The real thing, Zhengzhou Jinshui started the construction of Henan’s first Metaverse Industrial Park

Zhengzhou Yuanyuyu Industrial Park started construction, jointly built by Zhengzhou Jinshui District and Henan Investment Group!

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From August 26th to 27th, Zhengzhou City invited Zhengzhou, a leading enterprise of Metaverse, to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park jointly built by Zhengzhou Jinshui District and Henan Investment Group. This is the first Metaverse in Henan Province to start construction. Industrial Park.

The real thing, Zhengzhou Jinshui started the construction of Henan's first Metaverse Industrial Park

Zhengzhou Yuanyu Industrial Park started construction

19 Metaverse companies including Baidu Xiyang, Feitian Yundong, Ziweiyun and Liangfengtaigathered in Zhengzhou. A summit forum was held and an industry alliance was established, and Zhengzhou Jinshui District opened the curtain of entering the Metaverse industry.

Henan grabs the beach and lays out the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a new engine for the development of the digital economy, and it is actively deployed all over the country, especially in Henan.

In February this year, at the press conference of the “Regulations on the Promotion of Digital Economy of Henan Province”, the relevant person in charge stated that it is necessary to strengthen the forward-looking research and development of the underlying core technology and basic capabilities of the Metaverse, and promote the development of new terminals that deepen perception and interaction and systematic virtual content. Build and build the country’s leading Metaverse Industrial Park.

On August 4 this year, Lou Yangsheng, secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, further proposed at the province’s digital transformation work conference, “focusing on the new generation of artificial intelligence, quantum information, blockchain, and the Metaverse, actively deploy cutting-edge industries and create National important intelligent terminal, network security industry cluster and artificial intelligence innovation application highland”.

An Wei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, has also repeatedly emphasized, “It is necessary to implement the promotion of digital core industries, the layout of future industries, the digital transformation of traditional industries, and the forward-looking layout of Metaverse, blockchain, network security and other industries. Park, and continuously improve the competitive advantage of the industry.”

In order to develop the Metaverse, Zhengzhou is also actively “learning” from the outside world. He Xiong, the mayor of Zhengzhou, once led a team to visit Beijing Metaverse Enterprise and invited Beijing Metaverse Enterprise to develop in Zhengzhou.

On August 27, An Wei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, met with representatives of entrepreneurs from Zhengzhouhang, a leading enterprise of Metaverse, and held talks with the heads of companies such as Feitian Yundong, BlueFuture Technology, and Ziweiyun.

Create a Metaverse Benchmark Park

Zhengzhou Yuanyuyu Industrial Park officially started on August 27. Henan Yicheng Jinan Industrial Development Co., Ltd., jointly established by Henan Investment Group and Jinshui District Government, is responsible for the construction and operation. , another major move to plan a layout in strategic emerging industries.

According to He Nan, general manager of Yicheng Jinan and head of Zhengzhou Yuanyuyu Industrial Park, the project covers a total area of ​​about 600 mu and is divided into three phases. The total investment of the first phase of the project is about 1 billion yuan, covering an area of ​​about 45 acres and a construction area of ​​about 100,000 square meters. The first phase of the project will rely on the existing industrial foundation and functional positioning of Jinshui District, focus on attracting investment in key areas such as Metaverse underlying technology, interactive equipment, development platform, application and development, and introduce and cultivate Metaverse industrial ecological enterprises.

Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park aims to become a national well-known Metaverse benchmark park, comprehensively builds the Metaverse industrial ecology, realizes “industry upstairs”, and has the conditions to undertake the entire Metaverse industry chain including terminal equipment research and development and manufacturing. In the future, after the overall project is put into operation, it is expected to achieve a total output value of about 40 billion yuan each year, contribute about 3.33 billion yuan in tax revenue, and provide about 60,000 jobs.

We can’t help but ask: When the Metaverse is being deployed everywhere, what are the opportunities for Zhengzhou and Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park to stand out?

First of all, the profound cultural heritage promotes the production of original content in the Metaverse.As Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu and head of Baidu Xiyang, said at this Zhengzhou Metaverse Industry Summit: “Henan should become a hot spot for the Metaverse. When Xiyang made the first version, we put the The Shaolin Temple is placed in the Metaverse of Baidu Xiyang. Henan occupies half of the eight ancient capitals of China, and the rich history and culture provide an imaginary space for the development of the Metaverse.”

Second, perfect industrial capabilities support the innovation of key technologies in the Metaverse.As the largest economic province in central China, Henan enjoys a good development situation in industries such as new displays, smart terminals, smart sensors, and advanced computing, and the electronic information industry chain is increasingly complete. In 2021, the operating income of the electronic information manufacturing industry above designated size in Henan Province will reach 602.2 billion yuan. By this year, the scale of Zhengzhou’s digital economy will reach more than 500 billion yuan, accounting for more than 40% of the GDP.

Again, the frontier decision-making deployment provides strategic guidance for development. On August 4th, Zhengzhou released the “Zhengzhou “14th Five-Year Plan” Science and Technology Innovation Development Plan, which clarified the “blueprint” for Zhengzhou’s “14th Five-Year Plan” scientific and technological innovation development: during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, it has a national key laboratory. 9, 10,000 high-tech enterprises, 20,000 technology-based enterprises, and 100 billion yuan in technology contract turnover… Zhengzhou science and technology innovation will aim to build a national innovation highland and build an important national innovation source and technology innovation center.

