The outbreak of the “Metaverse” and the token sale are the Internet’s capital carnival or an IQ tax?

After the star card became popular, the digital star card turned out. In the NBA Top Shot market, LeBron James’ cards sold at a sky-high price of US$208,000 (about 1.35 million yuan).

NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based NBA digital collectibles platform. Different from the physical printed card, the NBA TOP Shot card has 3D dynamic presentation methods such as GIF or short video in addition to text and pictures. Its continued enthusiasm makes people see the huge potential of the NFT (non-homogeneous token) market, and “Meta Universe” relies on NFT transactions to gradually enter the public eye.

The term “meta universe” coined in the 1992 dystopian novel “Avalanche” is becoming a new track for Internet giants to compete. “Meta universe” is used to describe the immersive shared space accessed across different platforms, including the integration of physical and digital-Facebook founder and CEO Zuckerberg described it as the “embodied internet” .

“Your avatar can already represent you.” Miami fashion model and NFT enthusiast Imani McEwan (Imani McEwan) said, “Basically what your avatar wears determines who you are.” McEwan estimated that since Since January of this year, he has used the profits from his cryptocurrency investment to spend between $15,000 and $16,000 on 70 NFT wearable devices.

The outbreak of the "Metaverse" and the token sale are the Internet's capital carnival or an IQ tax?

In China, “Meta Universe” has also quietly become popular among young people.

“One thing that can be confirmed is that at the technical level, the’meta universe’ must be the most integrated after the Internet.” said Zhang Qixuan, a student of Shanghai University of Science and Technology who was born in 1999. Zhang Qixuan’s team has developed Wand, a “Meta Universe” app in the “Baping” App Store. He also currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Yingmo Technology Inc. incubated by ShanghaiTech University.

According to Yu Jingyi, Executive Dean of the School of Information and Science and Technology of ShanghaiTech University, Metaverse will be a collection of many technological concepts in the past. ” Meta Universe combines blockchain, VR/AR/MR, Internet of Things, rendering and even neural rendering, etc. ShanghaiTech University has a layout for corresponding technologies. ” Yu Jingyi told the CBN reporter.

The next generation of games exploded

Tim Sweeney, the founder and CEO of American game engine company Epic Games, declared that players can already gather in the virtual world of the “meta universe” through the popular “Fortress Night”. Recently, American super-popular singer Ariana Grande has held 5 consecutive concerts in different regions of the world, and the venue is also “Fortress Night”.

The outbreak of the "Metaverse" and the token sale are the Internet's capital carnival or an IQ tax?

The chip giant Nvidia also recently released the avatar of its founder and CEO Huang Renxun, and announced in a high-profile manner that its Omniverse computing platform empowers games and artistic creation, and redefines the “meta universe.”

Including Zuckerberg, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, game company Roblox CEO David Baszucki and dating software Match Group CEO Shar Dubey at the top of the technology giants, The concept of “meta universe” has been mentioned in several recent earnings conference calls, and they have tried their best to show how their company is shaping this future field.

A reporter from CBN recently visited the MARS laboratory of the School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University.

Zhang Qixuan told CBN reporters that Wand’s design concept originated from a paper published in ACM Transactions on Graphics 2021 this year by doctoral students Chen Anpei and Liu Ruiyang of the School of Information of Shanghai University of Science and Technology. On this basis, some data generation techniques previously used in the portrait style migration project anome were added, and a large number of images of two-dimensional, national style and other styles were generated in batches, and Wand application products were developed based on the data.

“The cultures that our generation is exposed to are quite diverse. Wand’s R&D team has both old two-dimensional elements, as well as fans of different content such as Star Wars, Guofeng, and hot-blooded comics.” Zhang Qixuan said, “If Metaverse is true It has become the entrance for the next generation of people to access the virtual world. The images of people in it must be diverse, and there will be different image expressions in different parallel universes in the meta-universe, and these images should all be users It’s a simple creation.”

In his view, the Wand project is an exploration in the user-led and AI-assisted “metauniverse” image generation technology, and it is also their involvement in the “two-dimensional style metauniverse”.

The outbreak of the "Metaverse" and the token sale are the Internet's capital carnival or an IQ tax?

