The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

25 virtual digital human concept stocks soared, leading to the new myth of wealth creation in the Metaverse?

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

“Xiaodu Xiaodu, open the curtains”, “Hey, Siri, set an alarm for me”, “Xiao Ai, remind me to bring an umbrella tomorrow”… In the past, these were neither seen nor touched Intelligent voice assistants, like caring little housekeepers , will help us arrange everything.

But all this has changed in 2022, the virtual digital human race is gradually heating up, and many “caring little housekeepers” also have their own images.

With the existence of virtual digital people, the interaction between people and devices is no longer limited to the interaction between people and machines, but the mobile phone is used as a new “character” to accompany the user. In today’s Internet information age, people’s group loneliness is increasing day by day, and mobile phones have become the longest item that accompanies them, and anthropomorphizing such items will also give users more warmth.

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

▲Huawei digital person Yunsheng

The virtual digital human track has also attracted the attention of more and more entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover, the first batch of popular virtual digital people have already made a lot of money.

According to Tianyancha data, from 2022 to the present, there have been 22 investment and financing events in the field of virtual digital humans, and the number of investments and the amount involved have exceeded the full year of 2021. Relevant industry research reports show that the core market size of China’s virtual human in 2021 is 6.22 billion yuan. It is expected that by 2030, the overall market size of my country’s virtual human will reach 270 billion yuan. The virtual digital human concept stock has also once become one of the major concept stocks with higher growth rates.

Internet giants such as Tencent, ByteDance, Baidu, and mobile phone giants such as OPPO and Xiaomi are all betting on the virtual digital human race, what kind of new market and wealth passwords are hidden? Which players will get the most out of it? What impact will virtual digital people bring to people’s lives? We delved deeper into this.

01. Is it an employee, a star, or a mascot? The identity of the virtual digital person “changes and changes”

Now, we can see more and more virtual digital people appearing around us on billboards on the street, in live shopping studios, in companies, and even on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.According to the classification of application scenarios, the current virtual digital human can be divided into identity virtual digital human and service virtual digital human.

Among them, the identity-type virtual digital people are mostly virtual idols, fashion spokespersons or real avatars and other roles, which are mainly based on excellent appearance or unique characteristics. The latter are more like virtual assistants, virtual employees, virtual customer service, etc., which can provide users with Certain service roles.

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

▲Service-oriented virtual digital human CCTV network digital anchor Xiao C

Since the end of last year, major manufacturers’ conferences have had new ways of playing. Many product speakers no longer stand in front of the stage to talk about products, but their virtual avatars have been replaced. Some virtual avatars will imitate their own prototype to restore, and some virtual avatars will show a different kind of appearance.

For example, at the Baidu World Conference, Baidu CEO Robin Li chose to completely reproduce his image, while at the Nvidia Conference, another type of virtual digital human, the cartoon version of “Old Yellow”, was presented. Not only that, some manufacturers also create virtual digital people specially according to their own company positioning, as a brand symbol of the company.

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

▲The virtual digital human of Robin Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu

Another type of virtual idol has become one of the new marketing methods today. Liu Yexi, a beauty star who became popular overnight, Luo Tianyi, who appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, and A-SOUL, the most popular virtual idol girl group in China… All kinds of virtual digital people prop up the entire virtual idol market. It is reported that in 2021, the core market size of virtual idols will be 6.22 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 12.08 billion yuan in 2022.

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

▲Virtual idol girl group A-SOUL

On the whole, virtual digital people have begun to gradually penetrate into all walks of life, and have begun to achieve the same effect as “real people” in publicity and communication.

In 02.1, 180,000 new companies were added, and three types of players were hidden under the concept stocks

According to the data of Tianyancha, there are more than 386,000 enterprises related to “virtual people” and “digital people” in my country, of which nearly 180,000 new registered enterprises will be registered in 2021, and the growth rate of registered enterprises will reach 155.2%. Some people think that virtual digital people The industry has entered an explosive period.

It is not easy to create a virtual digital human, and the manufacturing cost often ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands according to different schemes . Professional-level virtual digital human may need to reach millions of fees . This is also one of the reasons why the virtual digital human race has not been able to expand for a long time in the past.

