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DeFi is still the hottest field in crypto assets. When entering the field, tools that complete different functions are often needed, including wallets

DeFi ToolsDeFi Tools

Wallets (8)



MetaMask is the most popular browser plug-in wallet that supports multiple chains. It allows users to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem, which hosts a large number of decentralized applications (Dapps) without having to download the entire blockchain on their devices. Therefore, it is one of the best Ethereum wallet solutions with easy access to decentralized exchanges (DEX), gaming platforms and many other applications. Currently, mobile phone products have been developed.



imToken is a digital asset wallet with blockchain support for multiple chains. Such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cosmos, etc., it can help manage accounts and assets on the blockchain very simply and safely. In addition, it also has a built-in Dapp browser.



Argent is a mobile wallet based on Ethereum that can help users easily manage encrypted assets and identities. There are no mnemonics, gas fees or long addresses, and it is simple, secure and fully distributed.



Monolith is an Ethereum-based financial service provider that provides an Ethereum mobile wallet and cooperates with the asset platform Digix to issue tokens anchored to gold.

Gnosis Safe


Gnosis Safe is the only officially verified Ethereum multi-signature wallet, which aims to provide all users with a convenient and safe way to safely manage digital assets and interact with the decentralized network.

Math Wallet


Math Wallet is a secure multi-chain wallet that supports mobile phones, browser plug-ins, web wallets, hardware wallets, and builds a multi-chain DApp ecosystem. The wallet has a variety of functions, including Math News, which provides the latest news and price information of all Math ecological support public chains. Math DApp Store is a gathering place for various decentralized applications, providing common tools including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and other ecosystems.



Trust Wallet is a decentralized mobile wallet application acquired by Binance, the world’s largest crypto asset exchange. Trust Wallet wallet supports the purchase and storage of digital currency, checking prices, transactions, etc.

In addition, it is also a decentralized application (dApp) browser, and its built-in dApp browser can establish communication with the dApp, so users can directly trade cryptocurrency and collectibles on their smartphones or tablets.



TokenPocket is a universal wallet that supports multiple bottom layers such as BTC, ETH, EOS, DOT, COSMOS, BSC, TRON, IOST and ENU.

Summary: These are the more commonly used wallets that support multi-chain and multi-asset in DeFi interactions, most of which are also embedded and easy to link to Dapp applications. Among them, imtoken, MATH, TrustWallet, and TokenPocket have all issued their own native tokens.

On-chain analysis (13 items)

Coin Metrics


Coin Metrics is a platform that provides blockchain data analysis services to professional institutional investors. It provides encrypted asset market and network data to enable customers and the public to better understand, evaluate, use and manage open encrypted networks.

The data provided by the platform includes traditional assets, encrypted digital currency Bletchley index, price, market value, transaction volume, NVT ratio with BTC and ERC20 varieties, the ratio of total market value and daily on-chain transaction volume, return fluctuation and return on investment, etc. information. The on-chain data points it provides are more detailed, including the number of transactions, on-chain transaction amounts, average handling fees, active addresses, transaction difficulty, and so on. Users can choose to download a full set of data, or view it through a custom chart tool. Traders and analysts can even design more complex tables to track standardized or customized data indicators.




IntoTheBlock is an encrypted market intelligence and data provider that provides fundamental analysis of encrypted assets. It can provide services for individual investors, encrypted asset exchanges, investment institutions, etc. IntoTheBlock uses machine learning and statistical models to provide research on various crypto assets, including data analysis on the blockchain, crypto asset price analysis, Defi analysis, and market analysis to help customers make smart investment decisions.



Glassnode is a blockchain data and intelligence provider that provides on-chain indicators and tools for digital asset users. Traditional valuation indicators are insufficient to analyze the digital asset market. The blockchain continuously generates a large amount of open and immutable financial data, which is an accurate and credible measurement of the relevant economic activities in our access to the encrypted network. By unraveling this data, Glassnode is changing the way we measure market sentiment and behavior.

