The top 200 are released, who is the potential king of the Metaverse?

Although there are still many differences in the industry’s views on the Metaverse, and there are both bullish and bearish, but the giants have already ended one by one, everything is calm above the water, and the waves are already turbulent below the surface.

Currently, the Hurun Research Institute has released the “2022 Hurun China Metaverse Potential Enterprise List”, which lists the top 200 Chinese companies with the most development potential in the Metaverse field. Among them, listed companies accounted for 90%.Among the top 200 shortlisted companies, there are more than 70 chip and data service companies, accounting for one-third of the total list. 

In this list, we can see that those relatively popular Internet companies and technology companies are listed. The question is, who is the potential king of the Metaverse?

The top 200 are released, and the layout of the big manufacturers has its own focus

Hurun, chairman and chief research officer of Hurun Report, is very optimistic about the Metaverse. In his opinion, “The development of the Metaverse has a huge future. In ten years, there will be several 100 billion-level Metaverse-related companies.” 

Hurun also introduced that Citibank predicts that by 2030, the total number of users of the Metaverse will reach 5 billion, and the potential market size of the Metaverse economy may be US$8 trillion to US$13 trillion. 

Judging from the main businesses of the listed companies on this list, the five major fields of Metaverse (underlying technology, ecological application, platform technology, terminal industry, and network technology) all have relevant companies to enter the layout. 

The top 200 are released, who is the potential king of the Metaverse?

Among them, the bottom technology companies accounted for the largest proportion, as high as 38%, represented by iFLYTEK, SMIC, ZTE, and Lens Technology

Companies whose main business is software and data services accounted for 17%, represented by Blue Cursor , Aofei Data, and Shunwang Technology; semiconductor companies accounted for 16%, led by MediaTek, Weir , and Rockchip. represent. 

In addition, media and entertainment Internet companies accounted for 15%, mainly by ByteDance, Tencent, and NetEase; electronic component companies represented by BOE, Oufeiguang, and Lideya accounted for 14%; Hikvision , Haier Group accounted for 14%;Consumer electronics companies represented by , Skyworth, TCL, etc. accounted for 10%, etc. 

Overall, an industrial chain around the construction of the infrastructure of the various sections of the Metaverse is initially taking shape. 

Although many voices in the industry think that the Metaverse is a concept hype and a bubble like a tulip, the big manufacturers who have experienced many rounds of changes in the past are well aware of the fatal blow brought by missing key trends. 

Therefore, many big manufacturers are afraid of missing out, and see if they can use the concept of Metaverse to add some new concepts and gameplay to their own platforms and ecology, and translate their own resources and platform advantages to this field . Although the new business brings imagination to the capital market, even if it fails, it is just a trial and error, and the core business is not damaged. 

From the perspective of layout direction, in the face of the wind, the giants began to change their thinking. 

In the past, whenever there was a trending outlet that was sought after, heroes from all walks of life often swarmed in and did the same thing. For example, when VR became popular, swarms made helmets, 200 yuan VR glasses, smart home When the fire started, a swarm of bees got together to make 300 speakers. 

However, based on the Metaverse, everyone seems to have differentiated play styles and ideas. From the list, manufacturers are all based on their respective areas of advantage. 

Judging from the actions of major Internet companies, ByteDance acquired VR hardware manufacturer Pico this year, starting from the VR side, and integrating software and hardware; Tencent recently established an XR department, headed by Ma Xiaoyi, which will start from both software and hardware. Aspects of the layout, to develop the XR ecology. Prior to this, Tencent cut into multiple levels such as hardware development, platform, Metaverse content and services through investment + traffic layout. 

XR (Extended Reality) is a new concept that refers to a combined virtual and reality, human-computer interaction environment generated by computer technology and wearable devices. 

Simply put, XR is a collection of VR, AR, MR, and includes all their features. From a trend perspective, with the development of these three technologies, derivatives and intersections will also occur in the future. 

Therefore, XR is more futuristic in the eyes of many giants. The XR direction of Tencent’s current layout is favored by many capital giants, which is also the field of Qualcomm’s long-term layout. Qualcomm has been in the XR field for 10 years, and the world’s first dedicated XR mobile platform supporting 5G was also built by Qualcomm. 

