The power of the head: 7683 commits on the official Ethereum website

Since the end of 2017, in order to understand Ethereum, I have been reading the Ethereum website and other information pages. However, at that time, the blogs of Vitalik and EF were the most viewed. At that time, the two blogs were still relatively old-fashioned. You can also jump directly to modify the number in the address, but it doesn’t work anymore.

In addition to the blog, you can also view the researcher forum, the magician forum, and the reddit forum. Later, the Ethereum wiki and docs were also published.

However, most of the content of these forums requires some comprehensive basic knowledge to understand, because the content is a piece of cake, or it is extremely deep and technical, and it has become a tool for a fixed group of people to understand.

But why do we need to pay more attention to other forums? Because the content displayed on the official website of Ethereum is very imperfect at this time.

Moreover, the Ethereum website at this time is extremely unstable, and web page buffering is also very slow.

The fundamental reason is that the Ethereum community is not perfect. At this time, there are not many people who contribute to the Ethereum website. The website structure built by the Ethereum Foundation is actually far from enough.

Time has changed, and time has passed. Three years later, the official website of Ethereum is no longer what it used to be. Now that users and developers understand Ethereum, the official website of Ethereum is the best entry point. currently has 35 language versions, with many minor languages.

8Qi404z46kYc3giUd2WLvrLwoFamYxhCs4g2Kt2N.pngr8EPge9qwLGdamvq45fi0NycvkqffE1yQBCEc1ga.pngxPB9VPUlhc8PoV4mo4qljbn9kZYeRQPbW7I8ANcI.pngThe homepage contains 37 individual pages and related pages, as well as github, twitter, youtube, discrod.


The most important thing is that these pages have very comprehensive display information. Of course, there are still many god-level figures in the Ethereum ecosystem who have been helping Ethereum. For example, the recorder EvanVanNess who has been sorting out the progress of Ethereum development and meeting records. Now that page has become Ethereum

If anyone can browse through all the records, they will definitely become familiar with Ethereum.

Today I will reveal some of the status behind the Ethereum network.

As shown in the figure above, the last update date of the Ethereum website is July 16. These updates are actually recorded on github. Some information can be found in github.

At present, the person in charge of the main promotion of the Ethereum website is SamRichards, and the promotion of the Ethereum website on github is approved by SamRichards.


Two surprising data: has updated 139 versions, currently V2.32.0, and there are 381 contributors.

Since the launch of the development, the number of development submissions has been 7683. The development data update started on December 31, 2017, and the outbreak began in June 2019. The data reached a peak at the end of 2020, and it has recently declined in 2021. With more than 7,000 updates, SamRichards has completed more than 1,200 updates.


These contributors work through a proof-of-work method called POAP.

According to the official POAP, POAP is a proof of attendance protocol. It distributes badges in the form of ERC-721 tokens to prove participation in activities. Every time you participate in the event, POAP participation will get a unique badge.

POAP allows event organizers to interact with the audience by providing a customized experience. It also allows to provide a series of integrated services, such as private chat rooms, sweepstakes, etc.

jMqNJoeIgUX1pCxPJ0k9Hw7gbLKKLMrEX3Ixkr4u.png has formulated POAP for 2021 contributors. POAP has not been used before, so contributors who have submitted any changes before 2021 are required to obtain POAP through fixed channels.

In addition, the most noteworthy thing is the roadmap of SamRichards updated the roadmap three times in 2021. We have seen the main changes this year from the three roadmaps.


To make our work more accessible and promote more community collaboration, we decided to start sharing an overview of our quarterly roadmap goals.

The first quarter will focus on induction training. We have seen the latest market trends to increase the number of visits from people exploring cryptocurrencies and Ethereum for the first time, so many of our priorities are based on this.

New homepage

We hope to add more content to our homepage so that after the user logs in, we can answer some user questions immediately. Our homepage is still the most common entry page, and now we rely on navigating to different parts of the site to help users find the answers they are looking for.

We want to ensure that users are guided to the correct user journey that matches their interests. Hope to explain Ethereum better from the homepage.

We hope to give users a strong first impression of Ethereum by explaining what is possible and showing some of the unique qualities of Ethereum.

Translation launchpad

Help everyone around the world get a pledge more easily. Although technically located in eth2.0-depositrepo, we will take the lead in efforts to translate the launchpad into as many languages ​​as possible.

Translate more recent content

We have created more than 100 new pages and made a lot of content updates that need to be translated into different languages. This includes a new developer section, a complete set of content about Eth2, and an update to our extensive “Use Ethereum” page.

wiki integration

There are many outdated wikis and document repositories under the control of the Ethereum GitHub organization. We hope to migrate any content that is still relevant (such as the JSONRPC specification) into our documentation and make it clearer when the wiki is outdated. We hope this will help reduce noise in the new developer space and improve the contribution process of our community members.

