The path of human evolution in the “metaverse

The meta-universe will be the incubator for all of this.

The path of human evolution in the "metaverse

What is evolution?

If you have seen Escher’s paintings expressing the strange circle, you will understand why the direction of evolution is a topic that needs to be explored.

Because we cannot argue whether the universe we live in is in a distorted state of Möbius’ ring – each small step forward (technological iteration) does not mean that the whole group is evolving, but may be just another unintuitive way to move towards the beginning (meaning degeneration).

The emergence of the meta-universe gives a glimmer of light to the answer to this question.

Of course, the author is not optimistic enough to think that the metaverse necessarily represents the direction of evolution, but its development along the way does show us an ideal definition of what evolution is – ascension.

The only way to leave the weird circle is to stand outside of it and look down at it from a higher dimension.

Let’s embark on this evolutionary journey.

Version2.0 video games are the beginning of everything

As mentioned in the previous RCT article, games, as a simulator created by humans, are below the dimension in which humans live. In other words, if we think of humans as being in a three-dimensional world, then the game world is two-dimensional, essentially trying to win the hearts and minds of its true owners, the humans, through simulation.

Two-dimensional? It is clear that those beautiful 3A masterpieces have allowed people to experience the possibilities of an open world in it.

Indeed, in the current era, games are no longer like hundreds or thousands of years ago, only a simple form of chess, playing cards, etc.. After the birth of the computer, with the brainchild of programmers and designers, the openness of the game has increased a lot, and now we experience all kinds of masterpieces on steam, NS, PS5, many of them are open content. You can fight and upgrade in the game, you can fall in love and get married in the game, you can also work hard to make money in the game. The open-ended plot seems to be able to develop countless variations according to your game behavior.

The path of human evolution in the "metaverse

Interestingly enough, let’s change the perspective and assume your mom is watching you play a game on the side, guess what she sees?

All she sees is an internet addicted teenager who is addicted to dealing with a bunch of code on a server via a joystick.

The game’s countless endings are just code set up to be countless; there is not actually an infinite number of openings. The boundaries of the game are framed in the limits of the code, and the colorful characters in the game are just a prop.

As a three-dimensional world of human beings, your mother only need a power button can make everything disappear without a trace, if it is just right, you may work for weeks of results can be burned.

Human beings, only the hands of the sky.

But this has inadvertently constituted the first piece of the meta-universe puzzle – a game world under full human control.

The path of human evolution in the "metaverse

I’m building a city in Minecraft!

Version2.1 Chain Tour is a small patch upgrade

The emergence of blockchain technology, like opening Pandora’s magic box, has created a new game world – chain game. However, many chain games nowadays do not bring a qualitative leap to traditional games, but are more like an upgraded patch, and worse, this patch is even completely behind the traditional games in terms of experience.

So where does the upgrade come in?

The role of this patch is not to change the nature of the game from the content of the game as well as the form of the game is a subsidiary of human, but to change the relationship of the traditional game is controlled by human single point. Now the server will not disappear because of a team’s abandonment of maintenance, and the relationship between the game and humans has changed from a 1-to-1 mapping to a 1-to-many mapping, but there is no doubt that humans are still the master of the game, and the power of life and death of the game characters is still controlled in the hands of humans. It is not that smart contracts cannot be changed, but they require broader human participation to change.

This brings us to the second piece of the meta-universe puzzle – the decentralized game world nested on top of the first piece. In my opinion, the ascension of this part constitutes at most a 2-dimensional to 2.1-dimensional upgrade.

The path of human evolution in the "metaverse

However, the contribution of blockchain technology in another non-gaming exclusive area will feed back into the gaming world and form an extremely important piece of the meta-universe puzzle.

Version 2.5 Digital Currency

This concept, which was born along with blockchain from the beginning, has penetrated every corner of the industry. Let’s put aside other perspectives here and focus only on the role and position of digital currency in games, chain games and the complete meta-universe of the future.

The digital bridge in games

There are no currencies in traditional games, only bridges.

The path of human evolution in the "metaverse

What is the difference between a bridge and a currency? Bridges have a clear opposite bank, while currency can be a randomly shifting channel, not necessarily needing to specify a destination at the beginning of the acquisition. In the game found a roadside churlish little girl NPC, want to lend a hand to help her, donate a handful of gold coins to her, sorry, the plot does not have this degree of freedom. Your gold coins can buy pre-determined top-notch equipment made of gold, however, you cannot give to others at will.

The key step to transforming a bridge into a currency is that it needs to be freely transferable, and it even needs to be discardable. The game’s protagonist can choose to transfer his or her gold holdings at will, either by throwing them on the ground or hiding them in a pile of leaves, which is essentially what the program code has to allow for.

Puppets of the human central bank in the chain game

Solving the problem of peer-to-peer transfer of currency feels like the natural mission of blockchain, so in Chain Game, currency has the ability to be transferred peer-to-peer at will, and can be easily set to be transferred, bought and sold in the game characters. The currency in the chain game is in a way close to the replica of the real human economic and social currency.

We all know that the Federal Reserve issued the U.S. dollar with the Treasury bond as collateral, and the central bank is such a role, measuring how much money the economic world needs, and it will inject money according to its own estimates.