However, recently, the manufacturing cost of virtual digital human has been gradually decreasing, which not only includes the maturity of technology , but also the participation of various players in the virtual digital human race, which reduces the research and development cost of each link .”Some interfaces had to be developed by themselves before, and now there are other companies that can share this cost equally.” A person close to the virtual digital human industry revealed to Zhixi.

Most of the virtual digital human concept stock players with amazing gains such as Leyard and iFLYTEK are also distributed in these technology industry chains . There are also some players such as Baidu, Tencent, and Ali whose main business is not deeply involved, but they are also potential stocks in this field.

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

▲ On September 20, the top ten stocks of virtual digital human concept stocks rose and fell

At present, the virtual digital human concept stocks contain three types of players in different fields, namely marketing communication companies, technology companies and cultural communication companies. They cut into the virtual digital human track from different fields such as content and technology.

1. Marketing Communications Companies: Places That Give Value to Virtual Digital Humans

The first type of player is the digital communications company. They often regard virtual digital people as a new “star” and use it as a more figurative IP image.

In the past two years, we can see the figures of virtual digital people from major New Year’s Eve parties and theme parties.

According to statistics, in the 2022 Winter Olympics alone, nearly 30 virtual digital people will participate , including Gu Ailing’s virtual digital human Meet GU, sign language anchor “Ling Yu”, digital reporter “Xiao Zheng”, etc. This kind of virtual digital human basically has superior appearance conditions, has the ability to talk, and some even have some special “skills”.

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

▲ “Xiao Zheng”, digital reporter of Xinhua News Agency

From the beauty blogger “Liu Yexi” to the virtual host “Xiao Yang”, the virtual digital human brings freshness and new interpretation to users and audiences. According to relevant research reports, the overall market size and core market size driven by virtual idols in 2021 will be 107.49 billion yuan and 6.22 billion yuan respectively, and it is expected to reach 186.61 billion yuan and 12.08 billion yuan respectively in 2022.

It can be seen that the emergence of virtual digital people has given many companies that focus on digital marketing a new focus.

The blue cursor in the concept stock sector has successively launched two virtual digital people “Su Xiaomei” and K. Zhejiang University Internet has launched the national style virtual IP “Jun Ruojin”,Huayang Lianzhong and its digital technology partners have launched a virtual IP. Image “Aimee”, virtual digital human has become a new business direction in marketing communication enterprises.

With these virtual digital people, these companies that focus on digital marketing have also jumped into the virtual digital human concept stock sector in one fell swoop.

2. Technology companies: “manufacturing factories” for virtual digital humans

Creating a virtual digital person not only requires a certain IP culture to “affiliate” it, but also requires many technology companies to provide services.

From image design and modeling, to real-life motion capture, to real-time driving models, and final rendering output, the manufacturing process of virtual digital humans will involve optics, motion capture, model rendering and other links.

The image generation, animation generation, synthetic display and human-computer interaction of the virtual digital human all require the participation of visual technology. Therefore, in the concept stocks of virtual digital human, there are many optical manufacturers on the list, such as Lingyunguang, Leyard, and some AI manufacturers, such as iFlytek.

Lingyunguang mainly provides optical motion capture solutions for virtual digital humans . Users can form more diverse virtual digital human content by placing multiple annunciators on the motion capture suit and transmitting signals with the surrounding light towers. At present, Lingyunguang can solve about 30% of the manual processing volume through 3D light field modeling, motion capture, and virtual shooting solutions.

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

▲Lingyunguang virtual digital human solution

In terms of virtual digital people, Leyard mainly uses motion capture technology and products as its core business , and has launched a number of virtual digital people such as Mengniu virtual anchor and Hunan Satellite TV’s “Hello Saturday ” virtual host “Xiao Yang”.

Different from the previous two virtual digital human manufacturers that mainly focus on real-life drives, iFLYTEK mainly builds AI-based virtual digital human.

At the 2022 annual meeting, iFLYTEK proposed to launch professional virtual humans for the first time in 2022. It is hoped that in the next two years, iFLYTEK will launch the iFLYTEK Ultra Brain 2030 plan, hoping to launch a professional virtual human family and a possible future. Raised robot pets, which is also the initial goal of their virtual digital human layout.