Baidu’s investment layout in the Metaverse has also been opened early. 

Baidu mainly lays out the Metaverse around its AI core capabilities, including the creation of the Xiyang Metaverse social platform, AI digital human, Jidu intelligent driving, etc.; especially the Jidu new car, which has thrown out the concept of automotive robots, and recently launched A Metaverse animation-style release, directly moving the press conference to the Metaverse platform Xiyong APP. 

The top 200 are released, who is the potential king of the Metaverse?

The core of Ali’s play is to focus on the underlying technology of cloud computing and the direction of e-commerce retail. This is undoubtedly based on the higher requirements for computing power in the Metaverse era. It is a strategic consideration to ensure the immersion of the content terminal. After all, once the Metaverse starts In the future, cloud computing will become the necessary underlying infrastructure. 

In addition, Huawei, Goertek, Lenovo and other manufacturers that focus on hardware terminals and chips are also combining their respective advantages. 

For example, in the past 10 years, Goertek has promoted the development and mass production of a number of star VR/AR products for many leading brand manufacturers Meta, Sony, Lenovo and other customers. a place. While Huawei focuses on the layout of chips and hardware terminals, BOE, Sunny Optical, and Luxshare are focusing on electronic components. 

From today’s point of view, after the PC and mobile Internet platforms, what is the entry-level product leading to the next-generation computing platform? But on the whole, the major players bid farewell to the past “what do you do, what do I do” thinking of copying questions, but have independent thinking based on the combination of their own advantages and businesses.

Deploy the Metaverse with the idea of ​​”Industrial Commons”

Since the Metaverse is an advanced digital society that transcends reality, a new world that everyone can edit and build, this determines that it is a huge decentralized ecology, and it is difficult for players to encircle their own areas and build their own ecology. To go through, the overall direction and layout should adhere to the idea of ​​”industrial commons”.

The so-called “industrial commons” refers to the collection of technical capabilities and manufacturing capabilities that can provide support for the innovation and development of multiple industries. 

According to the definition of Harvard professors Gary Pisano and Willie Shi, different manufacturing companies and their competitors, suppliers, workers, university research institutes, financial institutions, logistics companies, etc. on the same “industrial commons” Like different “species” on the land, they are interconnected, compete with each other, and cooperate with each other, and their respective externalities have cultivated a rich ecosystem. 

I believe that many people are familiar with the story of Jewish entrepreneurship. 

A Jew came to the town and opened a gas station; a second Jew came, thinking that the customers of the gas station needed to eat, so he opened a restaurant; a third Jew came and opened a hotel; the latter opened a supermarket And so on, so manufacturers at all ends of the industrial chain form a complementary and win-win relationship, and a small town with a prosperous economy is formed. 

The so-called industrial commons is similar to the Jewish way of starting a business. It is based on the development needs of the entire industry or ecology to find the most suitable position for oneself.

In fact, today’s major players are undoubtedly doing the same, which is essentially an improvement. After all, the Metaverse is itself a bet on the future evolution of technology. 

The evolution direction of today’s Metaverse is different from the small outlets and small trends of any era in the past. It requires the gradual implementation of technologies such as AR/VR/MR, AI, NLP, video rendering, and cloud virtualization, as well as machine learning, computer The follow-up of technologies such as vision, human-computer interaction, and industrial Internet also requires the evolution of basic technologies such as network, computing power, display, and chips. To form a new generation of content consumption experience for all elements, it requires the participation of many industries and fields. grand project. 

For such a grand project, the input cost to be paid is undoubtedly astronomical, which cannot be afforded by a company. Naturally, it cannot be monopolized by a single player, but each player needs to lower his position, find his own territory, and form The joint force of industrialization to jointly promote this goal.

When all players find their positions from the perspective of industry, the Metaverse undoubtedly has its own problem-solving ideas-that is, seeking to cut into the industrial link where no one has anything, solve the problem of a certain link in depth, and use the core advantages It is an indispensable part of the chemical industry chain. 

