The Metaverse Technology Ecological Summit was successfully held


META 2022 Metaverse Technology Ecological Summit (main venue in Hong Kong and various branches) ended successfully on the evening of January 6, 2022.

The organizer of this summit is Feiyang Metaverse Technology Co., Ltd., and the co-organizers are ETD Asia-Pacific Joint Laboratory, Biyang Limit Co., Ltd. (USA), Des Holding, China Unicom International Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Asia Region Blockchain Society, etc. The main venue is located in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, and the branch venues are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo Feiyang Group, Changsha, Zhuhai, Dubai and Singapore. A number of sub-venues participated in the meeting through online conference connection, and the meeting lasted nearly four hours.

There were more than 100 guests, including industry representatives from business and academia, directors of several listed companies, professors from several famous universities in Hong Kong, researchers from scientific research institutions, representatives of blockchain associations, banks, securities, and private equity institutions. Senior executives, senior investors, etc., jointly focused on the theme of “Metaverse” to discuss the current development status of the Metaverse, as well as future development trends and plans. The conference was a complete success.

At this global and most partner summit, the technical advantages and development prospects of ETD ether data have been recognized by professionals from all walks of life, and an investment cooperation intention has been reached. Li Yongfeng, representative of Feiyang Cosmos Technology Co., Ltd., together with Professor Lei Zhibin, Chief Technical Advisor of ETD Asia-Pacific Joint Laboratory, and David Liu, Executive Chairman of Asia Pacific of Biyang Limit Co., Ltd. (US), and Clive Wan, signed the tripartite strategic cooperation agreement.


Signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Feiyang Yuanyu Technology Co., Ltd., Biyang Limit Co., Ltd., and ETD Asia-Pacific Joint Laboratory


Signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Feiyang Yuanyu Technology Co., Ltd., Jiaolian Technology Co., Ltd., and ETD Asia-Pacific Joint Laboratory

2021 is the first year of the Metaverse. With the rapid development of the Internet, new information technologies and industrial forms have undergone tremendous changes. The blockchain combines AR/VR technology and integrates big data, Internet of Things and other industries to develop together, making the physical world and the real world. Bridges between digital and virtual worlds are being built at a high speed, making the concept of “metaverse” attract the attention of a wide range of industries in 2021. Therefore, the theme of this conference is “Gathering Potential and Energy, Linking the Future”, aiming to build an open collaboration platform. The guests discussed the exploration and implementation of Metaverse from top-level design to bottom-level technology, and looked forward to Metaverse in blockchain, artificial intelligence AI, network cloud computing cloud storage, education empowerment, game development, NFT artwork, etc. practical application scenarios. 

At the beginning of the conference, Lei Zhibin, chief technical advisor of ETD Asia-Pacific Joint Laboratory and professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, delivered a keynote speech on “The Essence and Reality of Metaverse”.With a recent film called “Out of Control Players”, he believes that the metaverse surface is the ultimate human immersive experience, but in fact the metaverse can combine people’s real behavior with the virtual. He believes that by integrating data into the perception of reality, and then generating data and training data through perception, obtaining training results and reflecting them in real behavior is the trend of the future metaverse.


At the meeting, Professor Lei also shared his views on overall economic development and opportunities, how blockchain data can help the real economy or the implementation of applications, the current status of Hong Kong/fintech technology and experience development, and how the advantages of the Greater Bay Area will promote cross-border development cooperate.

How can blockchain technology be more accessible to the people? So that ordinary SMEs can benefit? More and more real economies have landed through blockchain/metaverse, such as NFT and new energy. How to help these real economies develop?


Keynote speech on “The Essence and Reality of Metaverse” by Prof. Lei Zhibin, Chief Technical Advisor of ETD Asia-Pacific Joint Laboratory

David Liu, Asia Pacific Executive Chairman of Beyond Limits, brought us a keynote speech on AI and the Metaverse.Beyond Limits is an enterprise-level artificial intelligence company whose main business scope is to design software for some large commercial companies to improve enterprise efficiency, improve operational transparency, and improve performance and profitability. The company, which has been collaborating with Caltech for decades on some of NASA’s key space missions, has now successfully raised a $133 million Series C round, with significant gains across Asia Pacific and EMEA awards.

David Liu believes that the technology of ETD ether data can help Beyond Limits to expand products and improve technology development, so that customers can get a complete ecosystem support from AI solutions to distributed blockchain to intelligent cloud storage and applications. Combining Beyond Limits’ experience in helping large enterprises to digitally transform with ETD’s experience in helping innovative companies of all sizes to seamlessly connect between the real economy and the virtual economy can provide the best ecosystem for the Metaverse world. A big data container is obtained based on space, time, object and attribute encoding, and then human activities are simulated to generate a series of economic models.