The popularity of virtual digital humans has also led more and more types of companies to participate in the production of virtual digital humans, reducing the cost of building virtual digital humans from all aspects.

3. Cultural communication company: let virtual digital people on the “big stage”

In the virtual digital human track, in addition to our common hard technology and marketing communication companies, there is also a special type of players, media companies.

Among the virtual digital human concept stocks, we can see at least 10 media companies participating, including but not limited to Xinhuanet, Mango Supermedia, Fengshang Culture, Fengyuzhu, Gravity Media, Tianzhou Culture, Chuanwang Media, Chinese online etc.

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

▲ Xinhua News Agency Digital Human Culture Recommendation Officer

For these media companies, virtual digital humans can not only add some technological elements to the program, but also present more diverse content, helping humans to complete some simple and monotonous tasks.

In addition, many game companies have poured into the virtual digital human track, and some players in the education, cultural tourism, clothing, and communication industries have gradually laid out in this direction and seized the opportunity.

On the whole, in the virtual digital human concept stocks, except for digital marketing companies, most of the virtual digital human concept stocks participate in the virtual digital human as their new business, and do not use it as their main business.

The data shows that in 2021, among the 28 virtual digital human concept stocks, only 3 companies’ annual stock price increases will fall, and the remaining 25 companies’ annual stock price increases will increase throughout 2021. Among them, Chuanwang Media and Jiachuang Video will have the highest cumulative stock price increase in 2021, with an increase of 490.28% and 172.98% respectively.

03. Who is holding the fire of virtual digital people? Three major capital shots

In the past year, many virtual digital people have settled in the “Metaverse”. We dig deeper and found that there are three major investors behind this track to promote the development of the entire industry.

Tencent’s NExT Studios, the Baidu Smart Cloud Xiling digital human platform created by Baidu Smart Cloud, and the virtual anchor launched by Alibaba Dharma Academy… All major Internet companies have already laid their pieces on the virtual digital human track.

Short video manufacturers have even launched a variety of variety shows related to virtual digital people, trying to let more people understand the influence virtual digital people will bring to future life.

Not only that, but mobile phone manufacturers are also launching their own virtual digital people.OPPO released the first virtual digital human mobile phone smart assistant Bu Meimei. At Huawei Connect 2021 in 2021, HUAWEI CLOUD launched its own digital human “Yunsheng”, and also brought the MetaStudio solution for the digital content production line.

The most popular concept stocks in the Metaverse, four types of players are very popular

▲ OPPO mobile phone smart assistant Bu Meimei

From these actions, compared to building a VR headset, creating a VR game, and launching a VR software, virtual digital humans have become one of the ways for major manufacturers to connect with the “Metaverse”.

At the same time, investors in the market are also betting on this track. According to Tianyancha data, from the beginning of 2021 to March 2022, there were 42 investment and financing events related to virtual digital people in China, with a cumulative investment scale of 3.389 billion yuan.

Not only that, the policy is also benefiting the virtual digital human market. On August 3, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology officially released the “Beijing Action Plan for Promoting the Innovation and Development of the Digital Human Industry (2022-2025)” . 1-2 leading digital human enterprises with revenue exceeding 5 billion yuan, and 10 key digital human enterprises with revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan. This is the first special support policy for the digital human industry in China, which also means that government departments are optimistic about the development of the virtual digital human track.

The entry of big factories, optimistic capital, and policy support, these three factors are affecting the accelerated development of the entire virtual digital human race.

04. Conclusion: virtual digital human, the “fast track” to connect with the Metaverse

Nowadays, virtual digital humans appear more and more frequently in daily life, and they also begin to play a certain role. It can be seen that under the 30 virtual digital human concept stocks, different types of technology companies and traditional entertainment companies are involved, and virtual digital human is regarded as one of the ways to quickly connect to the Metaverse.

However, there is still serious homogeneity under the virtual digital people, and the business model imitates the traditional natural live broadcast and other media, and there is no more mature independent model. The popularity of the virtual digit and the Metaverse is closely related. Time will tell us whether the hype is over and whether the virtual digit sings all the way back.

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