The richest Americans and Europeans run away: How big is the business in the depths of space?

The space race is relaunched, and the protagonist has changed from the competition between the US and Soviet countries and governments to the super rich in Europe and the United States. 

“The space race between Bezos, Branson, and Musk is a waste of money and is useless for technology and science.” 

“Los Angeles Times” columnist Michael Hiltzik, who was also a former Pulitzer Prize winner, was so blunt and unrelenting. 

When Bezos took off on the Blue Origin rocket, a large number of Americans jointly “petitioned”, hoping that Bezos would not return to Earth. When the launch was broadcast live on a domestic Internet platform, people on the barrage sometimes predicted that it would “explode.” 

Branson and Bezos are the only two civilian astronauts in the last 20 years. In 2021, the wealthy American businessman Dennis. After nearly 10 years of training and hard work, Tito spent millions of dollars on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station. 

The richest Americans and Europeans run away: How big is the business in the depths of space?

The richest Americans are ahead of a new wave of space races 

A columnist named Kevin Cook wrote in The Wall Street Journal reminding that professional astronauts know the risks of space travel, but civilians don’t. His example is McAuliffe, a passenger on the Challenger spacecraft in 1986. Before taking off, she was interviewed by reporters and felt that her space journey would be as safe as an airplane flight. 

Before Tito, McAuliffe should have become the first civilian astronaut to enter space. 

01. Spaceship tickets outside of NASA

Kevin Cook is the author of a book called “The Burning Blue: The Untold Story of Christina McAuliffe and NASA’s Challenger Disaster”. From the title of the book, Cook tells the secrets of the Challenger before launch. 

The rubber seal used by the Challenger failed in the rare low temperature weather in Florida, which was the cause of this famous space tragedy. 

Cook wrote in his article that the engineer and launch supervisor at the time understood the situation, but did not inform the six members of the space shuttle. He also recounted the details of the disaster. Within minutes after the explosion, six astronauts were still trying to rescue the space shuttle. 

Cook’s article is intended to remind the outside world of the level of danger behind allowing civilians to enter space. Musk plans to send passengers to Mars in the next 10 years. 

He reminded that many people may die in the beginning. A NASA engineer also mentioned that Murphy’s law that makes accidents happen will always take effect. However, the engineer also mentioned on the bright side that NASA is no longer the leader of the new wave of space travel. 

The implication is that NASA, which dominated the space race with the former Soviet Union, was too bureaucratic? The huge difference between Blue Origin, Space X and Virgin Galactic, and NASA, is that their endless funding comes from several wealthy individuals or investors in the capital market, not from the US Congress. 

The richest Americans and Europeans run away: How big is the business in the depths of space?

Let civilians go into space, the voice of opposition is not small 

Branson’s Virgin Galactic is the weakest of the three companies, the smallest, and currently has about 1,000 employees. Branson is a typical businessman. Before Virgin entered the aviation field, his main business was music media, but Branson saw the huge business opportunities in space. 

In the 17 years since its establishment, the company has suffered many serious casualties and losses of hundreds of millions of dollars are normal. Branson himself also sold most of the company’s shares. 

You are the world’s richest man, and Bezos has no worries about Blue Origin funding. The size of the company is now about 3,500 employees. The new Shepard rocket currently owned by Blue Origin is dedicated to space business travel, and more types of rockets will be launched later. 

Space X is the largest of the three companies, with approximately 9,500 employees. 20 years ago, Musk in space just a small figure , in order to “Mars colonization” of lofty ideals, purchased some rocket launchers from the hands of the Eastern European countries to study, study. Today, the Falcon rocket has become the cheapest rocket in the world, and its technology is beyond the reach of other airlines. 

Tickets for the three companies range from US$2 million to US$60 million. For ordinary people, it is still impossible to see, but public information shows that the queue of many global billionaires has begun, and it is said that several Chinese billionaires are also included. 

The richest Americans and Europeans run away: How big is the business in the depths of space?

02. Deep in space, unlimited business opportunities

Numerous financial media are beginning to estimate the market opportunities of space travel. In 2021, on January 14, “Female Buffett” Katherine Wood’s Ark Investment (ARK Invset) plans to launch a “Space Exploration ETF” with the code “ARKX”. 

ARKX divides space exploration into four categories: orbital aerospace stocks, sub-orbital aerospace stocks, enabling technology stocks, and aerospace revenue stocks. The ETF’s investment portfolio includes a number of well-known companies, and Virgin Galactic’s stock prices have risen sharply in after-hours trading, with an increase of nearly 15%. 

In 2020, some investors will invest 28 billion U.S. dollars into the civil aviation field. According to Morgan Stanley’s estimation, the space travel market will increase from the current size of 350 billion U.S. dollars to one trillion U.S. dollars in the next 20 years. The Swiss investment bank UBS predicts that within ten years, the scale will reach 800 billion US dollars. 

The predictions of UBS and Morgan Stanley now seem somewhat funny. They do not need to be taken seriously like the stock price rises and falls that they have predicted most of the time. 

Domestic public opinion has already begun to notice that, compared with the rich in Europe and America, the main force of China’s aerospace development is still the national team. 

The richest Americans and Europeans run away: How big is the business in the depths of space?

In addition to showing off their wealth, can space travel make America’s super-rich richer? 

On July 4, the astronauts of the Chinese space station carried out their first out of the capsule and walked in space for 7 hours. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation also announced that it is developing a reusable space shuttle, and the first suborbital test has also been successful. 

The influx of many wealthy Americans into the aerospace field is directly related to the liberalization of related fields by the US government. 

In 2003, the “National Space Policy” and “National Space Transportation Policy” signed by the Bush Jr. administration played a key supporting role. NASA no longer holds the rocket launch business in its own hands. NASA has set its sights on more distant cosmological science research, and at the same time has opened an unprecedented and unopened window of space business for elite entrepreneurs. 

In 2014, the State Council issued relevant documents to encourage private capital to participate in the construction of the country’s civil space infrastructure . A number of private aerospace companies such as Lingke Aerospace, Interstellar Glory , Blue Arrow Aerospace , Zero One Space , and Galaxy Power have emerged. 

However, unlike the three major private aerospace forces in Europe and the United States, most of these aerospace companies in China are “new forces” and lack super-rich. Compared with Bezos and Musk, China’s super-rich are still looking for new ones. Path to wealth. 

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