Dune Analytics


Dune Analytics is a professional blockchain analysis platform that provides integrated query, visualization, sharing and browsing of smart contract data, as well as instant creation and sharing of Ethereum data analysis.



Alethio provides Ethereum blockchain analysis and data science services. Including Ethereum development API, real-time blockchain data (including smart contract) monitoring, DEX exchange observation, DeFi dashboard, etc.



Elementus is the most advanced and most versatile blockchain analysis platform. It provides actionable insights from blockchain activities, identifies security vulnerabilities, exposes bad actors, and provides market intelligence for smart investments in digital assets.



Nansen is a blockchain analysis platform and a leading provider of data and analysis on Ethereum. It combines on-chain data with a large and growing database containing millions of wallet tags. Wallet tags mainly come from discovery, smart contract analysis and analysis, team investigation and research, user submission, machine learning, etc.



TokenTerminal is a data analysis platform that can provide traditional financial indicators related to encrypted assets, including market value, market-to-sales ratio, transaction volume/market value ratio, total locked value, total transaction volume, revenue and conversion rate, etc.



DeFiBox is committed to creating a DeFi asset management tool for DeFi users that is easy to track DeFi projects, investment portfolios, related yields, and their own investment. At the same time, through comprehensive and accurate information, data and tutorials, it helps users observe the development of DeFi in multiple dimensions, clarify the development of the industry, grasp investment opportunities quickly, and capture market value in a timely manner.



DaiStats provides a dashboard with analysis functions that can provide statistical information about the total amount of DAI, the total amount of SAI, the ETH locked in Maker DAO, the current stability fee, the collateral ratio, the number of opened vaults, the Maker destruction rate and other statistical information .



Through the collection and sorting of information such as publicly trusted networks and social media and official statements, Whois0x can display the various accounts associated with a wallet address, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The reverse is also true. Through the search of the Twitter account, the associated wallet address can also be found.



DefiScan is designed to quickly and easily obtain a snapshot of any DeFi product portfolio, currently targeting Compound, Uniswap, and SpankChain related data. No need to embed Web3, just search for 0x address or ENS domain name.



dfuse is a massively scalable open source platform for searching and processing blockchain data. dfuse enables developers to build modern blockchain applications with a fast and smooth interface, thereby providing an excellent user experience.

Supported by its low-latency architecture, the platform’s powerful API enables it to stream real-time status updates, perform lightning fast searches, and provide irreversible transaction guarantees, all of which can be achieved through simple API calls.

In addition, the platform’s flagship products also include dfuse Stream, dfuse Lifecycle, dfuse Search and dfuse On Demand Networks, which provide a set of powerful features that enable developers to easily customize and provide a first-class user experience.

Summary: The above are the more commonly used on-chain analysis tools. Among them, Coin Metrics, IntroThe Block, Glassnode, Dune Analytics, Nansen and TokenTerminal are all frequently used practical tools.

Elementus and dfuse can provide enterprise-level integrated on-chain analysis services. Most of the above have opened rich API interfaces for developers, of course, most of the more advanced functions are also paid services.

Market analysis (6)



Tradingview is a price chart and analysis software that provides free and paid options. Investors can view price charts of various financial markets and asset classes through Tradingview, including stocks, currency pairs, bonds, futures, and encrypted assets. In the paid mode, users can customize scripts and strategy tests.



AstroTools is an investment operation dashboard for DeFi traders. It aims to strengthen the information integration and management functions of DeFi transactions, providing users with one-stop crypto asset trading functions and analysis data comparable to centralized exchanges, and greatly improving cryptocurrencies. Trading experience. It will be launched in the future. In the future, functions such as account asset tracking and giant whale transaction monitoring will be launched.




DexGuru is a DEX aggregation platform and tool. It has a good grasp of what will happen in the future of AMM DEX, provides the integration of many trading pairs on multiple Dex exchanges, and synchronizes the market conditions on the chain in real time.

