The ten-point path teaches you how to become an NFT insider

At present, as BAYC, Disney and other related things continue to break the circle, the most popular concept in the Internet world and investment circle is probably NFT. Many people in the circle have regarded it as a belief, building a high ground, charging upward and extending; but a considerable number of people outside the circle do not understand what it is, and they cannot enter or understand it if they want to.


This article will introduce the ten-point basic learning path to help every outsider or new player quickly enter the circle. I hope you can have some insights after actually trying these paths, and feel the joy of truly becoming an NFT insider.

1. Familiar with slang and high-frequency abbreviations

There are many terms, abbreviations, confusing slang and intentional misspellings circulating in the NFT circle, some of which are essential knowledge to enter the NFT circle, others are just “boring” slang; Many “little whites” who have just entered the industry are at a loss.


What does Mint mean? Does it translate to mint?

What is Airdrop? I’ve only heard of Airpods, is it a new product from Apple?

What is OS? Shorter for SOS?

Why does everyone send GM in the morning?

As well as Gas War, Floor Price, Whale, etc., one by one, outsiders are increasingly resisting; but familiarity with these is actually the only way to enter the circle. And through the NFT Labs public account “How to quickly become an NFT insider? Inventory of 32 community terms (slang)”, I believe that it can quickly familiarize and memorize white people.


After mastering some important or secondary, or interesting or boring terms, I believe they can make you better integrate into the positive and friendly circle of NFT.

2. Have a ” little fox ” wallet and some Tokens

The “wallet” mentioned in the circle is not the physical wallet we often refer to, but a virtual wallet. But don’t underestimate this wallet, it is your “account” in the circle, and it will also be the basis for you to actually experience various NFT operations. MetaMask, also commonly known as “little fox”, is the simplest and most convenient wallet, and it is also the most commonly used by novice players and the most mainstream choice in the current market. You can search, learn, register and experience by yourself, but remember to save the mnemonic and private key – they will be your path to enter the wallet.

Tokens are like money in your account. Purchases, handling fees, and some routine operations all require Tokens, so an appropriate amount of Tokens is also a must.

The operations in the following 6 and 7 are inseparable from these.

3. Have Twitter, Telegram, Discord accounts

Three social tools, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, have now become a gathering place and discussion place for NFT projects and fans.


Twitter is like the international version of “Weibo”. In the absence of a complete aggregation platform for early NFT projects, Twitter is the best tool for searching for early NFT projects, and it is also the best choice for early exposure of NFT projects.


Telegram is more like the international version of “WeChat”, but the upper limit of a single WeChat group chat is 500 people, while the upper limit of Telegram’s super group chat is 200,000 people. And Telegram does not have many ecosystems like WeChat, it is more like a pure chat tool, so the community users can communicate with a wide range, and they can also get in touch with more and more real communities and user opinions.


Discord is like the international version of “YY” and the most important social tool in the NFT field. Due to the advantages of Discord’s functional design, it is a gathering place for fans of each NFT project party, and it is also a platform where you can directly communicate with the project party, participate in activities, and perform a series of operations. tool. Discord’s functions are complex, and the interaction design is different from traditional social tools. It may be a headache to use at first; but once you cross this threshold, you will feel the power of this tool and understand that it can become an encryption tool. The reason for the mainstream social tools in the field.


Although these are all English-based tools, there are actually not a lot of Chinese content in them. And with the increasingly powerful functions of translation software, even users with poor English don’t have to worry too much.

4. Join some Web3 communities and communicate more

The concept of Web3 is relatively broad, and the concept of decentralization can be called elements in the field of Web3, such as: DAO, NFT, Metaverse, etc. “); and in the Web3 field, ordinary talents are the carrier, and users are the core.

At present, the entire Web3 industry is in an early stage, and there is not a particularly perfect learning path, so in addition to actual participation, the most effective learning method is to communicate with users and bigwigs in the industry, ask a lot, and gradually into your own understanding.


“One day in the world, one year for Web3”, it is no exaggeration to describe the rapid changes in the Web3 industry. If you are just groping in the field alone, it is easy to lose access to the most cutting-edge news, your thinking will be solidified, and you will eventually be thrown out of the car.

Of course, the community has no limitations. The WeChat community, the discord community, and the telegram community are all places for everyone to communicate. However, be careful about items recommended by “unknown group friends” in the community and bells and whistles of advertising information.

