The reporter experienced the first domestic “Metaverse” concept script kill


The reporter experienced the first domestic "Metaverse" concept script kill

Photography: IT Times Jiang Liwen

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1 There is no need to build a scene in the H-jing Detective Museum. The player puts on the VR glasses and immediately begins to investigate the case.
2 That’s it, going through the “space-time wormhole” and detonating bombs in the script kill can be said to come.
3 A large number of Metaverse museums, art galleries, theme parks are already on the way.

Nowadays, script killing is becoming more and more popular, and script killing shops are also springing up. According to data from Tianyancha, as of September 2021, there are more than 10,000 companies in my country whose names or business scope include “script killing, board games”. However, while the number of stores has increased exponentially, problems such as the same theme, short script life cycle, and poor consumer experience also plague entrants. How to stand out on the track of accelerating involution has become a problem that practitioners and the entire industry must consider.

Therefore, the script killing industry has focused its attention on VR. The report released by Insight Research in July 2021 believes that immersive script killing created by AR and VR will become a future development trend.

How does VR script killing work? What deficiencies can it make up for in ordinary script killing? What kind of development space is there? Recently, a reporter from “IT Times” came to the Quanzhen VR Script Killer-Hjing Detective Museum located in Shanghai Nanfang Mall to explore the first domestic script kill “Tailoring” based on the concept of “Metaverse”.

The reporter experienced the first domestic "Metaverse" concept script kill

“One Mirror Two Handles” Immersive Evidence Search

In the H-jing Detective Museum, the reporter saw that two reasoning rooms and an immersive script laboratory have been built here. The VR experience is in the immersive script laboratory. There are a total of six sets of Quest2 helmets and handles, which are mainly used for script killing. Evidence search section.

The traditional script killing reasoning and evidence search is carried out by issuing cards or simple objects. Players can only understand the information of the evidence through relevant pictures and text introductions, but often because of the separation from the script crime environment, the key information is missing. VR search evidence can just make up for this deficiency.

The VR script of the H-journey Detective Museum is “Trailing”, which is a reasoning script. Two time-space policemen lead four suspects to use the “space-time wormhole” to return to London more than 20 years ago to restart the parking lot hammer murder investigation. The player puts on the VR glasses and quickly enters the scene at that time, holding a handle in each hand. The position of the handle is displayed as the shape of the two hands, and the left hand is also attached with the character name. There are three buttons on the handle. Press and hold the buttons where the thumb and index finger are at the same time to grab the evidence you see, such as documents on the table, paper balls in the trash can, etc. When the player grabs the evidence, a yellow vortex will randomly appear around, and throwing the evidence into the vortex means finding the evidence.

The reporter experienced the first domestic "Metaverse" concept script kill

There is a button directly under the handle that controls various switches. For example, a flashlight was found on the table of the police station. Pressing this button will turn on the flashlight. Players can use it to light up dark corners, which may bring surprises.

The “Trailing” VR script supports 5 to 6 people to search for evidence at the same time, and you can see the search status of other players in the same virtual space. In order to prevent players from hitting the wall in the real world, the system also sets up red and blue warning lines, and a prompt will be issued about 20 cm away from the wall, so as to better protect the safety of players without destroying the immersive experience.

After the evidence-searching session, the DM (host of the script killing) took out the real evidence according to the list for everyone to read and decrypt. Players can not only immerse themselves in the case scene to search for evidence, but also return to real-world reasoning to realize the fusion of virtual and real.

After VR is involved, script killing can add more interactive elements according to the needs of the plot. For example, the murderer can hide key evidence in a corner so that it will not be discovered by other players, etc.

Solve the problems of difficult scene realization and high cost of scene changing

In terms of scene interpretation, the traditional script-killing game hall mainly uses simple scene construction. Players change into human costumes or use holographic images to restore the scene, but they are all completed in a real environment and have high requirements for space. If the venue is too small, the lack of interaction among players will lead to a poor experience; if you build a story scene, such as the evidence search scene in “Trailing”, you need three, including the British police station, the auto repair shop and the suburban secret room 20 years ago , different scenarios have to be switched at any time, and the investment cost is greatly increased. In the traditional evidence search process, most of the evidence clue cards are issued by the DM, or the evidence scene is verbally described. Players do not have any “search” interaction, but simply obtain evidence.

