The trapped person on Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 said: The water outside the car is more than one person high, and the car is lack of oxygen

Seeing the water level outside the car and roaring over my head, I have already begun to explain the funeral

Many people did not expect the rain to fall so hard. Beginning on July 17, Zhengzhou experienced rare rainfall. The data shows that the single-day rainfall in Zhengzhou has exceeded the historical extreme value (since the station was established), and the single-hour rainfall has exceeded the daily historical extreme value. The rainfall in Zhengzhou in the past three days is close to the annual amount of normal years.

Vehicles on the road were overturned by floods, and the first floors of many buildings were also flooded by floods. Trains were suspended, public transportation was blocked, and many people were blocked on their way home.

On July 20, serious water accumulation occurred in the Wulongkou parking lot of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 and its surrounding area. At about 18:00 that day, the stagnant water smashed the retaining wall of the entry line and entered the main line section, causing the trains of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 to be suspended at Bintangsijie Station and Shakou Road Station. The rainwater poured into underground tunnels and the trains of Line 5, and passengers were trapped in the carriages. In the meantime, news and videos from the train of Line 5 continued to spread, and the water in the carriage spread to the chest and even the head.

Rescuers arrived at the scene quickly after receiving the call from the masses. As of 03:10 on July 21, all people trapped in the subway tunnel have been moved to a safe area. According to official data, more than 500 people were evacuated in this incident, of which 12 died after the rescue failed, and 5 were injured and sent to hospital. The following is an dictation by one of the trapped persons.

The rescue scene of Metro Line 5.  (Video screenshot)
The rescue scene of Metro Line 5. (Video screenshot)

On the afternoon of July 20, I got on the train from the Central Business District Station of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 to go home. Maybe because of rain, there are not many people at this station. The subway did not go smoothly. Starting from the Huanghe Road station, the train stopped in emergency. At that time, there were still passengers getting on the bus along the road, so I didn’t think there was a big problem.

The accident happened between the Haitansi Station and Shakou Road Station. In fact, when the train arrived at the beach temple station, it had already taken emergency stop measures. But the train behind it continued to move forward. At that time, I thought I would reach Shakou Road Station soon. It didn’t take long for the train to stop again.

Looking out from the carriage, you can already see the water rushing upwards on both sides. At that time, the conductor walked from the front of the car to the back, and he was constantly in contact with the ground as he walked around. The conductor also tried to re-drive the train back to Beach Temple Station. But at that time, it may be because the subway had a set of automatic protection design, and the train had been locked on the rails and could not move. Sparks splashed on the rails at that time.

Gradually, water began to pour into the compartment. At first, most people in the car gathered at the rear of the car, but because the subway travel route is from east to west, the terrain is low in the east and high in the west, and the rising speed of the tail water is significantly higher than that at the front of the car, so we followed the conductor’s Command, keep going to the front part of the car. When he reached the front of the train, the conductor opened the door of the front car.

I also learned at that time that the subway has internal pedestrian passages. At that time, everyone listened to the command of the conductor, grabbed the railing, and continued to walk outward along the subway track. At that time, it should have been very close to Shakou Road Station, and I felt it might be a little over two hundred meters. The small group of people walking in the front has reached a relatively safe place, but the water coming from behind is very urgent and fierce, and the pedestrian passage under the subway is very narrow, crowded and crowded, and everyone can’t get there at all. People can only be forced to return to the carriage when they are halfway there. The conductor also closed the door and kept contacting the ground, waiting for rescue.

The trapped site of Metro Line 5 (screenshot of network video)
The trapped site of Metro Line 5 (screenshot of network video)

During the time I was trapped in the subway, at least in my car, the overall condition was good. Maybe it’s also because I’m relatively timid. When I first saw the water in the rear of the car, I started crying and kept silent, but the tears kept falling down. There were crying, anxious, and other people in the same compartment. People will come to comfort and appease. There is a girl who has kept everyone in order in the carriage and has been soothing our emotions. Everyone seems to have made an agreement, try not to say frustrated words. Later, most people chose to remain silent in order to maintain their strength.

Everyone is trying various ways to get in touch with the outside world. Dial 119, 110, contact family and friends for assistance… But most of the news received is not satisfactory. Maybe at that time everyone was contacting rescue forces, these calls were blown up, and it was difficult for family and friends outside to contact them.

Fortunately, a lady in the carriage contacted the rescue force outside. After being contacted, she has been passing on the dynamics and deployment of rescuers to the cabin. For example, when rescuers have arrived at the exit, the firefighters pull the ropes used for rescue and block the sandbags for flood control.

