The police notified Wu Yifan of the incident, and the process is comparable to a spy movie. How much of Wu Yifan’s commercial value is left?

The brand lined up to terminate cooperation with Wu Yifan.

After a few days of fermentation, the Chaoyang Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau notified the investigation results of the Wu Yifan incident.

According to the report, the police investigation confirmed that Du Meizhu stayed overnight at Wu Yifan’s house after drinking alcohol, and the two had sex. Later, Du Meizhu produced a hype idea and put it into practice. After the criminal suspect Liu saw the Internet hype information of Du Meizhu and Wu Yifan, he came up with the idea of ​​pretending to be related persons to defraud the two parties involved, and successfully defrauded 180,000 yuan of money.

The incident had a huge impact on Wu Yifan. At present, Han Shu , Liangpinpu, Yunting APP, Liby , Ziyuan, Lancome , Vantage Company, Debao, Master Kong Ice Tea, King Glory , Tencent Video, Lebao Beer and other brands have successively announced the expiration or termination of their contracts with Wu Yifan contract.

There are legal division told the Financial radar, current information from the police informed point of view, Wu Yifan can not tell whether there is sexual abuse of underage girls, if the facts do not exist, although Wu Yifan morally defective, but not illegal.

Regarding Wu Yifan’s commercial value, some observers believe that the incident has had a huge impact on Wu Yifan. Even if it is ultimately proven that it is not illegal, his behavior will violate public order and good customs, and commercial value will inevitably be discounted.

After Du Meizhu hyped up his association with Wu Yifan, criminals took the opportunity to defraud

According to the police report, at 22:00 on December 5, 2020, Feng (female, 28 years old, then Wu Yifan’s executive agent) asked Du Meizhu (female, 18 years old) to go to Wu Yifan on the grounds of selecting the MV heroine for an interview. (male, 30 years old) at home in the party, more than 10 people were the same playing board games and drinking, the next morning to 7 o’clock, the other party who gradually left, both the United States and bamboo drink and stay in Wu Yifan home, sexual relationship between the two occurred.

In the afternoon of the same day, Du Meizhu left after having a meal at Wu Yifan’s home, during which they added WeChat to each other . On December 8, Wu Yifan transferred 32,000 yuan to Du Meizhu for online shopping. From then on to April 2021, the two maintained WeChat contact.

In June 2021, Du Meizhu discussed with his friend Liu Mouwen, and publicized the process of interacting with Wu Yifan on the Internet to increase network awareness. Then Liu Mouwen posted Du Mei on June 2 with the “Liu Meili Classmate_” Weibo account. Zhu was “cold and violent” blog post by Wu Yifan. From July 8th to July 11th, Du Meizhu followed up and published 3 blog posts. On July 13, Internet writer Xu (male, 31 years old) actively contacted Du Meizhu for profit. After discussion, he jointly planned and wrote more than 10 Weibo texts such as “Decisive Battle” by Xu. July From the 16th, Du Meizhu has successively released it through his Weibo account.

On July 14, 2021, Chaoyang Police received a report from Wu Yifan’s mother, Wu Mou, claiming that they had been extorted by Du Meizhu. On that day, the police accepted and investigated according to law. During their work, the suspect Liu Mouyu (male, 23 years old) was identified and arrested in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province on July 18, 2021.

After investigation, in June 2021, after the criminal suspect Liu saw the Internet hype information of Du Meizhu and Wu Yifan, he came up with the idea of ​​pretending to be related persons to defraud the parties involved. During the period, Liu Mou made a fictitious female identity and defrauded Du Meizhu’s trust in the name of having been deceived by Wu Yifan’s emotional desire to jointly defend their rights. He used the nickname “DDX” WeChat account to contact Du Meizhu to obtain part of the relationship between Du Meizhu and Wu Yifan. information. On July 10th, Liu used the information he obtained to fraudulently use the name of Du Meizhu to contact attorney Wu Yifan, demanding 3 million yuan in compensation under the pretext that the two parties reached a settlement, and sent the bank accounts of himself and Du Meizhu to lawyer Wu Yifan. . At the same time, Liu used the WeChat account of “Beijing Mortal Culture Media”, claiming to be Wu Yifan’s lawyer, and negotiated with Du Meizhu to reach a settlement of 3 million yuan in compensation, but the two parties did not sign a settlement agreement.

