The most promising 2022 Solana NFT game project outlook

2021 is the first year of Game-Fi, and 2022 will usher in the first major outbreak. Game applications have extremely high requirements for low renewal fees, high TPS, and high scalability. The two public chains of BSC and Solana have become the preferred choice of various game developers. Today we take a look at the most potential game items on the Solana public chain.

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The most promising 2022 Solana NFT game project outlook


Aurory is a 3A-level work built on the Solana public chain. The core team is from Ubsoft, EA and other traditional large game companies. Aurory is a magical Q version of the work. The editor’s general comment: 4 points for playability, 5 points for art, and 5 points for popularity. It is very much worth looking forward to.

Judging from the official trailer, the core gameplay is a battle flag, which is a semi-real-time strategy gameplay.

Compared with players who are accustomed to real-time combat-based MMORPG gameplay, Zhanqi Warfare is less exciting, but at the same time, Zhanqi Warfare has been greatly improved in terms of strategy.

In the art setting, Aurory uses a magical Q version with dark colors. It has three heads and a realistic Q version. It is a style that small editors often like. Compared with Game-Fi products that are not in the market, Aurory has a large investment in art.

The product will be announced 4 times in 2021. Judging from the graphics and data released in the past 8 years, the product has completed the construction of the core world view, and the war module has also been formed. Players are expected to be in 2022. I experienced this work in the first half of the year. Aurory brought the greatest shock to the industry than the IDO completed in October 21st 2021, which raised the largest IDO funds in the Game-Fi field so far, with a total of more than 100 million U.S. dollars.

The most promising 2022 Solana NFT game project outlook



STEPN is a “Move to Earn” NFT game on mobile devices. Players need to wear “NFT sneakers” to walk, jog or run outdoors to earn rewards. It combines blockchain games with real-life mobile devices, and aims to promote millions of people to move towards a healthier and lower-carbon lifestyle, and bring them to the world of Web 3 and Make an active contribution to carbon neutrality.

STEPN was created by the Find Satoshi Lab team and runs on the Solana network to reconstruct the co-relationship between the user’s physical activity and blockchain games. This item uses the player’s sports data as a series of gamification inputs, and then transforms the player into Token and NFT rewards in the game on the chain.

In addition, STEPN won the fourth place in the GameFi field of Solana “Ignition Hackathon”.

At the same time, STEPN is continuing to bridge the gap between encrypted and non-encrypted game players to apply to all players, regardless of their past experience with decentralized applications (Dapp) or encrypted games. In order to make its gameplay as friendly as possible to users. Therefore, by attracting a large number of non-encrypted players, this is also the key to the continuous increase of STEPN users in the future.

The most promising 2022 Solana NFT game project outlook

Different from the operation method of most NFT games, STEPN has not yet launched any IDO/ IEO fundraising, nor has it done large-scale NFT pre-sales, but is doing product research and development. The previous product has been developed and fully developed. It’s on the chain. The founding team has publicly stated that “a good product is the first.”

The STEPN APP is currently available for direct download from the Google Play application store and TestFlight. NFT sneakers have been put on the MagicEden trading market. The floor price of NFT sneakers at press time is 4 SOL, the average transaction price is 6.5 SOL, and in-game tokens. The current price of GST is 1 $GST =1.64USDC. The game has achieved a complete state, sports earn GST, and sell GST to USDC. New players can get a minimum of 8-10 GST in one day through sports, and players can already reach 100 GST.

Under the harassment of the new crown epidemic, sports and fitness have become a consensus among more and more people. STEPN combines the concept of sports and looks forward to becoming the most important event in 2022.

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