The Sandbox COO: How does the Metaverse game create a “digital kingdom”

The Sandbox co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget published his views on the recent Metaverse land boom and announced the next steps after the Alpha test.


Content overview

1. The Sandbox is a Metaverse game on Ethereum that revolves around virtual land and NFT collections.

2. This computer game has just conducted its first Alpha test, and plans to release more tests publicly in 2022.

With people’s growing interest in encrypted games and Facebook’s vigorous promotion of Metaverse, the sales of virtual land have been extremely hot recently. In fact, those Metaverse games based on Ethereum, such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity, were already selling virtual lands before Metaverse began to hype in the past few years.

Even now, for many people, it is still unacceptable to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on virtual land. This shows how much resistance The Sandbox will have when it first sells virtual land in 2019. Who would have thought that the early virtual land holders are now eating the dividends of SAND and LAND NFT, especially in the recent period when the value has soared. The Sandbox co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget (Sebastien Borget) said that he is very pleased to see that his team’s ideas are being accepted by more and more people. These ideas include community autonomy. , Customize the online game world for users, etc. Although the game has not yet been fully opened to the public, there are already people buying and selling LAND plots and are preparing to build on it. Sebastian Boger said:

“The map here is changing every day. New landowners and new communities will jointly decide what to build on their adjacent plots. I think this is like a digital country full of vitality. This is also true. It’s an exciting place, it’s global, it’s full of rich culture, and it’s very easy to visit.”

At first glance, The Sandbox looks a bit like the smashing Microsoft’s Minecraft: a virtual playground made up of bricks, similar to digital Lego bricks. The difference between them lies in the form of ownership of virtual assets. The Sandbox users can purchase land on the shared online map and build their own game experience on it.

Each small piece of land is represented by an NFT, which represents the ownership of a digital project supported by the blockchain. The ownership of this type of NFT belongs to the player and can be resold or transferred at will.

So apart from speculative investment, what reasons do people have to buy virtual land? In The Sandbox, landowners can carry out various constructions in their virtual space, whether it is designing community gathering places or NFT galleries, or even designing interactive games. Not only that, those games can even be monetized—users collect fees by renting out the purchased land to other creators.

We see that more and more celebrities and brands are deploying NFT. Rapper Snoop Dogg has now become a major collector and creator in the NFT world. He is about to launch interactive experiences on The Sandbox, including live concerts, NFTs, and more. Nowadays, fans have spent huge sums of money to become Snoop’s neighbors in the Metaverse. It is reported that a collector has spent more than $450,000 to purchase a virtual plot adjacent to Snoop.

At the same time, brands such as Adidas, Atari and The Walking Dead have also purchased land in The Sandbox and plan to build their own Metaverse outposts. Sebastian Boger said that over the years, brands and celebrities have joined NFTs, including Deadmau5 and The Walking Dead. The “network effect” they created has attracted a large number of others to join.

From Alpha test to everyone

At the end of November last year, The Sandbox opened the first phase of the Alpha test, and people can finally experience this new Metaverse. Those players who purchased Alpha Pass NFT can get 18 game experiences and get token rewards, while other players without a pass can try out some games without rewards.

However, Sebastian Borg is slightly worried about this game that has just been launched after years of development-because avid fans have already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on NFT, but most people still have a broader concept of the Metaverse Lack of understanding. So the launch this time is a good opportunity for people to get involved in understanding how The Sandbox works. Sebastian Boger explained:

“Previously, I had no idea about opening up this brand new field, fearing that it would lead to boycotts or other criticisms. We were worried that people would say,’Oh, that’s it? Metaverse-really that boring? It doesn’t look like this. How is it, and there are problems everywhere, nothing fun’, but none of this happened.” 

Sebastian Boge said that despite the fear of strong opposition from members of the investment community, the feedback from the first phase of the Alpha test that ended on December 20 showed that the response was basically positive. It is true that the game is still in deep development: there are definitely bugs that need to be fixed, and there are other feedbacks that need to be resolved. But Borget was satisfied and encouraged by the overall test response. Sebastian Boge believes that the communities surrounding the NFT project, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Sup Ducks and Gutter Cat Gang, have participated in the Alpha test, which indicates that The Sandbox is very likely to become the Metaverse center of the crypto community. , And this is part of the reason why the project itself spent millions of dollars to purchase NFT (purchased $2.9 million in Bored Ape in September).

Sebastian Boge further stated that the game attracted tens of thousands of players during the Alpha test, and the number of players who bought virtual land in the game rose to more than 17,000. In addition, some other LAND NFTs will also be released in 2022. Not only that, we see that the secondary market is also developing vigorously.

Look to the future

The Sandbox plans to launch similar game tests every few months in 2022 in order to get further feedback from LAND owners. In addition, The Sandbox team also plans to migrate the game to the Polygon blockchain, which is an Ethereum Layer-2 extension solution. The advantage of this is that it can reduce transaction costs and reduce network congestion when playing games. Not only that, The Sandbox will also launch a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in 2022, allowing LAND owners to have a say in the future gaming world.  

Finally, Sebastian Boge said that once LAND owners and builders can get and share their interactive experience and transition the game to Polygon, The Sandbox will be launched to a wider public. At that time, The Sandbox may be more suitable to show its community vision to all potential players, even those who do not buy LAND. He concluded:

“Metaverse needs to be built by people together. Once they use our tools to build and accumulate an experience that can be opened to the public-we will publish their experience of LAND on Layer-2-I think this is A very good time to start our journey into the Metaverse.”

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