The social network giant changes its name, will Metaverse really come?

Will the meta universe where Facebook bets really come?

Summary of this article: In the movie “Number One Player”, there is a virtual world in a free super online game that covers the world, called Oasis. Inside, people can escape reality, enter a realistic virtual world, become anyone, and do anything. But have you ever thought that movies will become a reality, and that such a virtual world will really come one day?

1. Why did Facebook change its name?

2. What is the difference between Facebook after the name change? What to do

3. Will the meta universe where Facebook bets really come?

On October 28th, US time, Facebook officially changed its name to Meta, and Zuckerberg announced: “From now on, we will put Metaverse first, not Facebook.”

One stone stirred up waves, and the news of the name change spread all over the world, but it also sparked a lot of discussion. Not only many netizens at home and abroad participated in the discussion, even Luo Yonghao also actively responded to the related issues of Metaverse on Weibo , saying, “I don’t believe that Metaverse will become the future (games are just games).”

It can be said that the whole world was watching Facebook, which was renamed Meta, and Zuckerberg completely detonated the meta universe.

Facebook’s name change is both a public relations and an ambition

Facebook’s name change is a textbook public relations, and at the same time, it is also an exposure of Facebook’s ambitions.

The social network giant changes its name, will Metaverse really come?

Regarding the name change of Facebook, most domestic netizens ridiculed that it was to “rename and transfer”, but overseas, Facebook has fallen into the predicament of “referring to everything.” And all this stems from the scandal surrounding Facebook.

As early as August 22, 2014, Facebook was faced with a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit also listed the seven major counts of Facebook, including collecting personal data and infringing on user privacy. Facebook also compensated nearly 17 million U.S. dollars for this.

Then on March 20, 2018, Facebook was exposed to third-party companies stealing personal data of nearly 50 million users without the user’s permission, which became the biggest scandal in Facebook’s history.

On December 9, 2020, 48 US states and the federal government jointly initiated two monopoly lawsuits against Facebook; in June 2021, the European Union officially launched an antitrust investigation against Facebook. Facebook is deeply involved in antitrust disputes.

On October 27, 2021, Facebook’s former employee Vu took out thousands of pages of internal information to report that Facebook deliberately incited social confrontation, provoked political disputes, and used Facebook’s privileges on social networks to promote various violent incidents and endanger society.

The publicly reported that once again dragged the social giant Facebook into the discussion of interests and ethics, it was condemned by the media.

Obviously, Facebook has been surrounded by controversy and scandals, and its brand is also facing value risks. On the cusp of this storm, Facebook chose to change its name and shift its horizons. It can be said to be a perfect PR.

But the name change is more than just public relations. Behind Facebook’s name change is its ambition to become a rule maker.

In April 2021, Apple introduced new privacy features. App needs to ask the user for permission every time it reads device data. Previously, only one permission was required to permanently and easily transmit user data to Facebook to provide customized advertisements.

But now, new privacy regulations make it more difficult for Facebook to accurately obtain user data than before. And without data, there is no advertising, and without advertising, there is no revenue. According to a survey conducted by the Financial Times, the changes in Apple’s privacy rules have reduced advertising revenues by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube by approximately US$10 billion in the second half of 2021.

In the long run, this is undoubtedly a devastating blow to Facebook, whose advertising accounts for 98% of its revenue. In addition, Facebook is only an application, the application will naturally be limited by the platform, and the platform rules will be higher than the application rules. Just like Apple’s one sentence, it can make many apps fall into business difficulties. Even Facebook is the same.

Therefore, Facebook’s bet on Metaverse is not only due to the current antitrust and scandal pressure, but also because Facebook wants to build a new platform and establish new business rules. After all, rather than being subject to the platform forever, it is better to create a meta-universe platform with the right to speak.

The renamed Facebook, with every effort to increase the code yuan universe

The renamed Facebook will fully enter the meta-universe track.

The social network giant changes its name, will Metaverse really come?

Facebook will be reduced to a division of the parent company Meta. At the same time, Facebook will devote more energy to the meta universe.

As for what is different about Facebook after the name change, what will it do? We can get some information from the personal letter issued by Facebook founder Zuckerberg on October 28 and the announcement of the Connect conference.

In his personal letter, Zuckerberg said that as the company’s next new platform, Meta will be more immersive , where people can do anything, study, work, play, and create. This is a kind of A whole new experience.

And Metaverse is not only created by one company. During this journey, Meta’s role is to accelerate the development of basic technologies, social platforms and creative tools, bring Metaverse to life, and compile these technologies into our social media applications. In the process.

This shows that Meta does not fully control the meta universe, but acts more as a foundation platform to create and introduce the concept of meta universe. At the same time, with the help of Facebook’s social network, technology develops meta universe.