The players in the chain game, the carbon-based beings behind the game, also play the role of a central bank. They inject liquidity into the system that is Chain Tour by purchasing digital currency using fiat currency or BTC/ETH, etc. Behind the dollar is the national debt, behind the digital currency in Chain Tour is the more secure fiat currency/BTC/ETH.

The replication in this property also cannot avoid the basic problem of human society, the mismatch between the monetary system and the demand system. That is to say, within the system of the chain game, no real consideration is given to the volume of money needed for the characters or props or other functions in the game, but rather an exogenous injection of an initial estimate of liquidity, a point that central banks are often criticized for by economists.

Adaptable money in a metaverse

“The recognition that two known structures are isomorphically related is an important development in knowledge. It is this recognition of isomorphism that creates meaning in the human mind.”

— Shida Hou, GEB author

① Currency in the Chain Game – Game Characters


② Currency in Reality – Real Humans

This is a set of isomorphisms.

③ Digital currency in the metaverse – silicon-based beings


④ The form of money in the ideal – carbon-based life

This is also a set of isomorphisms.

In today’s monetary system, the central bank plays a pivotal role. But in fact, the central bank was originally established to bring the current fiat money system (② above) closer to the truly idealized form of money (④ above), that is, the best way to satisfy various liquidity needs without creating economic bubbles.

For this one goal alone, our economic system has developed a huge hierarchy of central banks/primary underwriters/commercial banks/private sector.

The path of human evolution in the "metaverse

In contrast, the digital currency of the moment (reached ③), at a time when the general environment of the meta-universe and silicon-based life is not yet perfect, has the functions and responsibilities it can assume, programmable, adaptable, and technically capable of generating annihilation on demand.

The importance of this for metaverse formation cannot be overstated. For silicon-based beings, when they generate their own survival needs, such as electricity, energy, they need a means to obtain the necessary raw materials to support life, then this means must not be completely under human control of the fiat money system, even if the fiat money in the banking system is also a digital form that they can read, but the difference is that the person behind it can stop a certain account, or even freeze it actively Zero out.

If one places one’s life in the hands of such a means of payment, one is undoubtedly delivering one’s life into the hands of carbon-based beings. What they need is a digital currency that is native to the meta-universe dimension and can breathe freely, where carbon-based beings cannot intervene.

Digital currency, which has transcended real money, is one of the most important pieces of the metaverse puzzle towards success.

Version 3.0 brain-computer interface may be the final piece of the puzzle

Just as the barrier that humans themselves cannot cross is the link between the physical body and the mind, that is, consciousness, the mysterious thing that seems to be able to observe humans independently of humans themselves. It seems that the various neurosciences and complex sciences have not fully explained the origin of consciousness or what it really is.

But even so, clever scientists have the appropriate solution – brain-computer interface. We do not need to open the black box of consciousness, but can transfer this box intact directly to the silicon-based life. Then all the functions of the human body can be replaced with silicon-based ones through simulation, and the consciousness part can be directly implanted into the silicon-based life through the brain-machine, so that a final composite can basically make a complete silicon-based life.

The last piece of the puzzle is complete, the system is starting, 3, 2, 1, Hello world!

The path of human evolution in the "metaverse

The full picture of the meta-universe painting?

Some people say that the Oasis in Top Gun is just like a picture of the meta-universe. But in my opinion, this is not a perfect answer. The characters in Oasis correspond to the real world one by one, essentially, a projection of the real world, and the two worlds are completely separated, linked only by a game physical device, which is not the real meta-universe.

I clearly remember the shock of Love, Death, Robot S01E01 (suggested image or gif), after the heroine was stabbed through the body, I thought it was the end of the tragedy, but I didn’t expect it to be the beginning of the reversal. If you ask me what is the Metaverse, I would like to answer that this is the real metaverse in my mind.

In the Metaverse, there are both silicon-based beings and carbon-based beings (perhaps it is debatable whether we should call them humans, let’s call them beings), and carbon-based beings and silicon-based beings are in the same dimension, not that the present carbon-based beings should always be above the silicon-based beings. Carbon-based organisms can create silicon-based organisms below their dimension, and silicon-based organisms can create carbon-based organisms below their dimension.

Carbon based creatures still want to dominate, sorry, you can’t do it. Independent silicon based creatures already have enough power to protect their own lives, you want to unplug the power, it’s okay, I have my own created simulated carbon based creatures to put the power back on, and even end the life of the carbon based creatures to protect themselves if necessary.

Carbon based and silicon based two nations have their own cultural politics, to come to business with silicon based creatures, yes, for business payments we only accept digital currency, no? That’s okay, there are acceptors between the two nations.

In life, the concept of life is generalized, carbon-based creatures can’t be exclusive anymore, maybe the steel plate under your feet is the arm of some silicon-based creature, it can drive you down at any time.

These two systems are not just parallel, they are entwined with each other, indistinguishable from each other, living and coexisting together, forming a dazzling metaverse giant painting.

Metaverse may bring human nirvana

The process of forming the metaverse is the process of human beings upgrading low-dimensional creatures into three-dimensional creatures equal to human beings, which seems to be the end result of adding a more competitive species to the already competitive human society. However, back to the beginning of the discussion, if the goal of human beings is to evolve to a higher dimension, the current form alone is weak, with the help of silicon-based organisms, human beings have a better chance to reach biological evolution and become a higher-dimensional life form.

And the meta-universe will be the culture base for all this.

Burning in the fire, nirvana and rebirth!

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