On July 11th, Wu Yifan’s mother transferred 500,000 yuan to Du Meizhu’s account in two installments. After that, Liu , who did not get the money, continued to pretend to be Du Mizhu, and tried to request the remaining 2.5 million yuan from the lawyer Wu Yifan. Later, he pretended to be Wu Yifan’s lawyer and asked Do Meizhu to sign a settlement agreement, otherwise he would ask for 500,000 yuan back. After Du Meizhu agreed to the refund, Liu pretended to be lawyer Wu Yifan and provided his Alipay account to Du Meizhu, and Du Meizhu successively transferred 180,000 yuan to the account.

After Liu Mouyu was arrested, he confessed to the crime of fraud. At present, the person has been criminally detained by Chaoyang Public Security Bureau according to law.

The police are still investigating the “Wu Yifan’s repeated tricks of deceiving young women into sexual relations” reported by netizens and recent online mutual exposures, and will be dealt with according to the results of the investigation.

The brand lined up and ended cooperation with Wu Yifan

According to incomplete statistics from netizens, as of June 2021, Wu Yifan’s cooperation endorsements include: Louis Vuitton global brand spokesperson, Bulgari global brand spokesperson, Porsche China Motorsport spokesperson, Lancôme Asia Pacific brand spokesperson, L’Oreal Men’s global brand spokesperson, Zi Source Global Brand Spokesperson, Depot Global Brand Spokesperson, Han Shu Mask Spokesperson, Yang Guangyun Listening Voice Recommender, Master Kong Ice Tea Spokesperson, Le Bao Beer Global Brand Spokesperson, Liby Global Brand Spokesperson, Vantage Brand Spokesperson, Tencent Video Brand Spokesperson , Brand spokesperson for King Glory.

After Dumeizhu’s explosive materials aroused widespread concern, many brands have drawn a clear line with Wu Yifan.

At 19:00 on July 18, Han Shu issued a document stating that he had issued a “Contract Cancellation Notice” to Wu Yifan and that all brand partnerships had been terminated.

At 21 o’clock on July 18th, Liangpinpu posted a blog saying that according to netizens’ consultations with the former spokesperson of Liangpinpu, the brand and Wu Yifan’s endorsement cooperation expired in November 2020, and related publicity cooperation has also been terminated.

At 22:00 on July 18th, Yunting APP issued a document saying that all cooperation with Wu Yifan had been terminated, and he would no longer serve as the recommending officer of Yunting voice, Yunting APP and third-party platform accounts, and all content recorded by Wu Yifan had been removed from the shelves. handle.

At 8 o’clock on July 19, Liby Brand stated that it had terminated its brand partnership with Wu Yifan.

At 10:00 on July 19, Ziyuan Brand stated that it had terminated all brand partnerships with Wu Yifan.

The automatic reply from the Lancome store also indicated that the contract with Wu Yifan had expired at the end of June 2021, and the related publicity had been terminated.

At 11:00 on July 19, Vantage issued a document stating that the endorsement cooperation between Vantage Shares and Wu Yifan had expired in July 2021, and the related publicity cooperation had been completed and terminated.

Later, Depot said in response to the spokesperson question asked by netizens that it had ended its endorsement cooperation with Kris Wu.

At 12 o’clock on the 19th, Master Kong’s ice tea brand announced that it had terminated the endorsement cooperation with Wu Yifan, and the relevant procedures were being processed.

The official WeChat account of King Glory stated that the brand partnership with Wu Yifan has ended in the first half of 2021 and the contract has not been renewed.

At 15:00 on the 19th, Tencent Video issued a notice stating that it had conducted a brand spokesperson cancellation notice with Wu Yifan and that it had terminated all brand-level related cooperation with Wu Yifan.

At 16:00, Le Bao Beer announced that it had terminated all endorsement cooperation with Wu Yifan.

According to the statistics of Radar Finance, following brands such as Han Shu, Liangpin Shop, Yunting APP, Liby, Ziyuan, Lancome, Vantage Company, Debao, Master Kong Ice Tea, King Glory, Tencent Video, Lebao Beer and other brands have announced their cooperation with Wu Yifan. After the contract expired or the contract was terminated, many brands kept up with the pace of the large force and lined up to announce the termination of cooperation with Wu Yifan.

According to Ding Wei, an industry insider in the film and television industry, Wu Yifan’s endorsement fee for a single brand exceeds 10 million yuan, “most of them are around 15 million yuan per year, which has declined in recent years, and was higher before, with a price tag of more than 20 million yuan.”