In addition, the platform has a simple UI interface, embedded Tradingview and order book query, one-click trading transactions and support for indicator customization and other functions.



DEXTOOL is a DEX data query tool project that reduces the information gap. The team’s latest update feature adds Uniswap related functions: it can track the creation, addition and removal of liquid pools. The vision of this project is to link all DEX and CEX exchange data to help users better discover currencies.



Bonfida is Serum’s flagship front-end, which provides a better trading experience for DEX. In addition to the basic trading functions based on Serum, Bonfida currently provides programmatic trading robots, Serum API, and the first perpetual contract agreement to be launched on the Solana chain.



Slingshot is a decentralized market trading platform based on Polygon, with a simple UI and extremely high response speed. Currently, it mainly supports the trading of asset varieties on the Polygon chain. Compared with Dexguru, it lacks functions such as multiple DEX and indicator customization.

Summary: The above is the most important market analysis platform that needs to be used when interacting with the DeFi protocol. Among them, TradingView is the most versatile platform dedicated to traders. It is similar to the domestic Aicoin platform, but it mainly supports the market service of DeFi projects after the centralized exchange is launched. Dexguru is our favorite DeFi market analysis platform. With its customizable indicators and one-click trading functions, it has helped us capture high profit-loss ratio gaming opportunities many times, such as O3 Sprint 16u, GTC’s strong rebound and the recent TITAN Dozens of times rebound after the plunge and so on.

Regarding programmatic trading, the most recommended ones are Bonfida and TradingView. Users can customize their own trading strategies on these platforms, but TradingView also needs to be used with trading robots like 3Commas or HummingBot.

Dapp information category (13 items)


Query the overall situation of DeFi, as well as the user activity of each public chain, and the ranking of the activity transaction volume of each Dapp.



DAppTotal’s most comprehensive DApp analysis platform has become the most powerful tool for DApp analysis and monitoring in the blockchain. It has listed more than 1,500 DApps, covering Ethereum and EOS blockchain platforms, and has developed hundreds of different The index and data indicators show a more complete picture of the blockchain industry and users.


Link: is a complete toolkit for blockchain developers, mainly including:

The Dapp tool set allows developers to quickly get started with Ethereum development. It is used to create decentralized applications, perform Solidity unit tests, debug and deploy contracts, publish to test networks, etc.


Link: is a cross-chain platform that allows everyone to easily discover, use and enjoy dapps. Explore more than 3000 dapps built on Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Klaytn, NEO, Steem, IOST, TomoChain, etc.

Summary: These are the Dapp query tools commonly used in DeFi interaction. Among them, is suitable for all investors, categorizing and ranking huge Dapp applications in multiple ecosystems, which is convenient for users to quickly query. Dapp.Tools mainly serves developers and provides a rich development kit. DappTotal is currently being maintained and upgraded.

General information (2)




Founded in early 2014, CoinGecko is one of the largest and earliest encrypted data aggregation companies. It currently tracks more than 400 cryptocurrency exchanges and more than 7,000 tokens. CoinGecko provides fundamental analysis and cutting-edge research reports on the cryptocurrency market. The goal is to improve the understanding of cryptocurrency participants on the basic factors driving the market and the good construction of the ecosystem.



Coinmarketcap aggregates global encrypted asset transaction data, provides free and open interface services, and becomes the number one data source for the global digital currency price index. As the trading volume of encrypted digital currencies grows and all exchanges operate independently, their prices may vary greatly. Coinmarketcap collects all transaction information and generates a standard quotation. The website does not aggregate news alerts, report analysis, and only focuses on the data itself, counting the overall market value of all cryptocurrencies, and splitting their respective proportions in the trading market.

Summary: The above are the most popular aggregated information query platforms for encrypted assets, covering market trends, basic project information, team members, pass information and media data, etc., and open API interface services to support web page embedding. In addition, they are currently implementing candy incentive activities, and accumulating candy can redeem NFT badges or discount coupons on some fee-based websites. They have not yet issued their own native tokens, and maybe they will issue them in the future. Therefore, whether it is proficient use or for future airdrop considerations, the sooner you actively participate in activities on these platforms, the better.