Someone summarized the six characteristics of the meta universe: link, identity, sense of reality, creation, rules, and civilization. “I think Metaverse is a social form, which means that this is not a problem that a team can solve.” Zhang Qixuan said.

He said that at present, Yingmo Technology focuses on identity and sense of reality, such as the relationship between people, the consumption mode of people and things, and so on.

Video meetings can also use “avatars”

At present, Facebook, the world’s largest social network, continues to invest heavily in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality. Recently, a new team has been established to develop “meta universe” products, hoping to integrate its Oculus VR helmet hardware, AR glasses and wristbands. Wearable technology to explore more possibilities of “meta universe”, the company has also acquired a series of VR game studios including BigBox VR.

Facebook launched a test of a new virtual reality remote work application last week. Users using the company’s Oculus Quest 2 headset can participate in meetings in their avatar version in the new application.

It took Facebook about two and a half years to create a way for up to 16 people to sit at a conference table as the digital avatars of their true selves. Although Horizon Workrooms is free now, it is very likely that companies or schools will pay for it in the future.

Facebook regards the release of Horizon Workrooms, a remote office product, as an early prototype of the “metauniverse”, although the product does not fully demonstrate the “metauniverse.”

The outbreak of the "Metaverse" and the token sale are the Internet's capital carnival or an IQ tax?

Facebook Reality Labs Group Vice President Andrew Bosworth said that the Workrooms application is a good example of the company’s vision for meta-universe elements. “This is one of the basic steps in this direction.” Bosworth said at a press conference.

Gaining a dominant position in this new field of “Meta Universe” will make Facebook the next super-large computing platform and reduce its dependence on other hardware manufacturers in the future, such as Apple.

Yu Jingyi believes that Facebook will take advantage of its social media to occupy the leading position in the meta-universe world. There is not much room for Apple to play in the meta-universe world.

He also said that in the future, the realization of Metaverse will still need to rely on transactions, which is why the current NFT industry is booming.

“Meta Universe” Realization and NFT Transaction

The non-homogeneous token NFT market based on blockchain technology is quietly emerging. Since the beginning of this year, the global NFT art, sports and game market transaction volume has also been on the rise.

Unlike the cryptocurrencies that have been subject to regulatory crackdowns, NFT products can still be sold on platforms such as Alipay. Earlier this year, NFT was so popular that speculators and cryptocurrency enthusiasts flocked to buy this new type of asset, which represents the ownership of online-only items such as digital art, trading cards, and the online world.

The owner of the NFT is recorded on the blockchain, allowing the NFT to be traded as a substitute for the digital assets it represents. For example, on the Alipay platform, two NFT applications based on AntChain have been launched: AntChain Fandian and Guizang. The products on the platform are quickly sold out once they are launched.

The NFT market has attracted the participation of luxury goods giants including LVMH, Burberry and Gucci. Louis Vuitton recently launched a meta-universe game where players can collect NFTs; Burberry created branded NFT accessories for the game Blankos Block Party under Mythical Games; Gucci designed and sold NFT clothing for the avatar in the game Roblox.

According to data from, a website that tracks the NFT market, on Decentraland alone , wearable device sales in the first half of 2021 reached $750,000, up from $270,000 in the same period last year. Some market participants believe that wearable devices and shopping in virtual stores may represent the future of retail.

Sophie Lund-Yates, an analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, a private investment agency, said: “ Facebook is still focusing on science fiction, and Metaverse is still just an ambition. But if this idea is realized one day, it may become a valuable asset for companies. Source of income. “

Pu Xiaoying, a global partner of Bain & Company, told CBN reporters: “NBA TOP Shot actually turns some shots of the NBA into an NFT one by one. Fans are willing to buy at a high price, so it is based on real life. As a basis, we will find that users in this market have penetrated from speculators to more collecting players from the beginning, which may drive the market to show exponential growth.”

She said that NFT has become part of the “meta universe”, but regulators still need to clarify whether NFT is a virtual currency, or a certificate of virtual currency, or a security asset. “From a regulatory point of view, will the rapid development of the market place an emergency brake? NFT game collections are blunt. On the one hand, it has the attributes of NFT or cryptocurrency, which is finance. On the other hand, it is games. Two aspects of regulatory issues.” Pu Xiaoying told a reporter from China Business News.


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