At 21:00 on the evening of July 19, Porsche stated through its official microblog that Porsche China has decided to terminate the partnership with Wu Yifan as the “Porsche China Motorsport Spokesperson” from now on.

At 21:25, Berman Technology issued a statement saying that due to the occurrence of Wu Yifan’s public opinion incident, Berman Intelligent Technology signed an image spokesperson with Wu Yifan to terminate the contract until July 19, and he was no longer a brand spokesperson. Everything about Wu Yifan’s public account Weibo and other e-commerce companies have been removed from the shelves, and there is currently no spokesperson.

At 22:00, Louis Vuitton’s official micro-post stated that Louis Vuitton attaches great importance to the allegations against Mr. Wu Yifan and has suspended its cooperation with him until the results of the judicial investigation are announced.

At 0:00 on July 20, Bulgari issued a micro-announcement to attach great importance to Wu Yifan’s related incidents and decided to terminate the cooperative relationship with Mr. Wu Yifan from now on.

On the 20th, some netizens discovered that Lancome’s official account had recovered information related to Wu Yifan, but then deleted all the information about Wu Yifan. At 12 noon, Lancome issued a document: “The contract between Lancome and Wu Yifan has expired in June 2021, and all related publicity has been terminated.”

At 10:00 on the 20th, the official Weibo of Master Kong Ice Tea stated that the Wu Yifan fan meeting originally scheduled to be held in Hangzhou on July 24 has been cancelled. Prior to this, Wu Yifan’s tickets for this meeting were fired up to two to three thousand yuan.

At 14:00 on the 20th, L’Oréal men tweeted that they had terminated all cooperation with Kris Wu.

Radar Finance noted that in addition to the brand spokesperson who signed the contract, companies that have other cooperative relationships with Wu Yifan also made corresponding statements. At 4 pm on the 20th, game manufacturer Ubisoft stated that it has decided to remove Wu Yifan’s “Big Bowl Wide Noodles” and related versions from the “Just Dance” National Bank game body and Dance Infinite Music Library.

Commercial value may be greatly reduced

“As far as what I have in my hand, can I send you at least ten years in jail?” On the evening of July 18, Du Meizhu broke the news that Wu Yifan had “seduce” and “seduce” himself, and claimed that Wu Yifan had previously There are also acts of adultery of underage girls.

A criminal lawyer in Beijing told Radar Finance and Economics that the current information reported by the police only showed that the two parties had had sex. And because of the lapse of many days, it is more difficult to “seduce” and “seduce rape.” Now the key is to see whether there is the existence of what Do Mitake called the rape of the underage girl.

From the perspective of practitioners in the advertising industry, even if Wu Yifan did not commit any crimes in the end, the incidents related to him and Du Meizhu had a huge negative impact on his image. Many businesses taboo and bad reputation of artists bound together , follow Wu Yifan commercial value will be greatly reduced.

Radar Finance noted that on July 19, the China Performance Industry Association released a Weibo stating that “entertainers are an important subject in the dissemination of social and cultural values, and the public places higher demands on the moral quality of star artists. They have a wide range of influence. The Ethics and Self-discipline Committee of the China Performance Industry Association has always paid close attention to the ethics, professional ethics, and related public opinion of the performing arts practitioners. Regardless of legal sanctions or self-discipline punishments, they need to be based on facts, not just on the Internet. If performers violate the law We have our own laws to punish severely; on the basis of not touching the bottom line of the law, if we violate public order and good customs and cause bad effects, industry self-discipline and punishment will never be soft.”

On the 20th, the Youth Work Committee of the China TV Drama Production Industry Association issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Risk Control of Inferior Artists”, stating that the Youth Work Committee is highly concerned about the public opinion incidents of actor Wu Yifan, and requested the majority of Youth Work Committee members: they are cooperating with it. Committee members should stop losses in time, and members who are negotiating cooperation with them should suspend contact; strictly implement the requirements of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, do not provide unscrupulous actors with “emergence” opportunities, “zero tolerance” for bad artists, and do not allow unhealthy trends to take advantage of In the future, before hiring actors, the majority of committee members should do a good job of backing up and avoid risks; the majority of committee members should learn from each other, draw inferences from one another, increase risk awareness, and be vigilant against actors and staff who have bad morals. If risky actors are found, they should be sure If there is evidence, report to the organization in a timely manner to establish and improve the risk early warning mechanism, safeguard the common interests of the industry, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

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