The strongest regulation, crypto digital currency sink or swim?

Every regulation in history is accompanied by a bloody picture, and this time is no exception. The vice president of subjective finance personally held a financial stability meeting, and the word “stable” is the head, and its core purpose is to serve the real economy, after the market value of the floating cryptocurrency trading is out of the circle, at this time this new market starts to gradually turn into a social issue from the niche, along with the strengthening of regulation and policy cooling, this market is still sinking and floating in the end. But eventually will be off the lead, the experience of history tells us that every regulation is the starting point of a new round of bull market; those who have experienced 94, 312 old leeks remain highly consensual, but the new leeks will eventually reposition themselves in society and leave the field in disgrace, perhaps this is destiny!

BTC market analysis.

The strongest regulation, crypto digital currency sink or swim?

Yesterday bitcoin again shock lower, and then regulation continues to high-pressure state, the long side basically no rebound strength, every rebound is the best shorting point, the early morning bitcoin presents the state of shrinkage rebound, which does not mean that the bottom has stabilized instead will continue the trend of rebound lower, in the morning to make up for the 34395/35200 gap, the short side or again ushered in a new round of blows, the current market The shorts keep refreshing the market bottom line, so the market stabilization signal is not obvious, the bottoming funds are limited, the day does not break 36000, the market or back to the adjustment trend, the following concern 29000 support belt; fall below the bitcoin or will make up 24000 a jump gap.

ETH (daily trend analysis)

The strongest regulation, crypto digital currency sink or swim?

Ether yesterday again refreshed a new low, the early morning overshoot rebounded up to touch near 2200, but the overall in the volume of the rebound, the current bottom stabilization signal is not obvious, intra-day attention to the 1580/1290 band of support, the upper pressure of 2200/2340; the overall market is weak.

DOT (daily trend analysis)

The strongest regulation, crypto digital currency sink or swim?

Boka system of coins born at the wrong time, during the bull market performance is not too ideal, is ready to build momentum, but encountered a strong washout of bitcoin, yesterday touched 14.6 a support to start the rebound, but the rebound strength is more limited, intraday rebound does not break 20 will still face a new round of adjustment, pay attention to the support band near 6.5;.

Matic daily trend chart

The strongest regulation, crypto digital currency sink or swim?

Matic layer track the latest dark horse, in the plunge before the performance has been relatively good, but still will not be able to resist the short army of the flood, early morning also launched a retaliatory rebound, horseshoe is always more bullish tiger, the project side of the technology to promote the pace of faster, and belongs to the multi-concept coins, so after the market stability, horseshoe will still become one of the few quickly back to the quality coins The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

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