The introduction of VR can just eliminate these pain points. Cao Haiyan, general manager of Hjing·Quanzhen VR Script Killing, told the IT Times reporter: “The characteristics of VR multiplayer and large space are very suitable for script killing. It only needs to set aside 25-50 square meters of barrier-free space without adding any props. Players can be completely immersed in the script. Moreover, many scenes cannot be built in the real environment, such as the ‘space-time wormhole’ in “Trailing”, the explosion effect caused by the murderer detonating a bomb, etc.”

The reporter experienced the first domestic "Metaverse" concept script kill

As we all know, a good script kill contains three elements: scene, content and DM. VR script kills and normal script kills are very different in these three aspects. The production of VR script killing system needs to go through many processes such as equipment modeling, rendering, motion capture, encryption and importing into VR equipment. Ordinary script killing creation may only take one month, while VR script creation cycle takes at least three months. In terms of the content of the script, the creator must bring in VR ideas and add more interactive clues settings, and the scene imagination is no longer limited, because VR can be reproduced and realized.

In addition, in a script killing, DM is the key, and a good DM can make the whole reasoning go smoothly. VR script killing requires more DMs, not only to have the ability to connect stories, but also to have an understanding of technology. If players have any problems in the process of device experience, such as not knowing how to operate, or the device shutting down due to misoperation, they need to be solved by DM as soon as possible.

Due to the increase in input cost and the lengthening of the cycle, the current supply of VR script killing is not sufficient, and the unit price per customer is about twice as high as that of ordinary books. Nevertheless, it still attracts many players to come to experience the magic of VR. According to the manager of the H-jing Detective Museum: ” There are 15 ordinary books and one VR book in the store. Since the store opened in October last year, there have been about a dozen script killing games per week on average, of which VR script killing accounts for Five or six games, everyone still likes this kind of investigation method.” 

Seeking business optimal solutions

According to the reporter’s understanding, there are currently two main promotion modes for VR script killing: brand franchise and revenue sharing.

For example, the Mango Detective Center established in 2018 belongs to the brand franchise model. The investment cost starts from 980,000 yuan, of which the equipment cost is between 300,000 and 400,000 yuan according to the city, and it also needs to have a 300-square-meter store. The H-jing Detective Museum belongs to the share model, which is operated in the form of rental, and the store is charged a share every month.

Cao Haiyan said that the main purpose of H-jing’s introduction of the split mode is to empower ordinary script killing, allowing operators to add VR scripts on the basis of the original venue, bringing players an immersive experience like real-scene script killing.

“VR + script killing” is regarded as the landing of consumer-level VR technology. “In fact, VR script killing can appear in many consumption scenarios, not only script killing halls.” Cao Haiyan told reporters, such as with digital museums and digital art museums Cross-border cooperation to create a VR script killing IP with unique venue characteristics, as well as cafes, teahouses, shopping malls and other scenes are all suitable for the development of VR script killing in the field.

The reporter experienced the first domestic "Metaverse" concept script kill

It is not only the scene that is upgraded, but also the equipment. At present, the unified equipment for VR script killing is the Quest2 helmet and handle, but in the future, the handle may be “thrown away”, and actions such as grasping, opening, and throwing can be realized by recognizing the player’s gestures, thereby bringing a stronger sense of immersion. In addition, the virtual digital human will also be added to the VR script killing to realize the mode in which the virtual digital and the DM cooperate with each other. The interpretation of the VR scene can be completed by the virtual digital human, which enriches the form and fun of the game.

Judging from the reporter’s observation, in the Metaverse script killing, the protagonist C has a great experience, while the NPC has become omnipotent and is not subject to any restrictions such as venues. As for the OB (bystander), there is nothing to do…

“When the growth of an industry is at a bottleneck, technology and innovation are often the only right path.” After entering the entertainment world of the Metaverse with the help of VR technology, there are still many possibilities for script killing in the future, which are worth exploring and discovering by those who enter the game.

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