The Metaverse is very popular, yes, but marketers don’t rush into the car

Think of everyone’s imagination of the Internet or smartphones in 2000. Don’t assume that the so-called concept that looks like hype has nothing to do with yourself.

The sky and the earth in the Chaoyuan Domain are pitch black, like a computer screen without any image display. It’s always night here, and the streets are always dazzling and dazzling, like Las Vegas beyond the laws of physics and money.

The above passage comes from Neil Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”, in which the Metaverse is the source of the term “Metaverse” .

Today in 2022, the emerging concepts of the Internet, such as the Metaverse, Web 3, and NFT, have touched our work or life more or less. More and more individuals and organizations are joining in the exploration, brands are constantly deploying Metaverse marketing, and Youth Ambition frequently encounters related topics in the process of trend tracking and research and consultation.

Therefore, we invited two friends who are very experienced in the Metaverse field to chat with the researchers of Youth Chronicle, what kind of feelings, discoveries and myths we all have in the face of this “Brave New World”.

The Metaverse is very popular, yes, but marketers don't rush into the car

The Metaverse is very popular, yes, but marketers don't rush into the car

01 Start with curiosity: Ordinary people, will “my” life be different due to Web 3?

Use Web 3 as a tool, even a consensus-based attempt, and you’re already changing the world

The Metaverse is very popular, yes, but marketers don't rush into the car

© movie Ready Player One

The Metaverse is coming like a wave, how will it affect ordinary people? For many young people, it is within easy reach to experience virtual social interaction in games, incarnate a puppy dance in Xiugou nightclub, or watch their favorite Vtuber; but when it comes to the Metaverse and Web 3, everyone’s imagination is still within reach. “Ready Player One”. Faced with this wave, how will our existing way of life be refreshed?


From the perspective of going back in time, think about everyone’s imagination of the Internet or smartphones in 2000. Don’t presume that the so-called concept that looks like hype has nothing to do with yourself.

New things penetrate into every corner of society, following the path of innovation to diffusion, while Web 3 and the Metaverse are still in their early stages. If you imagine the future, this will change the way people use money, from a centralized legal currency system to a decentralized peer-to-peer transaction, such as the little fox wallet. Based on this, the model of the data economy will also be changed. In Web 3, your data is under your control, and interaction can only occur with your permission. At this stage, data begins to generate real value, unlike Pinduoduo who always cuts The endless knife.

At the same time, beyond the inherent life trajectory framework of society, Web 3 opens up a new way of life for ordinary people. For example, if you want to build a cool product, you can use Web 3 as a tool to find a consensus with you. People work together to create and work hard. While opening a new world for yourself, you are also opening a new window for others. To a certain extent, you are already changing the world. This is what I mean by connecting with ordinary people. the point.


The key concept of “blockchain” has to be mentioned here . It is similar to a decentralized currency system. It is a series of operating principles formed based on an unchangeable consensus and an unchangeable treaty, which basically changes the production and contractual relationship of people. . When all nodes are made public, a completely different trust system is formed. Taking Bitcoin as an example, it has a limited number and cannot be issued additionally. When everyone trusts its transparency and does not change due to power, it will be given value other than economic value and has a self-regulation mechanism.

Web 3 has brought about changes in productivity relations, traditional companies have gradually degenerated, and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) have emerged as the times require. In some countries such as the United States, they have become registrable legal entities, and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) There is also a lot of room for imagination – I think this is an earth-shaking change, a new industry is being formed, and under such a fair and just concept, ordinary people can participate, and pay according to the rules, there will be rewards.

Alex Youth Chronicle Researcher:

For the general public, the “Metaverse” is far away, but the virtual world is very close, and everyone has more or less related experiences, and these experiences also constitute everyone’s imagination of the Metaverse. Recently, we have studied the value of the virtual world, especially the “virtual social networking” in it, for consumers.

We found that the essence of virtuality is fantasy, and the core value of virtual world is to satisfy fantasy by surpassing reality. Whether it’s consuming avatars, creating virtual avatars, or socializing virtually, everyone can do things that can’t be done in reality, experience another world, or get comfort. The interesting point here is that transcending reality does not mean being completely divorced from reality, otherwise it will be difficult to immerse in it; the online world is also not equal to the virtual world, because sometimes online relationships are established based on the real world.

02 Technological Imagination: What new trends are promoted by the development of technology in today’s reconstruction of the underlying order? 

Decentralization is bottom-up, and the greatest value comes from consensus

The Metaverse is very popular, yes, but marketers don't rush into the car

Bored Ape © 

Behind the wave of new technology exploration is the reflection and criticism of technology by young people, who begin to rethink the philosophy of technology and human values. In the face of emerging and developing new technologies, what do young people think? What other ideas are practiced and discussed?

Da Mao Youth Chronicle Researcher:

We mentioned in the latest “Annual Trend Research Report” released by Youth Magazine that today’s young people have continuous reflection and criticism of technology. When the copyright of their original content is owned by the platform, when they are coerced by big data and algorithms, or even their accounts are confiscated, they question and dislike platform capitalism; the emergence of Metaverse, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, etc., is not so much It is a new technology, rather it is a demand. In the face of the increasingly tightened policies and oppressive creative environment of the platform, the decentralized digital culture has become a preferred way of expression for young people. They hope that the content they express will not be exploited by the platform, and they can freely allocate resources. They also pay more attention to the co-creation, transaction, uniqueness and ownership of virtual identities to ensure that individual security and expression rights under virtual identities are protected.


