The new specification is released and the data market is about to be on the right track

For a long time, the development direction of the digital collection market has been relatively vague, and now this situation is expected to change!

Entering 2022, the number of digital collection platforms has skyrocketed, reaching more than 500 so far. At the same time, relevant policy norms and industry self-discipline conventions have also been released one after another. Although they have played a guiding role to a certain extent, they still need to be improved.

On June 17, the inaugural meeting of the national digital cultural and creative regulatory ecological matrix and the launching ceremony of the national copyright transaction protection alliance chain were held, and the “Digital Cultural and Creative Regulatory Governance Ecological Matrix Convention” (hereinafter referred to as the “Convention”) was released.

Unlike in the past, this conference and related documents more comprehensively regulate the digital collection, and point out the development direction, and also indicate that the market is gradually on the right track.

Blockbuster “Convention” released

One of the most noteworthy points at this meeting is the content of the “Convention”, which puts forward the authoritative suggestions of “Eleven Regulations on the Regulation and Governance of Digital Cultural Creation” in terms of digital cultural and creative and digital intellectual property protection and development, normative governance, early warning and prevention and control:

The new specification is released and the data market is about to be on the right track

Among the eleven articles, there are contents that have been mentioned in relevant documents in the past, such as property rights issues, real-name system, etc., but there are also some points that are rarely mentioned, such as the supervision of sales, gifts, transfers, etc.

From the access review of operating entities, to product intellectual property rights, registration, filing, display, sales, pricing, etc., to market control, and even user behavior, the Convention provides comprehensive recommendations.

Of course, the “Convention” also recognizes the value of data collection, advocates that digital cultural and creative products should focus on cultivating and practicing socialist core values, and encourages high-quality scenarios that serve the digital economy and empower the real economy.

On the whole, the provisions of the “Convention” are more comprehensive. On the one hand, it affirms the value of Shuzang, on the other hand, it provides guidance on the standardization of the entire industrial chain, and also warns about the existing risks. The healthy and long-term development of the Tibetan market is of great significance.

National-level copyright transaction protection alliance chain – cross-chain mutual recognition

In addition to the “Convention”, another key focus this time is the release of the national copyright transaction protection alliance chain.

Various alliance chains that we are familiar with in the past, such as Ant Chain and Zhixin Chain, have an obvious defect, that is, the chains cannot recognize each other, and collections based on Ant Chain cannot be found on Zhixin Chain. The problem of “consensus” severely limits the actual value of the digital collection, which is one of the reasons why the value of the digital collection is generally viewed as bad.

The national copyright transaction protection alliance chain released this time adopts the main and sub-chain structure, which can realize cross-chain mutual recognition with the financial blockchain and judicial blockchain, which will largely overcome the many shortcomings of the alliance chain compared with the public chain. , to become a blockchain service infrastructure with national endorsement.

In the future, it will provide non-tamperable, distributed and highly credible copyright ownership confirmation for national digital cultural and creative, digital copyright, digital fashion, digital art, virtual human, virtual world and reality interactive industries and other excellent digital cultural and creative products. Copyright digital development, information release, digital copyright holding, copyright value management, copyright protection, certification evaluation, authorized trusteeship, circulation certification and other services.

“Digital Culture and Creation Normative Governance Matrix”

As the initiator, the ecological matrix of national-level digital cultural and creative norms governance can be said to be full of weight.

It was initiated by Xinhuanet, Shanghai Cultural Property Exchange, China International Cultural Exchange Center, and China Cyberspace Security Association. Jointly sponsored by China Electronics Standardization Institute, China Industrial Internet Research Institute, Virtual Economy and Data Science Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China International Culture Group Co., Ltd., UnionPay Commerce Co., Ltd., and 3 supporting institutions and 135 members mechanism.

At present, more and more member institutions have joined it.

Finally, behind more regulation is more expectation!

Whether it is the comprehensive guidance of values ​​and issues in the Convention, or the heavy release of the national alliance chain, it clearly indicates the development direction of the domestic digital collection market in the future.

At present, not only enterprises, but also local governments and state-owned assets are actively investing in the Tibetan market.

The state has made positive contributions in regulating the development of digital cultural and creative industries, supporting the long-term prosperity of digital cultural and creative industries, and providing path guidance for enterprises that legally and compliantly use blockchain and other technical means to assist the development of digital cultural and creative industries.

In a word, the digital Tibetan market is about to get on the right track, giving full play to the technological advantages of blockchain, accelerating the development of the digital economy, and empowering the real economy, integrating with the industrial industry, and integrating with consumption, cultural tourism, manufacturing, etc., in a broader value in the field.

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