The top ten in the 2021 Forbes rich list focus on Bitcoin and blockchain

Satoshi Nakamoto combined the existing ideas of multiple punk communities to create Bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto combined the existing ideas of many punk communities to create Bitcoin. The technology and concepts behind it are not all innovations, but his idea of ​​using cryptography to control the issuance and management of coins has brought innovative changes. As more and more organizations, groups, and individuals begin to accept Bitcoin, the crypto world represented by Bitcoin is expanding and developing.

Although for nearly a month, Bitcoin has “been embarrassed on all sides.” However, the eyes of many billionaires are still focused on Bitcoin, and there is no lack of bets in the allocation of related assets. It is worth noting that in the 2021 Forbes Rich List, there are no shortage of active researchers in encryption.

The world of coins-2021 Forbes richest list of the top ten pay attention to Bitcoin and blockchain

(Wealth data date April 6, 2021)

Amazon Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) has topped the rich list for the fourth consecutive year, but the world’s richest man has not paid particular attention to Bitcoin in the current data. But interestingly, in response to the previous divorce between Jeff Bezos and his wife, Cobra, the holder of, the official Bitcoin forum, said on Twitter that using Bitcoin, your spouse cannot take it away through divorce. Half of your assets.

Elon Musk soared from No. 31 last year to No. 2. Musk can definitely be called a major event in the crypto world in 2021. From announcing Tesla’s acceptance of Bitcoin payments to announcing that it would stop accepting Bitcoin payments and switch to supporting Dogecoin, this led to a sharp decline in encryption. As an active KOL in the encryption field, Musk has become a special scene. Recently, Musk also tweeted that he wanted to use Doge to participate in the space program of Virgin Galactic and Amazon, and he also tweeted to tease the Dogecoin army. However, with the recent market correction, Musk’s influence enthusiasm has also faded.

Bernard Arnault and his family of the Louis Vuitton Group ranked third. Although not paying attention to Bitcoin, Louis Vuitton’s parent company LVMH has built a lot in the development of blockchain, and previously planned to use blockchain technology to track luxury goods. It is reported that LVMH recruited a blockchain team to develop the AURA blockchain platform. Louis Vuitton (LVMH) announced a partnership with Prada and Cartier, a subsidiary of Richemon, to jointly develop the world’s first global luxury blockchain AURA blockchain alliance. AURA will provide proof of the authenticity of luxury goods, from the origin of the raw materials all the way back to the point of sale, and then to the second-hand goods market.

Following closely behind is Bill Gates, who is relatively neutral to Bitcoin. He pointed out that Bitcoin consumes too much energy, so it is not good for the planet’s ecology. But then it was also stated that if Bitcoin relies on green energy, it is acceptable. At the same time, many of Bill Gates’ investments are more focused on how to use blockchain to promote fairness and improve the quality of life.

No. 5 is Facebook’s Zuckerberg, who is also one of the celebrities who have led the crypto wave. The stablecoin project Libra launched by Facebook (later renamed Diem due to regulatory issues) has attracted worldwide attention, and Zuckerberg has attended numerous hearings. In terms of Bitcoin, at the end of last year, a Twitter account HighStakesCapital broke the news that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg had purchased $3 billion worth of Bitcoin through CandyCapital. The account guessed that it belonged to Zuckerberg’s personal investment, trying to avoid public propaganda through the family business. However, the tweet has now been deleted. HighStakesCapital said that due to some pressure, it had to delete the tweet. In addition, he also said that he is more convinced of the authenticity of this matter. In addition, on May 11, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook “My goats: Max and Bitcoin.”

The sixth place, Warren Buffett, is very good at value stocks, but when you ask him questions about gold or crypto, it makes no sense. He has never made money from these things.

The seventh place is Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison), previously speculated that he might follow in the footsteps of Elon Musk and add Bitcoin to his company’s assets and liabilities like Tesla In the table, but it has not been confirmed. It is worth mentioning that Ellison is also a member of Tesla’s board of directors, which means that he is involved in related decisions about Tesla.

The eighth and ninth places are both members of Google. The ninth place is Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin), one of the founders of Google, and an American entrepreneur of Russian origin. He was born in Russia and he had been studying computer science and mathematics before cooperating with Larry Page to establish Google. Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) previously said: Google missed the opportunity to lead in the field of blockchain technology. Speaking of Brin’s personal interest in blockchain and the digital currency it produces, he admitted that he “knows little about familiar currencies”, but the amateur mining equipment assembled with his son aroused his interest. The tenth place Mukesh Ambani has not yet received public attention.

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