APY query class (4 items)



APY999 provides APY income comparison of DeFi projects in BSC, HECO, Polygon and other ecosystems, including interest comparison, yield, LP pool and other data.



KingData, DeFi Income APY Encyclopedia, collects and organizes data from multiple public chains to facilitate users to quickly locate the DeFi project with the highest APY.

Currently, KingData supports real-time monitoring of ETH, BSC, HECO and OEC.


The platform provides users with an all-in-one liquidity pool analysis and revenue farm reward tracking tool. It is now open to support ETH, Polygon and BSC chains. Users can use a simple dashboard to manage their liquidity pool and track LP rewards.



YieldFarmingTools, namely mining tools. Users can inquire about the return rate of the day, and can also refer to the level of risk.

Summary: These are the most commonly used DeFi APY revenue query and comparison platforms, which can help users quickly compare and select DeFi projects with higher revenue and more reliable.

Block explorer (6)



Etherscan is an Ethereum blockchain browser that provides transaction query, and it is also an excellent blockchain browser and data repository for Ethereum information.

If you want to track a certain token, users can track its transaction volume and market value indicators through the browser, and can view the transfer routes, holders, transaction volume, and contracts of all ERC-20 standard tokens.

Through the graphs and statistics provided by the website, you can see the growth of addresses, the growth of supply, the growth of hash rate, and the pool of outstanding transactions. Through the DEX tracking function, you can also view the data of a single decentralized relay layer.



A fast and extensible Polygon blockchain browser powered by EtherScan. Its function is basically similar to the Etherscan browser.



Solanascan is developed by OpeakTech, Solana block query browser. It provides functions such as Solana transaction record query, SPL token browsing and block height query.



SolanaBeach is also a Solana block explorer, which is basically similar to Solanascan, but additionally provides verification nodes and richer token queries.



SubScan is a Polkadot browser that aggregates the Substrate ecological network.

Now supports Kusama/Edgeware/Darwinia and other networks, providing a complete browsing and query experience.



BSCscan is the Binance smart chain block explorer, created by the EtherScan team.

Its function is basically similar to Etherscan, which can be understood as the BSC version of Etherscan.

Summary: The above mainly brings together the corresponding block explorers of multiple ecology in the DeFi field. In fact, there are more block explorers. Based on the consideration of space, they are not listed.

Handling fee and gas query (3 items)



CryptoFees is a transaction cost data tracking and statistics platform that provides users with functions such as user actual transaction cost query, time backtracking, comparison, and API interface services.



Evaluate the successful transfer time of transactions on the Ethereum chain for users, and provide recommended gas fees.



GasNow is a gas quotation system on the Ethereum chain, based on the gas price calculator of the pending transaction queue of the Spark Mine.

Most gas price indicators predict the future based on historical data, and GasNow is based on the gas price distribution of real-time transactions in the Spark Pool node trading pool.




TxStreet is a very interesting visual block explorer. It currently supports block data query of Bitcoin, Ethereum and BCH.

It compares a block to a bus and a transaction to a cartoon character. When the bus stops, many cartoon characters enter the car, and then wait for the car to be full before driving away, so that a block is packaged.

Summary: The above summarizes the commonly used platforms for querying transaction fees and gas fees when interacting with DeFi. Among them, the TxStreet visual blockchain browser can help users understand gas, network congestion and the process of block packaging at a glance.

Asset management (13 items)

Defi Prime



As a digital media and analysis service provider in the DeFi community, Defi Prime focuses on news sources in the DeFi space, promotes in the community, holds educational activities, and allows users to communicate with each other. The functions it supports include: DeFi loan projects, services that compare DeFi interest rates with traditional finance, DeFi blogs, and the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. The platform has interviews with many DeFi enthusiasts and experts, detailed explanations, weekly brief news, and knowledge about profit mining. In addition, the platform also has a list of the best DeFi options and open financial products. These products are based on blockchain technology and are highly reliable and transparent.

