The scammer gang has collected 120 million yuan in two years to expose the “mythical coin” electric scam

Criminal gangs pay close attention to investors with financial strength, set up “personal design”, formulate “words”, and bring them into the group by the drainage team. victims hooked, then struck the first blow teaching “brainwashing”, lured the victim of false speculation by trading App capital injection Bitcoin , “the myth of money,” and finally destroy evidence, escaped leave. In less than two years, a fraud gang of thousands of people quickly “evaporated” 120 million yuan from 500 victims across the country. The changed means of “killing pigs” telecom network fraud case once again sounded the anti-fraud alarm for the whole society.

The platform runs off, and investors lose their money

In May 2019, Shanghai Min Fangjie (pseudonym) received a WeChat friend application. After passing the verification, the other party pulled him into an investment group, and then he was transferred to an online chat room based on the link posted in the group. In the chat room, a lecturer who could only hear his voice was talking freely. According to the stocks recommended by the lecturer, Fang Jie took a small test and quickly made a small profit.

A month later, a trading page suddenly popped up in the live chat room. With some reluctance, the lecturer mysteriously talked about the “Mythology Coin” and said that he had earned a lot. He also said that the “Mythology Coin” was backed by a resort project located abroad and could be exchanged for houses.

A few days later, someone in the group said that they had gone to a special inspection and sent out photos of the resort one after another. All of this made Fang Jie believe in the “mythical coin”. Soon, he downloaded the trading App based on the website provided by the other party and registered an account.

Fang Jie only invested 698 yuan for the first recharge. The trading app on the second day showed that it had already made a profit of more than 100 yuan. Five days later, Fang Jie made a desperate bet, again invested nearly 150,000 yuan, purchased more than 68,000 “mythological coins”, watching the “mythical coins” soaring, Fang Jie was secretly happy, but two months later, he found the App I couldn’t log in anymore, and the customer service couldn’t be contacted, so I realized that I was cheated.

Fang Jie is not the only one who has been “set down” by the “mythical coin”. Zhang Li (pseudonym), a citizen of Dazhou, Sichuan Province, was also defrauded of nearly 140,000 yuan in a similar way. From January to May 2020, the public security organs of Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, after careful investigations, discovered that behind these cases was a large cross-border telecommunications network fraud group headed by Xia Mou and Sun Mouguang.

The group has successively set up fraud dens in many places overseas, defrauding domestic Chinese citizens by investing in Bitcoin, “mythical coins” and other methods. The involved capital amounted to more than 400 million yuan, and there were nearly 1,000 members of the gang involved.

From May 12 to 14, 2020, under the unified command of the Ministry of Public Security, the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department organized more than 3,000 police forces to conduct a unified network collection operation in 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. A total of 868 suspects were arrested and 492 arrested. people. After more than a year of hard work, the case produced 1,687 evidence files, transferred 559 prosecutors, and seized nearly 100 million yuan in real estate and assets involved in the case.

One person plays multiple roles, and reverse “calling orders” and false “coin speculation” transactions squeeze investors out

The police from the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Dachuan District Bureau of the Dazhou Public Security Bureau who participated in the investigation of this case told reporters that the virtual currency that the “mentor” induced investors to purchase in this case was actually a false transaction, and the “mythical currency” was even more fictional.

According to the relevant platform of the Ministry of Public Security inquiring about the flow of funds from the victim’s bank card, it was found that all these funds flowed into the telecommunications network fraud account.

How did the fraud group succeed step by step? The police handling the case detailed the process of committing the crime to reporters:

The group consists of business department, lecturer department, administration department, customer department, technical team, and finance department, each performing its own duties and strict management.

The group first divides the salesmen recruited online, each with about 10 people, and trains them through a unified template and language skills. Each salesperson receives more than 5 mobile phones to “maintain account”: a mobile phone registers a WeChat account, and each WeChat account is assigned a different role, mainly including teacher, group assistant, “Bai Fu Mei”, stock “Xiao Bai”, Senior investors, etc.

