The ratings have hit a 33-year low, why no one watched the Olympics live broadcast?

The ratings have hit a 33-year low, why no one watched the Olympics live broadcast?

According to Reuters, the ratings for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics were the lowest in 33 years, with only 16.7 million viewers in the United States.

How low is this number? The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is 37% less than the previous one (26.5 million U.S. TV viewers at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics opening ceremony in 2016) ; if compared with the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics Compared with the 40.7 million U.S. TV viewers, the number of U.S. viewers who watched the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics decreased by 59%; it even hit a record low since the opening ceremony of the Seoul (Seoul) Olympics in 1988 (22.7 million) .

In contrast, the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, although the TV station delayed the broadcast for 12 hours due to time difference, there are still as many as 70 million people in the United States watching the opening ceremony, second only to the opening of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in the United States in history. Mode.

That is to say, regardless of other objective factors, the American audience at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is only a quarter of the American audience at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

The ratings have hit a 33-year low, why no one watched the Olympics live broadcast?

As for why the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was cold, the famous Japanese director Kitano Takeshi said in an interview, “The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is really interesting. I fell asleep. It was shocking. I hope the organizing committee will refund the money.” He added. Said, “I have paid taxes, can I refund the money? It’s too shameful, I’m embarrassed to go abroad.”


Despite this, Japanese nationals are still staunch supporters of the Tokyo Olympics-the Japanese sports newspaper Sponichi Annex reported that on the evening of July 23, NHK conducted a live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the East Olympics, with an average household rating of 56.4% (Video Research Corporation) Survey, Kanto region) , the highest instant ratings reached 61.0% (8:25-26 pm) .


In comparison, the prime time live broadcast ratings of the 2008 Beijing Olympics from 7 to 10 pm were 37.3% (August 8th of that year) ; the NHK live broadcast ratings of the Rio Olympics opening ceremony in 2016 were 23.6%.

Why don’t you watch the Olympics anymore?

Of course, the audience ratings for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics are sluggish, and some objective factors cannot be ignored.

Affected by the epidemic, the scale of the opening ceremony has shrunk-less than 1,000 people participated in the opening ceremony held at the New National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan; not all athletes participated in the opening ceremony because in accordance with Japanese epidemic prevention regulations, Many athletes can only arrive in Tokyo before the game and leave after the game to limit social contacts; because of protests from some Japanese private groups and people, the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the main sponsor who were supposed to attend did not appear.


In addition, the public’s enthusiasm for live sports events is indeed not as good as before.

According to the data from the “China Good Life Survey 2020-2021”, in 2020, Chinese people will have 24 more minutes of leisure time every day. Although leisure time has increased, the development of the Internet, mobile phones, and self-media has provided audiences with diversified choices for entertainment. According to the survey data, 38.28% of people spend their time on mobile entertainment, ranking among the top three. The sequence is: refreshing short videos, playing games, and watching dramas.

It can be seen that short videos are now the number one weapon for people to “kill time”, and the proportion of women who use short videos is higher than that of men.

The ratings have hit a 33-year low, why no one watched the Olympics live broadcast?

Therefore, in addition to popular events such as women’s volleyball and table tennis, other Olympic events generally lack a fan audience. Compared with entertainment activities such as short videos, playing games, chasing stars, etc., it is difficult for anyone to watch such competitions on TV for hours. project.

In addition, short video platforms such as Douyin and Station B have various “exciting” highlights. The editor puts together the best and most enjoyable moments of one or more games and condenses them into a small video of two or three minutes. Compared to the one or two hours of the original game, of course these highlights are more attractive.

In addition, in response to the reasons for the sluggish ratings for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, Reuters also analyzed that “the decline in TV ratings this time is part of the overall downward trend of live TV programs.”

According to the “2021 Sports Video Trend Report” released by Grabyo, 79% of sports fans around the world only want to watch sports games on streaming services. The streaming audience of the Tokyo Olympics has increased by 76% compared with the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opening ceremony, and has increased by 72% compared with the 2016 Rio de Janeiro opening ceremony.

In other words, audiences in the new era seem to be more accustomed to watching sports events on mobile phones or tablets.

In response, Grabyo Content Director Scott Lun said:

“Broadcasting companies and sports event media rights holders must act quickly to align their video strategies with consumer needs. It is not news that consumers want to choose streaming media to watch, but these survey results tell us that in the past In the past year, the vast majority of sports fans who have experienced the flexibility and lower cost of streaming services are waiting for the sports industry to catch up. As long as you build it, they will adopt it. Those who don’t will fall behind , And sports fans will miss out on live sports.”

Traditional sports are “not fragrant anymore”

In addition to watching the changes in the media, just looking at the traditional sports itself, the overall audience’s attention to them is also in a downward trend.


For example, on April 19 this year, the world’s 12 top football clubs (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham) announced the joint official announcement , The establishment of the European Super League.


For this reason, the chairman of the Real Madrid club “Lafayette” Florentino said that the reason for this is that “in order to save world football, in accordance with the existing system and reforms, football will disappear in 2024.”


The ratings have hit a 33-year low, why no one watched the Olympics live broadcast?

The Spanish newspaper “Aspen” compared the viewership of recent competitions in Spain and found: the 2016 European Cup opener, 4.49 million people watched; the 2018 World Cup opener, 2.84 million people watched, almost half; the 2020 European Cup Only 1.77 million people watched the opening game.


The basketball situation is also not optimistic. In the first game of the NBA in 2020, the viewership of ABC TV in the United States is only 7.4 million. Compared with the first game of the Warriors and Raptors in the finals of last season, the ratings of the first game of the finals this season A plunge of 47%; the second game ABC TV had only 1.7 million viewers, 5.7 million less than the first game, and the viewership plummeted 77%.


The ratings have hit a 33-year low, why no one watched the Olympics live broadcast?

In this regard, an editor Huxi commented, “To be honest, under the pressure of short videos, live broadcasts, and e-sports, let alone the European Cup, maybe young people have little interest in the highlights. Talk about Raul, Figo, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Beckham, Kaka, and many people will have black question marks, so if you mention Baggio, Batistuta, Maldini, Van Basten, who care? A hero with a distinct personality is no match for a draft face.”

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