The most frightening time was around nine o’clock in the evening. At that time, the water outside the window was almost as high as one person. Looking backward, the water in the back half of the car had reached the top. Everyone gathered in the first three cars. I was at 1, 2 The middle of the carriage is considered the middle of the crowd. The water continued to flow up. In the second half of the crowd, the water flow basically reached the neck, and the front part reached the position of the chest. At this time, the compartment began to appear hypoxic. Someone around him has symptoms of hypoxia and hypoglycemia, and some people are trembling, panting, and retching. At that time, there were children, pregnant women, and elderly people in the carriages. Most of them suffered from various physical conditions due to prolonged soaking in the water.

At that time, I still remember that the lady who had been passing on rescue information outside to us said such a news that the government had started pumping water in the rear. But at the time, I felt that one or two pumps could not withstand such a large amount of water. So when I heard this passage, I really felt desperate. I was really scared at the time. When I saw the water level outside the car over my head, I was ready to get out.

I can’t get out of my phone, but the internet can still be used intermittently. At that time, the mobile phone had less than 30% of the battery power. In order to reduce the power consumption, I closed almost all the programs and only left a WeChat account to send messages to family and friends. At that time, I didn’t dare to tell my parents, I only dared to send messages to my cousin, cousin and friends. Before 21:00, I continued to ask them to contact rescuers, but after seeing the water level above my head, the news records between me and them were basically confession of some things behind.

In the carriage, I can really feel the fear of the people around me. There was also a little commotion in the carriage. When the water level difference was most obvious, someone impulsively wanted to directly smash the glass door of the carriage, but an uncle took the lead to stop him. I am really grateful to this uncle. Considering the water level difference inside and outside the car at that time, if it weren’t for him to stop it, water would inevitably flow in if the car windows were opened rashly, and the water pressure difference inside and outside the car would definitely be too much for people. escape.

(Screenshot of network video)
(Screenshot of network video)

Things turned around later. After the water level outside the car reaches the highest value, the water level line seems to have maintained a relatively stable state. At the same time, our carriage has also shifted due to the impact of the water current, showing a state of high on one side and low on the other. On the upturned side, the windows of the carriage are exposed to the water. At that time, people suggested that the fire extinguisher in the carriage should be used to smash the window of the upper carriage instead of smashing the door. After the window of the previous compartment was smashed open, the hypoxia phenomenon has obviously improved, and everyone began to gradually return to normal breathing, and the water level outside did not continue to rise. Our people at the front of the car also kept talking back, asking them to use a fire extinguisher to chisel the window of the car. At first it was just one or two voices shouting. Gradually, in the car I was in, the voices gradually gathered together, “Smashing the windows with a fire extinguisher”.

About that time, rescuers appeared outside the carriage. They first passed the broken glass window into the carriage. Everyone in the carriage is also relaying the window breaker backwards.

Because I was in a relatively forward position, I didn’t know the situation behind me. I just remember that when I looked back, I was full of people. Later, the rescuers opened the front coach and tried to smash the glass from the outside of the car. However, at that time, because the glass was too hard to gouge and the front car had been opened, they did not continue in the end. Everyone was evacuated from the front carriage.

The first to be rescued should be two or three pregnant women, because soaking in cold water for a long time, they are all weak and hypoxic. It was the child who was rescued afterwards, and then the girls. I was considered the one who went out earlier among the girls. Although the water flow outside was much smoother than before, it was still very anxious, especially at the short distance from the carriage to the pedestrian walkway. The rescuers mainly carried out rescues in the carriages and handrails. They pulled me up from outside the carriages. In the carriages below, passengers spontaneously stood at the exit to support me. Only by their support and pulling, I can flow out against the water. After getting out of the carriage and the rapids, walking for about ten meters, the water level retreated to a safer position below the calf. In the distance of about 200 meters leading to the exit of the station, we basically walked with each other.

Network video screenshot
Network video screenshot

When you reach the exit, you can also see many rescue workers there to prevent the flood. They will also guide us to step on the line they pull, let us step on the past. When you leave the station, you can see many people walking against you. There are rescuers, medical staff, subway employees, and many people who I can’t discern their occupations. They are going to the carriage. You can also see the commanders anxiously making calls, and employees in subway uniforms asking you if you have any discomfort, and setting up chairs and beds are also set up on the side of the aisle. When I left the station, I also saw a young mother and her child. The child was fine. The mother was obviously hypoxic and very weak, probably because she had been protecting the child.

From being trapped to evacuating to a safe area, about 4 hours before and after. After leaving the station, because the road was still flooded, I was worried that the manhole cover was washed away, and I was also worried about leakage. I still couldn’t go home and could only live at a friend’s house.

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