5. Change an NFT avatar

In the real world, there are no two commodities that exhibit completely similar characteristics or values, so they are called non-homogeneous commodities, which refer to unique and irreplaceable commodities; similarly, there are no two commodities in the field of NFT. Exactly the same NFT, so it is called a non-fungible token.


People in the NFT circle are very happy to buy some NFTs with collectible attributes and are happy to replace them with their own avatars-because each NFT is unique, so each avatar is also unique.

For novice players, you may not have tried buying an NFT, or saw that you like an NFT – or that your favorite NFT is too expensive; but there is actually no rule that only the holder of the NFT can use it As an avatar, it is like the number of users who use BAYC as an avatar on the Internet far exceeds the actual number of BAYC.


So, choose a NFT you like and replace it with your social media avatar, maybe you will have a different chat experience, why not try it?

6. Try to get a whitelist

The whitelist is generally a reward for early project supporters, which is equivalent to giving supporters a quota to ensure that they can mint one (or more) NFTs. For some hot projects, users with a whitelist do not need to pay high gas fees to preempt Mint, which saves a lot of costs. Therefore, many users will participate in the activities of the whitelisted project party; after all, if you get the whitelist, you can choose not to go to Mint, and there will be no loss.

There are also various ways to obtain a whitelist, and with the rise of NFT popularity, it is gradually evolving. In the beginning, many project parties will randomly conduct lottery draws, and then you need to participate in activities and perform project-related artistic creations. Even now many projects require you to sing, dance, write “small compositions”, etc. to have a chance to win. more and more volume.”


Of course, the specific rules are determined by the project party. The whitelist of projects approved by users may be fired to hundreds of thousands of sky-high prices, while the whitelist of projects that are not approved may go unnoticed.

7. Try Mint and buy an NFT

Mint refers to directly “casting” to create an NFT, which belongs to the category of the primary market; purchase refers to the direct purchase of an NFT from the trading platform, which belongs to the category of the secondary market.

Mint is generally divided into two types, one is to directly go to the NFT set up in the Mint project party contract, and the other is to prepare the content in the format of pictures, videos, etc., and go to Mint for its own NFT. The general users refer to the “rushing project” as the first type, which is optimistic about the long-term holding of the project or the short-term profit of selling it after Mint; the second method is mostly commemorative or to experience the process.


Buying an NFT from the secondary market is the easiest way. After choosing your favorite NFT and preparing a certain amount of Tokens, it only takes a minute or two to get it. At present, there are many different types of trading platforms on the market, each with its own characteristics, but OpenSea is still the current leader, accounting for more than 90% of the trading volume.

Whether it is Mint or purchase, it is a good way to get familiar with the NFT circle and logic as quickly as possible.

8. Learn to use relevant tools

At this point, I believe you are already a qualified NFT insider, but if you can use tools proficiently, you will have the ability to see more NFT market opportunities.


Image source: Foresight News

Just like a chef cannot do without a sensitive sense of taste, the help that tools bring to NFT users is also huge. With the help of the trading volume indicator of the tool, we can quickly understand the changes in the market popularity; with the help of the giant whale indicator of the tool, we can know the projects that big players tend to favor, so as to judge the spread effect of the project or the risk of smashing the market; with the help of the rarity of the tool degree index, we can effectively select the most cost-effective NFT, and so on.


Image credit:

9. Real-time capture and exchange of industry information

Just like the article said, “One day in the world, one year in Web3”, the industry is changing too fast, and there is currently no particularly intelligent first-line news aggregation platform, so the discovery and dissemination of all first-line news is artificial. If you can capture changes at the forefront of the industry, obtain information on front-line projects, or be keenly aware of market sentiment and respond quickly, then you are a very good NFT insider.

From 0 to 1: Proficient in NFT” can be the first step to help the novice to have a preliminary concept of the NFT circle and raise their interest in NFT; it can also be placed in the last step, after they have stepped into the NFT circle At the same time, help them take a step further and improve their understanding of the entire NFT industry and even the Web3 ecosystem.


Like I said, the whole circle doesn’t have a complete learning path yet. Many enthusiasts in the industry are using their own methods to help people outside the circle to open the door of NFT, and help people in the circle to climb to the heights-even if one day the climb fails, it can also be used as a green shade, Rest for all of you Web3 friends.

I hope this article and “From 0 to 1: Mastering NFT” can help you open the door to the new world of NFT (if you haven’t got it, you can privately chat with Sophia to receive it).

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