Defi Pulse


DeFi Pulse is a comprehensive platform that provides the latest indicators and rankings of decentralized financial DeFi protocols. Its ranking tracks the total value locked in smart contracts in popular DeFi applications and protocols.

The DeFi list presents a collection of the best resources in DeFi. DeFi Pulse Farmer, a newsletter covering the latest news and opportunities in DeFi.

In addition, the platform also provides developers with a wealth of API terminals, such as GetProjects, MarketData and GetHistory.

0x Tracker


0x Tracker is a decentralized transaction tracking platform based on the 0x protocol. At the earliest, it has been used to monitor the 0x protocol since 2017.

Open source since the end of 2018, it can provide access to transaction information, trend visualization, ERC20 token price index, rich public API interfaces, and aggregate ecosystem news.



DeBank is an all-in-one DeFi wallet based on a data dashboard that can help users track applications in the DeFi field, compare interest rates, manage assets, find items, and analyze risks.

DeBank currently supports multiple ecosystems such as ETH, BSC, Polygon, etc. All the functions of the DeBank wallet can be accessed on the Web by only the supported wallet address (support ENS). Users can find DeFi projects of interest in the DeFi project list, search for various DeFi project information and resources, and make investment judgments based on the positions of each DeFi platform, mortgage, long, and short.



Founded in 2018, Zerion has created a platform for users who do not understand technology that can easily use and access popular Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols to access and manage assets, including MakerDao, Compound, Uniswap, Set and Fulcrum. Users can connect as many crypto wallets as needed to the company’s platform. The platform is essentially non-custodial, which reduces the risk of centralization and allows users to control their own funds.



Zapper is a DeFi asset management platform, which provides a seamless interface for interacting with DeFi protocols. A variety of mainstream DeFi protocols can be accessed on this platform, and all operations can be completed on one operation interface.

Zapper can help users make one-stop investment, monitor and manage all their DeFi assets and liabilities on multiple chains (currently supporting Ethereum, BSC, Polygon). Zapper’s goal is to allow people with low technical levels to enjoy the benefits of DeFi, to help Xiaobai simplify the complexities, find the right investment platform and mining pool, and control his own investment ratio in real time. Users no longer need to find the URLs of various platforms, learn the investment process from scratch or calculate the return on investment.

DeFi Saver


DeFi Saver is a one-stop dashboard for creating, managing and tracking users’ DeFi positions.



DefiLlama is a comprehensive DeFi dashboard that provides users with the DeFi lock-up volume TVL (USD) and the data change curve in the past two months, the 24-hour change percentage, and the ranking of the DeFi project lock-up volume. Users can click on each item to learn detailed data, including overview, current lock-up amount, official website link, and Token address.

Link: is a complete DeFi aggregator that inserts multiple products and DeFi applications into one platform, focusing on user experience, design, privacy and anonymity.



LoanScan provides financial information and analysis for debt issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently supports loans issued under the Compound, dYdX, Dharma and Maker DAO agreements. Other protocols and blockchains will be added in the future.



Beefy.Finance is a revenue optimizer running on the BSC chain. It only needs to pay a small fee to automatically execute various investment strategies using the liquidity mining pool. It has advantages over Beefy’s manual method.



DeFi Rate gathers reliable DeFi resources, and provides loan exchange rate rankings, learning materials, research reports and selected Top picks to help users fully understand DeFi without the need for a technical background.



MyDefi is a dashboard that provides users with visualization and tracking of all DeFi applications and transfer records used by an address or account. To this end, it provides three different tools to find the best interest rate in different protocols in real time, allowing Uniswap to find the most profitable liquidity pool related to a specific token and being able to be on Synthetix at different times Calculator to get rewards.

Summary: The commonly used DeFi one-stop dashboards are organized above. They are very convenient for users to manage assets on the chain to help them understand comprehensive information such as financial information, loan exchange rates, and research reports in the first time.

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