“The Original God” is Sony’s “pro son”?

Regarding the “showing love” of Sony and “Original God”.

Sony has always had friendly cooperation and exchanges with Mihayou , the developer of ” Yuanjin ” . Just when “Yuanjin” announced that it would log on to PS4, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Global Studios in Japan, also praised “Yuanjin” and even He has supported “The Original God” many times and posted screenshots of his card drawing on his social accounts.

And just recently, the Bank of China PS5 has also begun to link with “Yuan Shen”, PlayStation Tmall official flagship store has launched a new “Yuan Shen” and PS5 linkage gift box, this gift box contains Paimeng Li card, Pai Mengka set, Pimeng emoticon pack sticker, “Original God” silicone handle cap, battle Qunyuge poster, and battle Qunyuge outer box.

This linked Bank of China host is still in hot buying, and the other version of “Yuan Shen” 2.0 has already been put on all major platforms. The most anticipated feature of the 2.0 version of the game is the interoperability of the game accounts of the major platforms. “Original God” will also form a larger group of players. The development of the whole platform “The Original God” and Sony, which is a fan of “The Original God”, seem to have an unexplainable relationship between the two. What kind of agreement Sony and Mihayou have reached to make “The Original God” This domestic game has become Sony’s hot chicken?

The amazingly flowing “Original God”

The popularity of the game “Original God” must be something that every player knows. Even players who don’t like this game have to admit that the economic benefits brought by “Original God” are extremely lucrative in overseas markets. Its revenue is second only to “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite”, and even surpasses the phenomenon-level meta-universal game “Robust” in Europe and America.


"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?

The boom also let live “original spirit” to get a lot of benefits, according to June 29 net long joint tour small gourd game live leaderboard heat released data show that the number of launch the “original spirit”, as well as live barrage According to the comprehensive heat calculated by the gift, the data of “Original God” has surpassed “DNF” and “DOTA2”. “Heartstone” and other veteran live broadcast games.


"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?

The popularity of “Yuan Shen” can be seen. In addition to traditional competitive mobile games, “Yuan Shen” basically occupies a dominant position in the field of mobile games, because the casual and single-player experience of the gameplay is obvious, and it also makes a lot of Players can use the rare time to play. It can be said that “The Original God” effectively divided the lengthy experience of MMORPG with an open world pattern, and used elements such as land reclamation and exploration to alleviate the excessive liver krypton system.


But also because of the open-world map mechanism, “Pharaoh” can retain the characteristics of players. According to the data provided by the GameAge Research Institute, the average daily game time of “Pharaoh” players is about 65.1 minutes. This data may be Compared with other liver krypton games, it is not outstanding, but it can effectively retain the freshness of the game experience. In contrast, other hepatic krypton games let players wear down their patience to a certain extent, and make the game itself lose the meaning of play.

"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?

Comparison of user online time data between “Yuan Shen” and “V4”

“Original God” has now made great achievements in user retention, revenue and live broadcast popularity. After the open platform restrictions this time, the game will also enter a new era. Platform obstacles have always been a layer of defense that major online games want to break through. However, due to technology and platform differences, these ideas are difficult to achieve. Now after the 2.0 version of “Original God”, will the game create a brand new one? What about the full-platform online game model? We will wait and see this.

Try the new exploration of Sony

Sony has been controversial since the launch of the second-generation console PS5. On the one hand, the lack of supply has made the PS5 a visible but unbuyable existence in the eyes of most players. On the other hand, the slow development of first-party games has led to the lack of display of the next-generation console. Opportunity, Sony President Jim Ryan also frequently revealed news that various first-party games will land on the PC platform, putting Sony in a very embarrassing position in the game’s public opinion field.

"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?


Nowadays, a large number of playable games for PS5 originate from the PS4 era. Backward compatible games make it difficult to reflect the performance of PS5. On the contrary, the online game “Yuan Shen” has made many adaptable changes for landing PS5.


In the April demonstration, PlayStation officially released the actual effects of the PS5 version of “Yuan Shen”. In terms of image quality, “Yuan Shen” can run in stable 4K image quality on PS5. With the blessing of high-speed SSD, it leaves the secret to return. The loading time of the big map has also been reduced from 20 seconds to just 2.32 seconds.

