The Super Bowl has turned into the Crypto Bowl

On February 14, 2022, the annual Super Bowl finals ended, and the Los Angeles Rams reversed the Cincinnati Bengals to win the 2022 championship.

As cryptocurrencies gradually enter the mainstream investors, the 2022 Super Bowl will be transformed into the Crypto Bowl and witness the marketing battles of the crypto giants.

SoFi, Coinbase, FTX,, eToro, Square and many other crypto brands appeared in the crypto bowl. You must know that the Super Bowl is known as the American Spring Festival Gala, and advertising costs in 2022 will hit a new record high, reaching $7 million in 30 seconds.


The final between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals takes place at SoFi Stadium. SoFi Stadium is named by SoFi, a famous large-scale financial technology company in the United States. As early as 2019, SoFi obtained the Bitcoin license (Bitlicense) from the New York State Department of Financial Services and launched encrypted trading services. In January 2022, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency approved SoFi to launch a national bank.

Additionally, SoFi Stadium’s POS system is operated by Square, whose parent company previously changed its name to Block to emphasize its push for Bitcoin.

In addition to the stadium, national advertisements for four crypto exchanges aired during the game: Coinbase,, FTX, and eToro.


Coinbase was the first crypto exchange to run ads. A live display of a QR code that changes color and bounces across the screen – a nod to the infamous DVD screensaver.


The QR code is displayed for 60 seconds, and the user scans the QR code to guide the user to the new user registration reward activity page. The advertisement gives Coinbase newly registered users $15 worth of free bitcoins, and previously registered users can participate in $3 million Sweepstakes. The promotion is valid until February 15th.

The Coinbase advertisement caused a strong impulse, and user demand for the page linked to the QR code was so high that the Coinbase website experienced a brief downtime and some users encountered error messages.


Another trading platform, FTX, also put up a 60-second ad for what could be the funniest Super Bowl ad of 2022.

In the ad, well-known writer and comedian Larry David, who made his Super Bowl debut, denied some of the most important inventions in human civilization (such as the wheel, the Declaration of Independence, the electric light, the Walkman, the battery, etc.) Expressing his trademark skepticism, it ended up on the FTX platform, where the ad ended with “Don’t Like Larry, Don’t Miss Out on The Next Big Thing”. The ad also includes a bitcoin giveaway link.


Exchange put a co-production with LeBron James, which aired immediately after the halftime show. In this 60-second commercial, a young James, played by actor Bentley Green, asks a real adult James about the future.


The ad is notable for the return of the “fortune favors the brave” slogan, which will be endorsed by star Matt Damon in 2021. lead to severe criticism. After seemingly suggesting that cryptocurrencies are the next great frontier for humanity, the field is the land of the brave, like space exploration and mountain climbing.


Social investing firm eToro also launched a cryptocurrency-focused ad that appeared in the third quarter of the competition. The 30-second ad shows a flying crowd of investors targeting new investors interested in cryptocurrency investing.



Toronto-based Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Bitbuy also ran a 30-second ad and selected Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry for the ad.


As the basketball bounced off the rim repeatedly, an actor shouted, “Don’t be like Kyle and miss your chance again and again.” Because despite Kyle Lowry’s career throws He made nearly 4,800 baskets, but he also missed more than 6,000. What the ad is trying to say is that people shouldn’t miss the crypto craze like Lowry missed shots during his 15-year career.

Binance, NFTs and more

As one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, although Binance did not advertise at the Super Bowl, it also launched a marketing campaign during the Super Bowl “Trust Yourself, Learn Crypto”. During the competition, Binance encouraged viewers to visit, where there were videos of singer J Balvin and NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler encouraging learning about cryptocurrency, and 2,222 POAP NFTs were included.

In addition to the above-mentioned crypto trading service providers, NFTs and other cryptographic elements also appeared at the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show features Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre and Mary J. Blige. Among them, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre are the holders of the Boring Monkey Yacht Club NFT (BAYC), and Snoop Dogg is a famous Twitter NFT V.


Dapper Labs, which operates NBA Top Shot, also launched NFTs, showcasing visuals of conference championship trophies won by the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams. Other NFTs featuring the Super Bowl and winning team logos, along with the game’s date and score, will launch next week.

The Super Bowl also comes with NFT collectibles that come with tickets. This NFT collectible is presented by Major League Baseball (NFL) and Ticketmaster, a ticket purchasing platform. The NFT will be marked with the ticket holder’s detailed seat number and other information.

Anheuser-Busch, the largest U.S. brewing company, will feature NFTs in a Super Bowl ad. Its Bud Light beer has partnered with the decentralized organization Nouns DAO, which presented Bud Light NEXT with a Nouns NFT, when “Noun glasses” will appear in its Super Bowl commercial that airs on Sunday. It is reported that Bud Light NEXT is its new no-carb beer. Last month, the brand launched its first NFT project, Bud Light N3XT.

In addition, the NFL announced that seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady will officially retire after the 2022 season, ending his glorious 22-year career (but Tom Brady himself has not yet officially confirm). Tom Brady will join the a16z encryption team after retiring, The Block editor Frank Chaparro revealed on Twitter. In January 2022, Autograph, a sports and entertainment NFT platform founded by Tom Brady, announced the completion of a $170 million Series B financing. The joint lead investor is a16z, and Arianna Simpson, the general partner of a16z, also serves on the company’s board of directors with Tom Brady. director.

Grammy Award-winning rapper Drake recently revealed that he has wagered a total of $1.26 million worth of Bitcoin in the upcoming Super Bowl. Drake wagered more than $471,000 on the Rams, including overtime, via cryptocurrency sports betting platform Stake. At the same time, he also placed a bet on Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

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