The rise and fall of Ethereum products from the perspective of gas consumption

From the gas consumption, we can see the rise and fall of many products of Ethereum, such as from the rise of DEX to DeFi to the rotation of NFT.

Paradigm investment partner Casey wrote a visualization tool gasguzzlers ( for exploring the most gas-consuming products on Ethereum using nansen data.


Some insights below.

The rise of MEVs

2022 is the first year for MEV searchers to enter the top 10 gas-consuming contracts.

The rise of stablecoins

Gas consumed by Tether reached ATH during the DeFi summer and continues in 2021/2022.


The rise of liquidity mining

Under the catalysis of SNX and Chainlink, it turned to protocols such as Compound, Sushi (the first real vampire attack), and Curve. Liquidity mining has allowed DeFi to grow by orders of magnitude between 2019 and 2021.

Uniswap exploded in 2020, grabbing market share from first-generation DEXs and oracles.


Categories that consume the most Gas in 2022 so far: DEXs, NFT Markets, NFT Collectibles, Stablecoins, WETH, Mining, MEV, Wallet, Identity, Lending, Yield Farming, L2s/Sidechains, Bridges, Gaming, Meme Coins

Yeg87koSHRnDKGSXt95zfE2rwf3lnCuIJu1jpOK4.jpegCompared to previous years, the new breakthroughs are L2s/Sidechains, Identity, Gaming and Bridges.

The main gas consumption in 2022 so far comes from: Uniswap, Opensea, Otherside, USDC, WETH, 1inch, Strongblock, MEV Searcher, MetaMask, 0x, Tether, LooksRare, Sushi, ens, Aave, Curve, gem, Chainlink, Convex , Genie


Contracts with the highest gas consumption in 2017-2022



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