When all players focus on one or several links in the upstream and downstream of their own advantageous industrial chain, with the advancement of time, it is also possible to promote the ecology of the development of a Metaverse industrial chain cluster. This industrial chain cluster is actually the infrastructure required for the future evolution of the Metaverse.

For the exploration of the direction of the Metaverse, in fact, it is wrong to be too optimistic or not. When a large number of players join in to do this, it doesn’t matter whether it can finally reach the step that people expect, but it is better than doing nothing at all. 

After all, for the current giants of all parties, especially the giants of listed companies, in the face of the disappearance of various dividends this year, the downgrade of consumption, and the uncertainty brought about by the epidemic, the stock price decline can no longer be seen. 

Metaverse has a faint hint of “changing the world”. If the C position is right, it can often effectively increase the valuation and drive a new growth curve. This is also the investment layout logic of most Metaverse companies.

Long-term technology wave, the potential king may not yet appear

There are more pessimists than optimists, with current disagreements too great to reconcile about the future of the Metaverse. Decades ago, the famous science fiction writer Asimov said that it is right that human beings should explore outward.

In the eyes of pessimists, the so-called Metaverse is not about exploring outward, but people are fully immersed in the virtual network, like locking themselves in their own cages.

However, the future of the Metaverse is constantly evolving and changing. Today, people’s definition of the Metaverse is more of a subjective imagination and logical reasoning. Who knows that with the development of the industrial chain, the future is not about improving the real environment. Integrate the real environment to create a better real experience and future. 

In fact, from the perspective of the XR (extended reality) direction of Tencent, Apple, Qualcomm and other giants, it is to integrate virtual and reality and combine the two. 

Whether it is a startup company or a giant company, there are risks and opportunities to enter this track. 

As some investors said, this track is actually a track with dreams as horses. Its valuation is essentially dominated by optimistic fund suppliers. You think the current valuation is high, but he thinks the future has come , the valuation is quite cheap. He is willing to pay for the dream.

So going back to the current Metaverse list, in fact, there is also a vague investment trend – making the list and paving the way for investment in the capital market.

According to the analysis data of Rui Beast, in 2022, the investment enthusiasm for the Metaverse in the primary market will continue to heat up. In the first quarter of 2022, in the global Metaverse-related fields, there will be two sub-tracks near VR/AR and blockchain. , financing events reached 277, involving 273 start-up companies, the total financing amount reached 52.565 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 66.5%, a total of 682 institutions around the world participated in the investment, and the number of participating investment institutions in the same period last year was 466. 

Judging from the corporate attributes and investment value of the current domestic Metaverse potential list, more are still in the stage of road construction, water and electricity, promoting the construction of hard-core infrastructure and solving key problems in each link, which is undoubtedly also catering to The investment logic of the capital market—— 

That is, when you can solve the key technology and user experience pain points and specific application scenarios in a core link of the Metaverse, and can provide key content or technology in the technological development and supporting follow-up of the entire industry chain , is often sought after and recognized by capital. 

Moreover, for the investment in the Metaverse, the funds will also go to the early and very early projects, and the tendency of valuation will be very obvious, which is in line with the capital’s strategy of maximizing the benefits of small and broad.

The principle of Metaverse’s investment layout is whether you can become a supplier of key resources or technology, content, equipment, and components that all giants need to seize when the industry development is on the rise . If you can achieve this step , the Metaverse cake will definitely have your share. 

From this perspective, who can become the most dazzling potential king is still difficult to determine. 

Domestic manufacturers are often very anxious in front of the outlet, but the Metaverse is actually more of a long-term technological wave, not just a outlet. It may last for more than ten years or even decades. Since there is such a long development cycle, Whether or not to rush to chase the wind is still a question worth thinking about. 

Judging from the evolution law of big technology waves, after 3 to 5 years, there will often be new perspectives driving new trends. Today’s potential companies do not represent the future, or in other words, the future potential companies may not be in the right place. On the list, everyone has the opportunity to become the future potential king of the Metaverse. 

But in the face of the big wave of technology, the opportunity will eventually belong to those manufacturers with hard-core technology and strength.

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