At the Connect conference, Facebook stated that it will promote its technical products, social portals, and social products in the new Meta brand plan.

The new Meta brand that I chose first is Horizon Home, which is Facebook’s early vision of the home base in the meta universe, and it can also be understood as a user’s virtual home. It’s just that the gameplay is still relatively small, but soon Meta will add more sections, then users can invite friends to participate and participate in the virtual world together .

In addition, according to official sources, Meta-owned software such as Facebook, Instagram, slack (chat + file + tool software) will be run as 2D panel applications in Horizon Home in the near future.

In other words, Meta’s original ecology will be integrated into the virtual world. People can socialize in the real world, access files and even work in the virtual world without taking off the headset.

And in the personal letter, Meta stated that it will further promote the development of Metaverse, and plans to sell Metaverse related equipment at cost or subsidy.

The so-called meta-universe-related equipment is also a VR headset, which is a terminal device that connects to the virtual world. Through it, people can truly connect with the meta-universe.

At present, Meta has mastered the technology of head-mounted display VR, and won the first result. In the first quarter of 2021, Facebook’s VR headset brand accounted for 79% of the market share.

Therefore, Meta can use ocular to popularize and promote the meta-universe, so that more people can first come into contact with the virtual world, and then adapt to the future meta-universe mode, step by step to break through people’s psychological defense.

It is not difficult to see that Facebook, renamed Meta, is more able to show its talents in the field of Metaverse. Whether it is to reduce the price of Metaverse connected devices to enter the market, or to build a more realistic virtual world, it is all striving to make Meta in Metaverse. Go faster and farther on this track.

Will the meta universe where Facebook bets really come?

If you want to know whether the meta universe will come, you must first understand what a meta universe is.

Many people think that virtual games are meta-universes, which is both true and incorrect. According to the official definition, a true meta-universe should have eight elements, namely identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, everywhere, economic system and civilization.

Virtual games actually only touched on four elements, namely identity, friends, economic system, and immersion. It can also be simply understood as the setting of your game identity, your teammates, the friends you make in the game, the virtual currency in the game, and the state when you are immersed in the game.

But there are only four elements, not the real meta-universe. The real meta-universe is currently lacking-low latency, diversification, everywhere, and civilization.

The social network giant changes its name, will Metaverse really come?

The so-called low latency means that everything in the game must happen synchronously. When people go to class or work, everything in the virtual world is still running, and it will not be stagnated by the withdrawal of the characters . At the same time, the delay of the virtual world to be very low, to ensure complete reach Body experience.

Diversity means that there must be a rich ecology in the meta universe. For example, a variety of gameplay, props, character settings, and framing can support a virtual world that can be compared with the real world.

Anywhere, that is, it is not limited by space, and you can log in to the meta universe at any time. Civilization is the virtual civilization and digital civilization created by people in the virtual world.

Therefore, whether the meta-universe Facebook bet can come, depends on whether the remaining four elements can be made up.

For now, low-latency problem, after the era 5G, and in blessing AR / VR technology, complete beauty experience, ultra-low latency rate can basically meet.

In order to achieve diversified gameplay, it actually requires a lot of investment and excellent content creators to create more gameplays, props, characters, etc.

In terms of funding, Meta is naturally indispensable, especially Meta Universe is on the cusp, and foreign capital markets are extremely active in Meta Universe projects. Regarding content creators, Facebook has also announced on October 18 that it will recruit a team of 10,000 people to build a meta universe. It is believed that with the double overweight of funds and talents, a diversified ecological world is not far away.

Anywhere, it involves two aspects, namely, the level of laying and perfection of the digital infrastructure and whether the terminal equipment connected to the meta universe can be used by the general public .

From the current point of view, the digital infrastructure of various countries has been continuously improved, and Facebook also intends to reduce the price of the headset. The second generation of its Oculus Quest headset has also reduced the price of nearly 100 US dollars compared with the first generation. The price of the headset is becoming more commonplace. It is the general trend.

In fact, compared to the first three, the most difficult is civilization. It seems that I have never heard of civilization in the game. If there is, it is just a gang or a certain circle of civilization in the game, and it cannot cover a virtual world system as large as the meta universe.

But optimistically. After having all the first seven elements, that is, having a stable economic system and world system, it may be possible to gradually form a virtual civilization belonging to the meta universe.

Therefore, although Metaverse seems to be a very vague concept, in fact, with the development of science and technology, more and more companies and capital enter, the term Metaverse has long been not confined to the imagination in the book. VR headsets allow people to be on the scene, the virtual world can be made out of the real, the reality and the virtual are intertwined with each other, and the meta-universe is getting closer and closer to us.

It’s just that it’s not clear whether the future meta-universe will be able to come like a movie, and how many years it will take. What is certain is that there are already a number of companies on the way to the meta-universe.

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