Finally, Zhengzhou stepped up efforts to introduce talents and reserve sufficient talents for the Metaverse industry. Zhengzhou has more than 400,000 university graduates every year. On this basis, Zhengzhou actively introduced talents. Zhengzhou put forward the goal of “introducing 1 million young talents in five years”, and issued the “Opinions on Implementing the “Zhengzhou Talent Plan” to Accelerate the Construction of a Talented City.

Explore the Metaverse Industry Zhengzhou Jinshui Model

This event is the first official invitation from Zhengzhou Jinshui District to the national Metaverse leading enterprises, “to discuss the new models, new scenarios and new trends of the Metaverse industry, to promote the precise connection of industrial projects, and to promote the Jinshui District. Digital economy development”, this is the expectation of the main leaders of Jinshui District for the development of the Metaverse industry in Jinshui District.

The real thing, Zhengzhou Jinshui started the construction of Henan's first Metaverse Industrial Park

Zhang Yanhua (middle), deputy secretary of the Jinshui District Committee and head of the district, reached an intention to sign a contract with BlueFuture Technology (first from left), Feitian Yundong (second from left), Liangfengtai (second from right), and Ziweiyun (first from right).

In this event, 16 companies signed the intention to sign with Zhengzhou Yuanyuyu Industrial Park, they are: Beijing Blue Focus Future Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Feitian Yundong Technology Co., Ltd., Liangfengtai (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Ziwei Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qianhai Hand-painted Technology Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiulian Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Aofa Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Haibaichuan Technology Co., Ltd., Truck Driver (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Duosan Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shiyue Computer Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Box Crisis Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Daxin Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Tanggong Cultural and Creative International Development Co., Ltd., Henan Alpha Technology Co., Ltd., China Net Digital Technology (Beijing) ) Ltd.

The construction of Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park officially started the exploration of the Zhengzhou Jinshui model of the Metaverse industry. Li Xingjia, deputy general manager of Henan Investment Group, introduced that Henan Investment Group is the first state-owned capital operation company in Henan Province. It focuses on the leadership and cultivation of strategic emerging industries. It has established nearly 60 funds in strategic emerging industries and venture capital, and invested in more than 290 companies. More than 60 invested companies in and out of the province were successfully listed. With strong capital support, they are confident to build Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park into the best fertile ground for Metaverse innovation and entrepreneurship, and support Metaverse enterprises and scientific research teams to carry out various technological R&D innovations and product application exploration.

Wang Jiayao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, places great trust on Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park: Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park will be an effective carrier for close cooperation between industries, scientific research institutions and educational institutions in the Metaverse field, and will effectively promote interdisciplinary, large-scale collaboration and high-level development. Collaborative research and development, joint innovation, promote the cultivation of young scientific and technological talents, the introduction of high-end talents, realize the mutual promotion and integrated development of “technology, talents and projects”, and become the exchange and cooperation promotion center in the field of Metaverse.

The real thing, Zhengzhou Jinshui started the construction of Henan's first Metaverse Industrial Park

Zhengzhou Yuanyu Industry Alliance was established

Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park and the alliance enterprises are all explorers of the Zhengzhou Jinshui model of the Metaverse industry. Everyone will jointly promote the implementation of the Metaverse industry chain, core technologies, product systems and application scenarios in Henan, and promote Zhengzhou Metaverse industry from From nothing, from small to large.

Zhengzhou Yuanyu Industry Summit Forum was broadcast live on Baidu Xiyang

In order to introduce a new Metaverse participation experience, 36氪 linked Baidu Xiyang to set up the Zhengzhou Metaverse Industry Summit Forum Metaverse live broadcast site.

The real thing, Zhengzhou Jinshui started the construction of Henan's first Metaverse Industrial Park

Baidu Xiyang live broadcast

Xirong is the first domestically produced Metaverse product, released by Baidu on December 27, 2021 – version 6.0. The earliest version of Xiyang added Henan elements. Users can visit the Shaolin Temple, a thousand-year-old temple, and learn martial arts with Sanbao monks. The construction of the live broadcast site of the Zhengzhou Metaverse Industry Summit Forum is the first time that Xiyang’s summit venue application has been implemented in Zhengzhou.

Xiyong is positioned as a Metaverse infrastructure platform, relying on technological accumulation and innovation in AI, cloud computing, VR and other fields, to achieve technological innovation breakthroughs in vision, hearing, and interaction. Each user can create an exclusive avatar, log in to Xiyang on a computer, mobile phone or wearable device, and conduct activities such as listening to meetings, shopping, exchanges, and exhibitions, creating an immersive experience with audio and visual effects. When users turn on the microphone, they can communicate with multiple people by voice, interact on the same screen, and have the full experience of the venue. Xiyong has successfully held more than ten national industry conferences and major press conferences. It has also created and held a Metaverse digital exhibition hall with Xiyong brand attributes, and a Metaverse summit with 100,000 viewers online on the same screen.

Go to the sea of ​​stars in the Central Plains Cosmos

The door of Zhengzhou Metaverse Industry has been opened. Zhengzhou Jinshui Science and Education Park and Henan Yicheng Jinan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. have joined hands with Zhengzhou Metaverse Industrial Park. We look forward to the presence of elites from all walks of life here. If you are innovating and starting a business in the Metaverse industry, If you are interested in coming to Zhengzhou for development and going to the sea of ​​stars in the Central Plains Metaverse, please contact 36氪Henan (Add WeChat: hn36krkr), or send an email to:

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