"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?

At the same time, “Yuan Shen” is also developing the concept of DualSense handle direction. Although it achieves diversified and detailed changes similar to the “Guide to the Use of Cosmic Robot Wireless Controller”, it still allows players to clearly feel the changes in the PS5 version. In addition, the “original spirit” PS5 production team also produced a special “celebration Genting .”

"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?


So why does Sony push for such a controversial game? Where did “Original God” attract them?


The design of “Original God” Xiao Lei also mentioned in the previous article, it is a mixture of many game highlights, and most of the excellent game designs are borrowed from “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. For this reason, foreign media have also made a lot of videos to compare the similarities between the two games, and the reference to “Original God” in the game circle is also tacit.

"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?

And this is also having an impact on Nintendo’s first-party self-developed games. After all, works such as “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” are high-quality, but the long development period and relatively limited stand-alone content are impossible and continuous updates. Compared to online games. During the five years of development of the sequel, players have thoroughly understood the gameplay and content of the original game. If no new game is released, the popularity of the game will be relatively weakened.


“The Original God” appeared as a competing product of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, effectively attracting players who are interested in this type of gameplay. The continuous output content and the expanded discussion of online players will also be absorbed. The popularity of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” does not mean that the quality of “The Original God” is comparable to “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, but the long content output cycle of the stand-alone game is indeed a flaw. .


"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?

From another perspective, “Original God” is currently the best game for PS5 to play for a long time. After all, PS5 is still in an awkward situation of game shortage. The “Devil’s Soul: Remake”, “Ricky and Ricky” developed specifically for PS5 Jingle: Time and Space Jump and other games are mostly linear games with limited processes. As an open-world online game, Yuanshen has become the most stable content output.

On the whole, “The Original God” can not only create trouble for Nintendo against the standard “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, but also maintain a stable output in the game content. How could such a game not be supported by Sony?


Combination of mobile game hosts

However, this time the “Yuan Shen” full-platform alliance still has certain restrictions. The national server account can only be bound to the national server PSN, and players who have not registered with the national server before cannot communicate with each other. But I have to say that this update of Miha Tour will be a rare attempt.


The development of the entire platform is actually not difficult, but the differences in game operations and operations on each platform always make the platform’s vision a futile. For example, in shooting games with the highest control requirements, the handle operation cannot be the same as the keyboard and mouse. Flexible, so are mobile games.

"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?

In terms of game quality, it is not easy to be compatible with the performance of major platforms. At present, the mobile game platform with the lowest performance configuration has always been a problem for major manufacturers to overcome. It must be able to run on the mobile platform and ensure a certain quality. It is as difficult as carving a city on rice grains.

Miha Tour is just the freak. In the mobile game that all manufacturers are reluctant to invest in research and development, they have made games that can perform well even on the console platform. You must know that Miha Tour costs The development resources are basically capable of making 3A level games. However, it is precisely this approach of slanting the front of the sword that allows “Original God” to complete the idea of ​​a full-platform game.

"The Original God" is Sony's "pro son"?

This is also one of the reasons why Sony is pushing the “Original God”. In expanding the direction of mobile game business, the mainframe manufacturers that are used to developing first-party masterpieces are naturally inexperienced, and Mihayou’s rich experience in the field may be able to open up The pattern of Sony’s mobile game market.

In the final analysis, the account connection of all platforms is actually the mutual drainage between the platforms. The mobile game platform is convenient, but if you want a better screen experience, you have to go to the host platform, and the difference in operating experience can also be Solved on the PC platform. The same game opens up the possibility of experience on different platforms, diverting each other to increase the daily activity value of the platform. This update of “Yuan Shen” also expresses the intention of long-term cooperation with Sony.


“The Original God” created the possibility for Sony to cooperate with the mobile game platform, and Sony’s support also gave Mihayou a certain status recognition and technical assistance. It is not so much that “The Original God” is Sony’s popular hot chicken. It is better to say that Sony and Mihayou have long been bound into a community of interests.

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