In the world of Web 3, everything is on the chain. Taking NFT as an example, it is its uniqueness and indelibility that brings the protection of assets. There is also a concept called DID (Decentralized Identity), which is the digital identity of the individual confirmed by Da Mao. Even if I have not met, as long as I take out the NFT, I will know who this person is. As an industry insider, it is undeniable that the advancement of many things is linked to capital, but I think this wave of capital intervention has done a good job, allowing ordinary people to enjoy rights and profit from it.

Some friends mentioned the celebrity effect behind the explosion of NFTs, worried and even questioned the possibility of realizing the concept of “decentralization”. The financial attributes of the blockchain have indeed created many myths of getting rich, and some people use human greed to harvest leeks, but this is not the fault of the blockchain, nor the fault of decentralization. Many celebrities or brands join it, not necessarily to recognize this concept, but to chase the trend like a popular consumer product. After the trend, it is more important who can gather real fans. The greatest value of decentralization comes from consensus, which is bottom-up and needs to be continuously strengthened by those involved. Mfer is a particularly good example. It has a consensus image on the Internet in Europe and America, with a sense of self-deprecation and anger, just like Pepe frog, with its own strong stalks, and its value continues to grow in the process of dissemination. The growth of value comes from consensus.


It can also be analyzed from the perspectives of personality psychology and behavioral economics. I also wrote an article on the history of mfer communication before. One of the highlights of Web 3 is that it will create and generate infinite possibilities. Two people who seem to have no intersection will be connected because of the traffic and attraction that comes with Web 3. There are many new possibilities in the process of constantly opening up. New things will be created.

In addition, you can actually not have an illusory fascination and imagination with the so-called centralization and decentralization. The world is dynamically balanced. In decentralization, there must be centralized nodes to ensure efficiency. A centralized system needs a decentralized mechanism to ensure balance. It is good to look at it dialectically.

03 Metaverse Trend: What are the new opportunities for brand marketing in the future that consumers are really looking forward to?

Metaverse marketing and gaming combined become a trend

The Metaverse is very popular, yes, but marketers don't rush into the car

© Fortnite Travis Scott Concert

Today, many brands want to take advantage of this technological development for marketing or to take a place in the world of the Metaverse. What are some interesting findings from brand research? What marketing methods are worth trying?

DD Youth Chronicle Researcher:

We have recently observed that in the new outlet of the Metaverse, more and more brands will choose to do deep integration with games under this concept, even brands that are not very related to games. 

In chatting with a group of PC gamers, we found that today’s young people not only want to be infinitely realistic and bring a picture effect that is different from the real world, but also expect the value between the virtual world and between the virtual and the real to be transformed into each other. It’s just that the existing technology still has many limitations in terms of immersion and value transformation. 

Taking different types of gamers as an example, non-competitive players pursue the in-game scene experience, have higher expectations for openness, and want to have a high degree of freedom of creation and interaction, while competitive players think that the confrontation mechanism is still the core, If you have concerns about the concept of the Metaverse, you can limit it to skins or interactive props. 


The paradox of the game lies in the need to balance the ever-increasing thresholds of players and the physiological limits of people, and social interaction is also a strong demand. At present, the Metaverse game is still in a very early stage, and the transmission technology of human consciousness is still on paper. I have read an online novel “Infinite Horror”, and there is a point in it that impressed me a lot, that is, “The entire earth or universe is a large game server, and we are just a story written by someone else, or a sandbox made by someone else.” I think what Metaverse games need to think about can be the interlacing of time and space, or the appearance of the stars and seas in the future supported by computing power.

For brands, there are several marketing methods: issuing NFT membership cards as a voucher, doing online and offline linkage, or trying casual games to achieve the purpose of brand implantation.

The wealth consensus of NFT comes from everyone’s recognition of the price, and the artistry and community are still in a state of chaos

The Metaverse is very popular, yes, but marketers don't rush into the car

©The 3D online exhibition space “Epidemic” developed by WeirDAO

Issuing NFTs is also a means of Metaverse marketing. What kind of NFT is recognized as more valuable? How do we see the artistic and participatory nature of NFTs?

Iris Youth Strategist:

In addition to cooperating with games, NFT is also a great opportunity for brands to enter the Metaverse. In today’s “everything can be NFT”, many crypto artists have joined in to create; but in the entire market, due to the decentralized mechanism, many “bad coins” that may not have such high artistic value have been created. With consensus, there must be higher value, so on the basis of crossing consensus, we are actually curious, does NFT have a value judgment standard?


Consensus is determined by both active and passive factors. The active level includes the project team, community performance and everyone’s judgment, and the passive level is the so-called emotion and market. For example, the high value of Van Gogh or Picasso ‘s paintings comes from the collector’s right to speak and define, and there are also long-standing disciplines and judgment standards. Now everyone may think that NFT has no technical or artistic components, but if someone thinks it is worth so much money and can establish a rating system, then it is worth this price.


For artists, what they want to achieve is ideals, but for many players, NFT is a consensus, and the two are not in conflict, but in many cases, art and consensus NFTs do have intersections and differences, which is a very In the state of chaos, different paths can be used to reach consensus. Some works have a strong artistic style while maintaining community attributes, such as XCOPY, which is a good balance.

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