After the customers enter the group, the salesperson will play a multi-faceted role to highlight the strength of the lecturer. After the client adds a lecturer or lecturer assistant friend, he is pulled into another large group. The number of people in the group is generally 100 to 200, but there are only 20 to 50 real customers, and the rest are all salesmen.

After completing the first wave of “brainwashing” customers, the second stage is to open a live broadcast room for lectures. The gang members continued to praise the lecturer in accordance with the established language, and revealed the information of following the lecturer to make money in stocks. Later, the lecturer will launch bitcoin or “mythical coin” products to promote that it is currently an excellent investment opportunity for virtual currencies, and the gang members will also follow the trend through false words.

After logging in to the trading platform designated by the criminal gang, the hooked customer selects the gold channel. These deposit channels are all private accounts. After the customer service confirms, the customer will recharge the corresponding amount on the platform.

The next process of speculating coins is completed by the lecturer “calling the order”, that is, the lecturer decides the price and time of buying and selling. For customers who bought Bitcoin, there was a few seconds time difference between the rising curve that the victim saw through the App and the real Bitcoin price. The suspect used a reverse “calling order” method to make the customer mistakenly believe it was a normal investment loss ; For customers who purchase “mythical coins”, the criminal suspects arbitrarily manipulate data and restrict customer withdrawals on the grounds of the 180-day “lock-up period”.

After the criminal group completes the possession of funds, the trading platform will be closed, all working mobile phones will be recovered, all mobile phone data will be destroyed, and the world will disappear.

Crack down on the black and gray industry chain, and all people participate in the construction of a new anti-fraud pattern

In recent years, the telecommunications network fraud methods have been continuously renovated and technological methods upgraded, showing the characteristics of long cycle, multiple links, multiple methods superimposed, and cross-platform implementation. The victims have gradually shifted from the elderly to the young and middle-aged groups. In particular, telecommunications network fraud, which uses emerging concepts such as “blockchain” and “virtual currency” as gimmicks, is even more difficult for many people to guard against. In order to evade the attack, the fraud gangs set up dens outside the country and recruited salesmen through the Internet. Some people did not know what to do, and they eventually became accomplices.

According to the police handling the case, some of the criminal suspects in this case were college students who were new to society. They went astray and became “salesmen” because of the entry requirements without threshold and the base salary of several hundred yuan higher than that of the same type of company.

The police handling the case stated that in tackling telecommunications network fraud, on the one hand, we should continue to carry out in-depth “cut-off operations”, severely crack down on snakeheads and people who illegally cross the country (border), and cut off the smuggling channels. On the other hand, it is necessary to continue to increase the governance of the gray and black industry chain that sells bank cards, phone cards, and personal identification information, and in-depth “card breaking operations” to eradicate the breeding ground for telecommunications network fraud from the source. At the same time, it is necessary to intensify propaganda to make anti-fraud propaganda more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. All localities and departments should earnestly perform their duties and form an anti-fraud pattern involving all citizens.

In recent years, traditional crimes have accelerated their spread to the Internet, and new types of crimes such as telecommunications and network fraud have risen rapidly. As soon as new network technologies and new business formats appear, telecommunications network fraud using them will immediately arise. In this regard, it is necessary to enhance the foresight of the crackdown and governance, step up technical countermeasures, carry out timely propaganda and prevention, and build a multi-domain, all-round, and three-dimensional crackdown governance pattern.

To prevent telecommunications and network fraud, apart from severely cracking down on crimes by political and legal agencies, and the joint efforts of various departments to build an “anti-fraud firewall,” individual citizens should always keep in mind that “there is no free lunch in the world” and establish correct values ​​and views on wealth. Let the scam methods change their faces and constantly bring forth new ones. Not credulity and non-transferring are the fundamentals to resist fraud.


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