Developer onboarding

Last year, we added basic documentation, tutorials, and resources to help new developers and enthusiasts position themselves in the field. We hope to add a layer on top of this so that users can use our existing documentation as support to quickly and easily build using Ethereum.

Create a use case page

The boom of DeFi and the recent digital art NFT is prompting users to study Ethereum. We want to make sure that we cover these topics so that new users can learn more about the most specific use cases of Ethereum in a beginner-friendly way.


The second quarter will focus on emerging Ethereum technology. Our community is fully achieving incredible levels: Eth1.x network upgrades, Eth2 development, layer 2 projects, user applications, developer tools, and more. Most of our priorities are focused on supporting the development of these technologies and keeping us up to date with educational resources.

Team growth

We are a small but highly motivated team that is looking for growth. We are hiring a front-end developer this quarter! We may add more vacancies this year, so please pay close attention!

Eth2 content update

With the continuous progress of research and development, we will ensure that our Eth2 resources are kept up to date with the latest community roadmap.

Update of Level 2 content

With rollup and other Tier 2 projects promising to bring solutions to the mainnet in the next few months, the expansion space is heating up. We will do our best to keep our resources up-to-date and organized to help developers integrate layer 2 into their projects.

Website translation

This is the focus of our continued attention. In 2020, we have created more than 100 new English pages and performed a lot of content updates that need to be translated into different languages. In the first quarter, we deployed updates in nearly 10 languages, but there is still a lot of work to be done. This quarter, we will continue to work hard to make more of the more than 30 languages ​​we support the latest version.

New financing mechanism

The new financing mechanism for public goods provides huge potential for the Ethereum ecosystem and the world outside of cryptocurrency. Although not directly related to, our team is part of the Ethereum Foundation, which is one of the largest grants and public product funders in the ecosystem.

We will work with teams in this field to use the new zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) encryption technology to build a secondary financing product that minimizes trust. We hope this will help promote the development of this research and development field and provide the community with new open source building blocks to benefit from. Our goal is to release MVP products on the L2 testnet at the end of the second quarter, so stay tuned.

This work will also enable our team to master the latest tools, technologies and best practices related to dapp development, from testing and deployment tools to identity solutions and layer 2 technologies. We plan to bring these first-hand insights back to our developer resources.


Greetings fellow Ethereum!

Happy L2 summer (or winter for our friends in the southern hemisphere)! Hope you enjoy your time in this space. As always, our vision for is to create the best portal for the evolving community of Ethereum and serve as the gateway to Ethereum for millions of new visitors every month.

Content update

In the third quarter, the focus of our product will be to keep up with all the incredible advancements in these areas so that our wider community can keep abreast of the Ethereum network upgrade, layer 2 projects, developer tools, users The development of applications, etc.

Eth2 project financing

The new financing mechanism for public goods provides huge potential for the Ethereum ecosystem and the world outside of cryptocurrency. Although not directly related to, our team is part of the Ethereum Foundation, which is one of the largest grants and public product funders in the ecosystem. We hope to increase cultural momentum around the ecosystem funding of public goods and experiment with mechanisms that will allocate support to the ecosystem.

We will continue our work with the team in this field from the second quarter. The goal is to start the round for the Eth2 project on the L2 mainnet at the end of the third quarter.

Translation project

Thanks to our more than 1,400 volunteer translators in the past few years, now supports 35 languages! However, as the website develops and is constantly updated to keep up with the development, many of our languages ​​have become somewhat outdated. We will promote the update of more than 20 translations into updated versions of our website content in the third quarter.

Through our new translation project leader @lukassim, we also plan to improve our supporting documentation and improve the use of our translation tools to improve the consistency and quality of the entire translation process.

Community growth

As you can see from all of our goals above, our success is driven by our community of open source collaborators. Contributors include translators, developers, copywriters, designers, experts, and amateurs in various forms and sizes. We hope to continue to educate and empower people who are curious about participating in the Ethereum ecosystem and the community.

Our new community leader @minimalsm will take the lead in supporting and empowering our evolving community. Please continue to pay attention to the specific measures we plan to launch this quarter!

Write to the end

As a content creator, I am surprised to see that in more than 3 years, the Ethereum website has developed into a more complete way through the open source community, because the relevant materials of Ethereum require professionalism, and each step requires multiple steps. The cooperation of talents.

But if you compare projects in the entire cryptocurrency world with this, this is a role model and benchmark for cryptocurrency projects. It is worth learning and building for all cryptocurrency communities.

Looking forward to the continued growth of the Ethereum community and the development of the community.

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