The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

This round of bets is the future.

Starting in 2022, there have been several rounds of repetitions in the concept stocks of the Metaverse.

Among them, core stocks such as Zhongqingbao and Chinese Online have experienced multiple rounds of ups and downs. The more extreme ones, such as Baotong Technology, fell by more than 10% on January 7, and rose 14.7% after the opening on January 11; recently, the demon stock Hubei Radio and Television On January 10th, it even stepped out of the “ground floor”, and it went up to the limit in the afternoon after opening the price limit.

Since November last year, some Metaverse concept stocks have shown a downward trend. According to Choice data, the stock prices of 22 Metaverse concept stocks will fall back in 2021. At that time, the “People’s Daily Review” published the article “Everything Can Be “Metaverse”, and the doubts about the Metaverse “is it a capital hype or a new track” have deepened over time.

Behind this repetition is the market sentiment towards the Metaverse.

Assuming that the Metaverse becomes some kind of future that affects the course of human history, how will we look back at the “first year” prologue of 2021? Looking back at the various aspects of the Metaverse in 2021, from the definition to the questioning of the high uncertainty of the prospect, to the excitement of making many stocks ride on the rocket of market value and the end of the Internet giant, there is a tone, confusion, rationality, and speculation.

As 2022 approaches, market volatility is showing a reflection and re-organization of the chaotic beginnings of the Metaverse, which may breed more opportunities.

Technology singing, giants “splashing cold water”, the Metaverse of 2022

At the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which closed on January 8, Metaverse became the protagonist.

Relevant technologies have attracted almost all attention, and the publishers include Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia and other foreign manufacturers.

CITIC Construction Investment, which has been paying attention to the Metaverse for a long time, has specially published a research report that summarizes the main trends. For example, NVIDIA announced that its Metaverse creation tool, Omniverse, will officially provide services to creators; Qualcomm and Microsoft announced that they will jointly launch a new custom Snapdragon AR chip to expand and accelerate the application of AR in the consumer and enterprise markets.

Sony and Panasonic have released new VR headsets. As an important carrier of the Metaverse scene, this plate first ushered in a period of rapid development.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

Data shows that in November 2021, Meta’s VR headset Oculus Quest 2 has sold 10 million units. In a previous research report, Essence Securities once called 2021 the “first year of industrial scale” for VR/AR; IDC predicts that the global industry scale will reach US$72.8 billion in 2024.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

The application and promotion of these technologies are becoming a booster for the industry. For the Metaverse debate, an important indicator is technology, which can determine how long it will take for the Metaverse to become a reality, as well as its popularization efficiency at the mass level. And this requires long-term development in the fields of communication, XR (VR/AR), chips, AI and other basic technologies.

In the process of this kind of hardware and software giants generally exerting their strength, some voices have shown enough caution.

At Microsoft IgniteChina, Microsoft CEO Satya said: “What we’re showing today is just the beginning, and now the Metaverse, a new platform, new applications, is the same as we talked about in the early 1990s about the web and website is no different.”

While agreeing that the Metaverse is subversive, Satya’s point of view also shows that today’s Metaverse is still quite early in terms of technology and application. As the main force in the current Metaverse, Microsoft’s point of view actually focuses on the actual path of arrival.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

Bloomberg also recently reported that Apple never mentioned the concept of “Metaverse” internally. When Cook was asked about the “Metaverse” in an interview, he also said that he was more “willing to use AR to describe it”. As the most powerful potential competitor of Meta’s VR/AR devices, Apple’s caution is very different from Meta’s.

It’s not a bad thing for the giants to pour cold water on the Metaverse. After the obvious market overheating and concept first in 2021, this cautiousness shows a clear understanding of the status quo, that is, the core key technologies have not yet been formed, and it still needs to be nurtured for a longer time.

At this time, CMB International believes in the research report that it will take 10-15 years to experience the evolution of “content → infrastructure → consumption explosion and virtual reality interoperability”; Deloitte’s analysis believes that starting from 2031 at the earliest, the Metaverse of independent industries can gradually Open up data and standards, and achieve a mature integration stage of similar integration.

Kang Rong, Vice President of Microsoft Greater China, said: “The development of the Metaverse industry, like many industries, will not be a straight upward trend. It is very hot now, and after a while, everyone may be disappointed and questioned. The industry needs to continue to work hard to solve problems. Ascend, and finally when everyone is ‘insensitive’ to the Metaverse, the Metaverse era may really come.”

At the beginning of 2022, the Metaverse has been poured cold water from market value to idea, but this may be more confident.

Metaverse: Please Answer 2021

On March 10, 2021, Roblox, the “first stock in the Metaverse”, landed on the New York Stock Exchange, and its market value exceeded US$40 billion on its first day of listing.

This is a milestone moment in the Metaverse. As a UGC sandbox game platform, Roblox is characterized by players’ freedom of creation and high degree of openness. As of September last year, 7 million developers around the world have produced 18 million games on Roblox. As a result, the Metaverse initially constructed a series of basic cognitions and definitions.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

In August, the most prominent one was Nvidia. Its CEO Huang Renxun used a 14-second “virtual human” stand-in in his public speech, but because it was too realistic and undetectable, the technology platform Omniverse was widely recognized.

