The New Public Chain Era: A Look at the Mainstream Public Chain Ecology

As DeFi, NFT and other ecosystems take turns taking turns, public chains have entered a new era of multi-chain competition.

In addition to the old block chain network Ethernet Square outside, Solana, the Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon , Cardano  and other new generation began to enter the public market chain, multi-chain pattern of coexistence is the current market.

According to Footprint Analytics data, Ethereum currently accounts for nearly 70% of the public chain, and the remaining 30% is divided by other public chains. Among them, BSC ranks second and about 10%, Solana and Terra rank third, About 5% for four. Polygon, as the native Layer 2 solution of Ethereum, ranks fifth with 2.4% volume, attracting attention.


According to the number of public chain protocols included in Footprint Analytics, Ethereum has 286 protocols and BSC has 110. The following Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom have also launched incentive plans, with 66, 34, and 32 respectively. Compared with Ethereum, they have more attractive fees and faster transaction speeds, which shows that the future development of the second-tier public chain cannot be underestimated.



At present, each public chain has basically covered infrastructure, wallets, tools, browsers, oracles, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and other matrices. Among them, DeFi is its most important component. Next, we will browse the new era public chain ecosystem one by one.



New image source in August: Tweet @PolygonDaily


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