Keynote Speech on Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse by David Liu, Executive Chairman, Asia Pacific, Biyoung Extreme Limited

Next, the organizer of the conference invited Ren Fuhu, Executive Director of Peking University Space-Time Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center, to share the topic of the Metaverse Era Grid – Digital Twin and Metaverse. Director Ren Fuhu mainly discussed the technical barriers in the process of real world virtualization and virtual world reality, and gave an example that using the global grid as a space unit can facilitate the unified indexing of various data, based on space, time, Objects and attributes are encoded into a big data container, which then simulates human activities and generates a series of economic models, which can be modeled on a large scale in the real world through urban digital twin technology in the future. 


Ren Fuhu, Executive Director of the Space-Time Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center of Peking University


Teaching Chain Technology Co., Ltd. Clive Wan

Based on the technology of the ETD public chain, the ETD Asia-Pacific Joint Laboratory has launched many projects, such as the blockchain education project “Education Chain”, and is now committed to popularizing blockchain education for adults and young students in Hong Kong. Regarding the tea NFT project of “The Ancient Tea Horse Road”, the combination of the physical item “Pu’er tea” and NFT makes the “more old and more fragrant” of Pu’er tea traceable.There are also projects such as “CardApp Smart City” and “Car Support OpenCar” based on blockchain smart city applications, discussing how to apply NFT and virtual currency to smart cities, such as how to use virtual currency to pay for corresponding transportation costs, t proposed The metaverse can be moved to the driving interface to improve driving pleasure.


The ancient tea-horse road and NFT combined, Gina LI

ETD Ether Data is a transparent solution for blockchain investors. As the co-organizer of the conference, the head of the ETD Asia-Pacific Joint Laboratory published the progress of the project research and development based on the ETD public chain, including the ETD game “Roaming Metaverse”, the ETD-based intelligent cloud storage “Flying Yuanzhiyun” service and related applications , gave a detailed introduction at the scene. It is believed that in the near future, ETD will be known to more people, provide convenience for more enterprises and schools, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Flying Metaverse CTO Luo Shu

At the end of the meeting, the co-organizers of the summit held a roundtable discussion on Metaverse technology ecology, chaired by Professor Lei Zhibin, and the participants included Liu Guohua, Senior Vice President of Marketing Department of “China Unicom International Co., Ltd.”, David Liu, OKLink, One2Cloud and Kahui founder of . Talked about some imaginations based on the metaverse technology ecology. For example, can “Metaverse” be vigorously promoted in Hong Kong? What are the main problems and opportunities for the Metaverse? Discuss the cross-regional technical cooperation, development and application of industry-university-research institutes.


round table discussion

In the short years of this epidemic, people have lost their inherent way of life, and some new jobs and lifestyles have emerged, such as online videos, mobile phone health codes, etc. With the continuous development of metaverse technology in the future, I believe that in the near future, all the original living and working methods can be completed online. It is conceivable that in the next few decades, blockchain technology can be applied to all aspects of human life, and various applications can also promote the development of blockchain technology.

In today’s epidemic stage, how to reduce the spread of the epidemic and control the epidemic is also a proposition worthy of being overcome. The epidemic has made the distance between people farther and farther, so Metaverse can use virtual reality to make the distance between people closer, make social life more convenient, and connect virtual world merchants with real world merchants come together. In the next few decades, various social behaviors of human beings will generate a huge amount of data. Existing centralized enterprises hold a large amount of data without privacy protection, which will bring unimaginable consequences. However, the technology of blockchain has the characteristics of distributed data storage, which can perfectly avoid these disadvantages.

Since 2016, Hong Kong’s blockchain industry has been in a leading position in the world after 6 years of precipitation. In the future, the blockchain industry in Hong Kong will achieve further development. As a financial and shipping hub in Asia, Hong Kong acts as a bridge connecting mainland China, Southeast Asia and international markets. Undoubtedly, the field of financial technology will be an important development direction for Hong Kong.

In fact, the Hong Kong government has listed fintech as four important development areas. According to Startup Genome’s 2020 Global Fintech Ecosystem Report 2, Hong Kong’s fintech ecosystem ranks eighth globally. As of August 3, 2021, Hong Kong has 600 fintech companies, 8 virtual bank licenses and 4 virtual insurance company licenses, and 86% of traditional banks have applied fintech.

Thanks to the differences between Hong Kong and domestic policies and regulations, domestic capital and talents, as well as foreign capital and technology that are optimistic about the Chinese market, will all converge in Hong Kong, creating greater development opportunities for Hong Kong’s blockchain industry. Therefore, Hong Kong will develop a more diversified and multi-level blockchain industry in an inclusive, open and stable manner.

In October 2021, the Hong Kong SAR government launched a development strategy for the northern metropolitan area. Under the major national economic dual cycle measures, it will focus on building a science and technology innovation ecosystem in the northern part of Hong Kong. Through the linkage between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the industrial integration of the Bay Area will be realized and international innovation will be created. Technology Center.

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