But shares of Roblox and Nvidia have fallen sharply since November. ROBLOX, the “first share of the Metaverse”, fell from $141 on November 22 to $84 at the end of the year, and Nvidia’s stock price peaked on November 22. Although this change also has an impact on the direction of the company’s investment, it may be possible to see a change in market sentiment.

Some radical dynamics will make the public suspicious.

For example, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) has gained a new development space in the Metaverse era because it cannot be copied or pirated. However, this market is still in a savage growth stage, and the value of goods is difficult to measure. NBA star Curry once purchased an NFT avatar at a high price of US$180,000, which led to heated discussions among netizens.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

Another example is the “real estate speculation” in the Metaverse, where some buyers purchase digital land at sky-high prices in the virtual world. Among them, JJ Lin publicly bought three pieces of virtual land on the Decentraland platform, with an estimated cost of about US$123,000; Republic Realm, a company that develops real estate in the Metaverse, also announced that it purchased a piece of land in Sandbox for about US$4.3 million, setting a virtual land transaction record.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

At the same time, Metaverse concept stocks have become a wealth code. For example, the domestic Zhongqingbao announced the creation of the Metaverse game “Brewer Master”, and the market soared. Within two months, the stock price soared 3.5 times, and the market value soared by nearly 8 billion yuan; Chinese Online held the “Chinese Metaverse Global Essay in November”. After the competition, the stock price also rose by more than 200%.

On the one hand, these dynamics are showing a sharp increase in the value of the Metaverse, and on the other hand, they are also showing obvious problems. First, this new market needs to formulate basic rules and corresponding contract mechanisms; second, the commercialization of the Metaverse Scenarios and business models are also in ambiguity.

In the past year, the Metaverse’s road to “C-rank of the year” has been dazzling, and the series of false and real stories that followed are also really exciting. Whether this is the future trend, the voices of doubts are diminishing at the moment, but the moisture and noise left by the “first year of the Metaverse” may need to make way for those who move forward in the new year.

Metaverse imagination of the entertainment industry: virtual human, NFT, IP…

On the evening of January 9, Huace Film and Television announced that it would set up a new business department for the Metaverse to seize new development opportunities in the digital age. Huace Film and Television previously stated on the investor platform that the company actively pays attention to the changes that VR/AR technology and technological progress may bring to the production and broadcasting methods and application scenarios of film and television dramas, and has strategically invested in some VR companies.

Attracting established film and television companies to strategically deploy the Metaverse, the connection between the entertainment industry and the Metaverse seems to be opening up the imagination. In fact, the better-understood part of the Metaverse market is inextricably linked to the entertainment field.

Digital virtual human technology is very representative, and it is also the first to achieve in-depth development in the entertainment industry.

For example, the Metaverse girl group aespa launched by South Korea’s SM last year swept the year-end awards and is already the hottest rookie girl group in the Korean market; in China, there is also a popular virtual celebrity “Liu Yexi” that attracted 5 million fans in 10 days , Station B, which was an early launch of virtual anchors, also recently released a trailer for the virtual idol girl group “Sixi Maruko”.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?


During the New Year’s Eve, virtual people made a concentrated appearance. Teresa Teng’s avatar and Zhou Shen sang on the same stage. Phoenix Legend held a virtual concert in the game “New A Chinese Ghost Story”; Hunan Satellite TV “Hello!” “Saturday” virtual host “Xiao Yang” appeared, becoming the first resident and personalized virtual host in China.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

NFT technology continues to promote the depth of cooperation in the field of entertainment and develop more gameplay.

On January 1 this year, the digital collection platform Ezek cooperated with Jay Chou’s trend brand PHANTACi to release a limited number of 10,000 digital collections of Phanta Bear, all of which were sold in 40 minutes. The topic of Jay Chou + NFT has gained a high degree of discussion. Before that, the cooperation between the entertainment industry and NFT has covered music, games, animation and other fields.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

In recent months, NFT has also become a common means of publicity. For example, the movie “Fengshen” released NFT digital collections, and all 400 digital collections were sold out within 24 minutes of going online; It has achieved more than 200,000 Hong Kong dollars in auction funds, and promoted word-of-mouth communication with public welfare. In Hollywood, “Spider-Man: Homeless Heroes” and “The Matrix 4” also have matching NFT strategies.

The Metaverse opens low in 2022, has the tuyere passed?

From digital virtual human to NFT, Metaverse technology is transforming into more possibilities in the field of content and operation in the field of entertainment. Interestingly, the entertainment industry was also the first to complete the feedback on the value of the Metaverse, and became the main initiator and propagandist of its early imagination.

From “Ready Player One” to “Out of Control”, entertainment content has been used as a Metaverse model for mass dissemination time and time again, and it has continuously confirmed the widespread recognition of these content. And such IP value may be transformed into the design source and more elements of online virtual space in the future of the Metaverse.

A new round of action is already underway. On January 10, it was reported that Tencent plans to acquire Black Shark Technology, a gaming mobile phone company. After the transaction is completed, the latter’s business focus will shift to VR devices as a whole to provide hardware support for Tencent’s content. In 2022, the early chaos of the Metaverse is being rectified, and the staking of the giants is still accelerating.

This round of bets is the future.

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