Azuki released 8,700 NFTs at the beginning of this year, and sold out within three minutes through a Dutch auction at the unit price of 1 ETH at the time. The sales exceeded $29 million. A few days later, Azuki also conducted a private placement of $2 million. A month after its launch, it became the 10th most traded NFT project.

Under the influence of Arthur’s wallet theft, Azuki set off another craze. According to NFTGo data, the number of Azuki NFT whale holders increased by 24 in the past week, an increase of 16.44%, while the total number of holders decreased by 1.65% to 5,491 in the same period. The 7-day transaction volume of its series of NFTs reached 12,038 ETH, surpassing MAYC.

In addition to Arthur whose wallet was stolen, Dingaling, an NFT collector, also bought Azuki NFTs with a total value of about 100 ETH under the hot market, a total of 13 Azuki NFTs. There is also a giant whale with a domain name of discusfish.eth that buys 20 Azuki NFTs in a centralized manner, and then buys 5 Azuki NFTs again. Driven by many giant whales, the 24-hour transaction volume of Azuki series NFTs once exceeded US$9.7 million, an increase of 63.59%.

So apart from the celebrity hype, what is the value of Azuki?

From the perspective of the founding team, Azuki’s design team has a rich background in encryption technology, as well as two project incubation experiences of HOSHIBOY and Y-Combinator. Among the members, STEAMBOY and JOO have also served as the art director of Overwatch and the cartoonization of Japanese IP Street Fighter respectively. Meanwhile Azuki’s NFTs are in high demand, and the art inspired by the Japanese anime series Cowboy Bebop has become one of the most popular in the field.

In addition, Azuki has a very broad user base, it has 5,422 unique owners and attracts more than 10,900 unique traders, and whale users also show a good distribution, with the top 5 holders holding 4.11% ( Disregarding deployer contracts), the top 10 wallets hold 6.8%. Azuki has also enabled the ERC-721A contract. According to data, the ERC standard allows for the first time to MINT multiple projects in one transaction, thereby benefiting the community by reducing GAS, and the Azuki team has also open sourced the smart contract standard.

Additionally, Azuki has launched The Garden “Garden” Metaverse, a corner of the internet that was built specifically for the Azuki community and plans to host a DAO governed by its native BEAN token. Azuki currently has nearly 200,000 followers on Twitter and 80,000 Discord members. Azuki’s mission is to become a Metaverse brand with the help of the community.

List of potential projects in the NFT market

Nowadays, the Metaverse craze has swept the world, and the development of the Metaverse from NFT entry seems to have become the only way for every project in the NFT field. At present, in addition to Azuki, there are many projects with great potential in the market, and they are in the early stage. Let’s take a look at these hot NFT projects that have been speculated in the primary market.

Sneaker Heads


Creator: Ali Dawood

Period: In the early days, the whitelist can be obtained in a specific way, and there is currently no total amount of the whitelist.

At the core of the Sneaker Heads sneaker head is the community, dedicated to creating an environment that blends sneaker culture, street culture and NFT culture. Its creator is 3D artist Ali Dawood, who has a huge passion for street culture and hip-hop, which was the key to his decision to launch the sneaker head.

The Sneaker Heads NFT is the beginning of an entire ecosystem of sneaker heads in the real and digital worlds. Later Sneaker Heads will also launch related sports toe streetwear brands, limited editions, and clothing brands will be a key part of the Sneaker ecosystem. In the roadmap of Sneaker Heads, the development of the Metaverse ecology is his ultimate goal. It hopes to merge the cutting-edge brands of the digital world and the physical world, and the Metaverse is not just a place, but an entire ecosystem that the public will develop.

At the heart of Sneaker Heads’ culture is collecting. Sneakerheads will be partnering with world-renowned artists and brands to offer this service to holders via a limited-edition drop-off. These limited edition sneakers will be rare, some will be for every holder, and some will be very limited tributes to the culture of sneaker collecting, making the collection even more special.

Rebels (Rebels)


Founders: Nass (a16z core member), Alexlzd, Sas

Period: In the early stage, the number of whitelists is currently unlimited. It is expected that the first round of MINT will be held in early April. The price of MINT for white orders is 0.08 E+Gas fee, and the amount of MINT for advanced white orders is free (the total amount is 1337).

There are three founding teams of Rebels. Nass is the information security director of the a16z virtual currency group. He was responsible for the development of blockchain and wallet security performance at FB. Alexlzd is a French artist, and Sas has more than 10 years of development experience. Experts in the field of currency. Considering the development of the existing NFT market, Nass believes that the current application scenarios are not ideal, and the potential of NFT is far beyond the current, so he decided to launch Rebels to realize more possibilities of NFT.

The launch of Rebels references a lot of fashion elements, but also incorporates game-related elements such as apex.Since all NFTs of Rebels are 3D, the overall production difficulty is more difficult than 2D, so the production time will be much longer than 2D. There will be a higher resolution picture later, but it is not the best at the moment. In the future roadmap, Rebels’ goal is to build a complete ecosystem, an NFT ecosystem, and evolve over time to increase usage scenarios.

THE SNKRZ (Shoebox)


Founder: South Korea Anonymous Team

Period: In the early stage, the whitelist has been issued, and the public sale will start on March 30

SNKRZ uses sports shoes as NFT, which is synchronized with real running to realize “running and earning”. In its development roadmap, SNKRZ will launch its APP in the second quarter, and launch a Metaverse space using real maps in it. Every time a running shoe user walks on the land, the land owner gets SKZ and FNF tokens. Landowners can use items to gather players to their place. You can boost your stamina, boosters, enhanced durability and other ability values.

In addition, corporate customers can buy their own tiles for real buildings, exhibitions, shops, etc., set up booths, tasks and various rewards. This will lead users to visit directly and act as a marketing channel. The proceeds generated in the domain are used to destroy SKZ. And this is the beginning of the Metaverse.

The team at SNKRZ brings together developers, designers who have worked at Samsung, LG, KT, and people who have experienced projects on mobile and blockchain. In addition, SNKRZ’s first partner, Callap Asia, is a global MCN brand with more than 3,700 centered in the Asia-Pacific region, and has thousands of fans together with China’s Ellen & Brian Japan Junya, South Korea’s Edward Avila, John Lee, etc. Rather than a simple partnership, they will collaborate to develop SNKRZ’s blockchain technology.

World of Women


Founder: Yam Karkai

Period: In the mid-term, the second batch of NFT series public sales has ended, and opensea has been launched

The artist behind World of Woman is Yam Karkai, who hopes to advance the NFT art space by supporting artists, creators and founders of all backgrounds. It is reported that the second batch of NFT series WOW Galaxy of World of Woman will open for public sale at 4:00 on March 27, 2022, Beijing time, and will be sold out at around 8:00. The current floor price of this NFT on OpenSea is 1.6 ETH, and the total transaction volume has exceeded 5,800 ETH (over 18 million US dollars). The public sale and transaction of this NFT have destroyed over 662 Ethereum.

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