The NFT market is hot and many companies test the water for NFT digital products

Since the beginning of this year, the popularity of NFT (non-homogeneous proof of rights) based on blockchain technology has soared. The innovation of NFT is to provide a method of marking the ownership of native digital assets, which is conducive to digital copyright protection and authorization. At present, the application field of NFT continues to expand, among which artistic NFT is the most popular.

Compared with the vigorous development of foreign NFT ecological construction, the domestic layout of NFT has just started. Recently, companies such as Tencent, Alipay, and Soyun Technology have begun to test the waters of NFT and launch art NFT products, which have attracted widespread attention. Experts in the industry generally believe that the emergence of NFT has opened up a new and unique value-carrying method for digital assets and opened up the imagination of digital assets. Domestic companies’ testing of NFT shows that its value is gradually being recognized.

Enterprises have launched NFT products

In early August, Tencent launched an NFT collection resource trading service software “Magic Core” App, and launched the first NFT digital collection “Limited Edition Thirteen Invitation Vinyl Record NFT” . The IP is based on Tencent’s video interview program “Ten “Three Invitations”, the total quantity is 300 pieces, and the price is 18 yuan per piece. On the evening of August 3, it was sold out after the official sale.

According to the Novice Guide for Magic Core App, Magic Core digital collections are issued based on Zhixin Chain’s NFT technology protocol. Zhixin Chain provides blockchain underlying technology support, trusted storage technology, and digital Commodity certificate technical service. Tencent said that once purchased, the relevant information of the buyer will be written into the metadata of the work as a proof of ownership of the work.

According to multiple media reports, Tencent Music (TME) will launch the NFT encrypted art service “TME Digital Collection” in August, and distribute virtual collections to users. The internal test has already started, and the platform technology may be available in the future. All products of TME are launched simultaneously.

Compared with Tencent, Alipay tested NFT earlier and has launched a number of NFT products. Since June, the Alipay platform “AntChain Fan Mini Program” has sold a variety of NFT skins with payment codes based on AntChain technology, and listed NFT digital art auctions and European Cup scoring digital trophies, which has aroused people’s pursuit of NFT. .

In general, the NFT digital products launched by Tencent and Alipay all adopt the alliance chain route, mainly based on major popular IP, including audio, painting and other fields, aiming to encourage and promote the intellectual property protection of digital creation. Users only enjoy the collection and display services, and cannot conduct second-hand transactions, transfer gifts, etc.

Guosheng Securities stated that NFT has great potential in the field of artistic creation. Its development has brought new business models and profit margins to the IP cultural industry, and new tools for content platforms. The cultural creation economy will usher in external promotion.

“NFT technology is a good solution to the inability to effectively protect intellectual property rights in the traditional Internet era of copy and paste. It can help determine ownership. This has a very important and positive significance for respecting digital content innovation and protecting intellectual property rights.” Chinese people Wang Peng, an associate professor of the university, told a reporter from the Securities Daily.

The reporter noticed that Soyun Technology also launched the NFT digital artwork at the end of July. It also uses the alliance link line to select works with high cultural and artistic value in Chinese history for limited copying. Each product is equipped with a unique blockchain-based unique Digital ownership certificate. Both copy the physical object and own the digital artwork ownership certificate based on the blockchain, avoiding malicious hype through NFT and ignoring the true artistic value of the artwork itself.

NFT has a bigger imagination

At present, the scale of the NFT market is further expanding. Taking the current largest NFT market trading platform OpenSea as an example, data shows that in July, OpenSea transaction volume was US$325 million, an increase of 118% from the previous month, setting a record high, and the number of NFT transactions and transaction fees also broke previous records.

Wei Ran, CMO of Xinyuan Technology, said in an interview with the “Securities Daily” reporter that in the past, many assets that have not been priced, confirmed and traded are growing vigorously through NFT. At present, NFT is mainly divided into art and game props asset liquidity solutions (used to represent supply chain financial loans, non-listed equity, real estate fund shares and other new types of securitized asset data containers), of which the art NFT Most prominently, the NFT products launched by the above-mentioned domestic companies belong to the art NFT.

Regarding artistic NFTs, Yu Weiren, vice president of Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association, said: “The emergence of NFTs proposes a new solution to the problem of separation of two rights in the digital age, through the standardized identifiers in the blockchain and Metadata marks the ownership of the original work, and the creator’s digital copyright is unique, transparent and traceable, and because of its uniqueness, it reflects a certain collection value, thereby protecting the interests of the creator. ”

Precisely because NFT can protect the digital copyright of creators, at this stage, NFT is mainly to realize the on-chain right confirmation and circulation transactions of digital virtual goods represented by artworks. In the medium and long term, traditional assets including real estate and trusts can be converted into digital assets for circulation in this way, opening up the imagination of digital assets.

Yu Weiren said that NFT is a bridge between reality and the virtual world, which can greatly enhance the liquidity of assets and the scope of transactions. At present, NFT has gradually been promoted in various fields. With the acceleration of digitalization, the value of NFT will become more and more important.

“The prospect of NFT is clear, and it will surely become an important asset in the digital economy era.” Zheng Lei, chief economist of Baoxin Finance, told a reporter from Securities Daily that NFT ensures that the ownership of physical objects can be traced. Heconfirmation also makes it more convenient to make native digital products directly into NFTs. Ownership also includes intellectual property rights, which is equivalent to automatic realization of intellectual property management functions. NFT will give people endless imagination.

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