The original price of 39 Asian Games torch NFT was slammed for 3 million yuan, supervision has begun to cool the NFT market

The Hangzhou Asian Games Torch NFT, which was issued in a limited edition of 21,000 copies, was exploded outside the stadium for 3 million yuan.


It is very difficult to grab the ticket every small holiday. However, during the Mid-Autumn Festival that just passed, there was one thing that was harder to grab than a ticket to go home. It was the Asian Games “digital torch” NFT artwork sold in limited quantities by a major Internet company.

So what is NFT? In fact, it is a new type of digital asset running on the blockchain. Each work can only have one buyer, and the ownership is recorded on the blockchain, so there is no need to worry about buying fakes. The encryption art derived from NFT is also unique and irreplaceable, so it is very valuable for collection. Previously, a pure digital painting was sold at a sky-high price of 450 million yuan.

The price of the digital torch for the Asian Games is only 39 yuan, but because it is a big IP and it is displayed in 3D, it will be sold out as soon as it is sold, and it will be at least four digits when it is resold. Some buyers care about serial numbers, just like mobile phone numbers, a good serial number can also sell for a good price. For better numbers like 0001 and 8888, selling a five-digit number is not a problem.

In order to reduce the hype, some major manufacturers have set NFT transfer conditions, such as the transfer of hands after 180 days of purchase; some second-hand platforms also block related keywords. But this did not reduce the enthusiasm of the scalpers in the slightest. Some established WeChat trading groups, and some moved to small trading platforms.

There are more tricks on the small trading platform, pricing issuance, auction, blind box, and more ways to play. More trading platforms not only allow merchants to drive up prices, but also openly draw “scalpers” into their camp to attract investors. But these small platforms are also risky. Most of them are copycat platforms, and they might run away someday.

Most of the NFT investors are “noobs” in the currency circle. They don’t understand NFT, let alone the routines in the circle. They hold the idea of ​​“just let them make money” and they are easily cut off as “leeks”. . I would like to remind all investors that if you don’t understand NFT, don’t be too aggressive, and be wary of bubbles in the trading of NFT works.


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