The Metaverse is making the first internet upstarts

The first person to get the ticket

The Metaverse is making the first internet upstarts

From the PC Internet to the mobile Internet to the current Metaverse, when the wheel of the times rolls forward, human beings have never stopped the pace of exploration. And when every major turning point comes, there will be a group of people jumping along with the trend. 

On the Metaverse, the train bound for the era, there are crowds of people, although some people question it, saying that this is just the last madness of the mobile Internet era, and some people say that it is the bubble reproduction of AR/VR. From 2021 to 2022, the Metaverse will It took less than half a year to enter thousands of households, from Facebook before the name change to Internet giants such as Tencent, ByteDance, Ali, and even traditional industries such as Vanke, all of which can’t wait to complete the intersection with this new concept. 

The madness of PC to mobile change seems to be going on, which also makes people who bow to the game more convinced that this is the future and the next form of the Internet

Just two days ago, the news of the upcoming listing of Feitian Yundong, the first domestic Metaverse, stirred up the market again. According to the prospectus information, the company is currently the leading supplier of the application layer of the Metaverse scene, and has begun to establish Your own Metaverse platform. 

Is the Metaverse a hoax or truth? Is it the wild or the future? The Metaverse seems to be well-known, but it is still quite mysterious, and the fact is that although the Metaverse is still in a state of chaos, players who have obtained first-class tickets are taking the first real step through this. Whether you admit it or not, the Metaverse is creating the first batch of Internet upstarts under the dividends of the times. Such as NOLO and Nreal in the VR/AR field, BUD and Vyou in the community social field, MetaApp and Yahaha Studios in the game field… 

A few days ago, Zero State LT (ID: LingTai_LT) also had an in-depth communication with Nreal founder and CEO Xu Chi. Since September 2017, Nreal has completed six rounds of financing, Sequoia, Hillhouse, Yunfeng, Hongtai, Shunwei, Huachuang and other institutions have placed bets. Xu Chi also discussed with us about the current and future scenarios of the Metaverse. 

The following is a transcript of the exchange (with abridged):

Zero State LT: Is the Metaverse a real outlet or a pseudo-concept?

Xu Chi: In 2021, the Metaverse will suddenly enter thousands of households. It sounds like a very empty word, but it seems to be able to fit everything into it. Especially in Silicon Valley, everyone is familiar with this word. Take Facebook, for example, since 2014 and 2015, they have been doing the underlying layout with an investment scale of 1 billion US dollars every year. Today, to explain the Metaverse, we are more willing to imagine it as the next form of the Internet. 

From PC to mobile, the next form can be more 3D, three-dimensional, and more convenient to connect different people and scenes anytime, anywhere. Under this premise, the Metaverse is more like a form of space Internet. Is the world more virtual or real? I think it will blend the two perfectly. 

After that, you will find that the Internet world will no longer be limited to small mobile phone screens, and virtual content and digital content can be well integrated with reality wherever you look. 

Putting on a VR headset or glasses, I may enter a purely virtual world. Whether it’s a game, work or other scenes, people may become Iron Man’s existence. 

Zero State LT: There are many views in China that the Metaverse is nothing but AR or VR in the past, an old form. There are also many views that this is just an illusion and people’s imagination. What do you think of this?

Xu Chi: First of all, we have to look at this matter from a longer-term perspective. The beginning of a thing is often accompanied by constant trial and error and controversy. At present, the industry is in the stage of a hundred flowers contending. After the scene comes out, everyone will have a new view. 

Zero State LT: When the Metaverse, technology or scene is popularized on a large scale, what will the future world form, in your opinion, be?

Xu Chi: It will definitely be under the AR/VR terminal to carry new experiences. Back at the beginning, the mobile phone is the most familiar terminal in the past 15 years, but everyone has ignored its convenience. Many people who own mobile phones nowadays Young people will wonder why people in the past used BB phones, and why did they send telegrams in the earliest days. According to this inference, two generations later, some young people will also wonder why people in the 21st century use the small box of mobile phones. 

Now what we use mobile phones to achieve is only a two-dimensional abstraction of the 3D world. This matter will be upgraded with the arrival of the new era of the Metaverse, or the space Internet and the full-real Internet. Some old scenes and experiences will be rejuvenated with new vitality in this ascension. 

Zero State LT: Whether it is the full real Internet or the Metaverse, when the boundaries between reality and virtuality are blurred, how do you view this upcoming change in two?

Xu Chi: Judging from the deduction of the industrial revolution, in today’s era, the wheel of history has not been chaotic in the process of moving forward. In terms of recent changes, the arrival of mobile phones will make our lives different in fifteen years. Is it different? There will be, but it doesn’t make everyone addicted to it. 

In the process of moving forward, technology will give people different choices, so that human beings will eventually better understand their own preferences and pursuits. When everyone enters a purely virtual world, they may want to embrace real life more. Today Too many of us want to answer these questions faster, but this requires a process of continuous exploration. 

Zero State LT: I personally think that you want to embrace the real world after experiencing the virtual world, which is an ideal assumption. After the richness of the virtual world and short-term neural stimulation, especially for minors, come into contact with them again. Will the real world be more boring? After all, from the current point of view, the first scene of the Metaverse will still be the game or e-sports industry.

Xu Chi: In the future, I think there will be policy-level management and control, which will limit and regulate young people. When the mind is not mature and sound, macro-control is needed to make some scenes in the Metaverse, whether it is entertainment or work, It is just a tool to assist the main body of people. I think this is actually a more positive thing. 

Zero State LT: In your opinion, in which areas will the Metaverse usher in a real explosion? To B or To C?

Xu Chi: In fact, both To B and To C are huge opportunities. To C has a larger user base and faster speed, but To C will be more difficult to do than To B. 

To C-end products, consumers may be more critical in their scrutiny. Any defects in experience, whether in hardware, software or interaction, users who are slightly dissatisfied will cast a negative vote, so To C products need to have higher standards , and continue to jump C-end consumer awareness. 

Zero State LT: Where has the current R&D standards and stages of Nreal been?

Xu Chi: In the early days of the industry, we felt that technical and product capabilities came first. We not only had to compete with Chinese companies, but also strive to compete with global companies. Therefore, in terms of core and single-point technologies , we need to have more breakthroughs than foreign companies, so we have invested 70% of our employees in research and development. 

Along the way, we have also built a whole chain of technology and product teams, including optics, 3D visual technology perception, and how we compress complex components into the terminal of glasses, so the ultimate pursuit of technology and research and development is also Our core competitiveness is because this is a relatively new industry, and no major manufacturer can achieve a very leading position. 

Zero State LT: As many big factories have already made a lot of layouts around the Metaverse industry, will they have impact and pressure on us?

Xu Chi: This is a big enough track. The giants will definitely not let it go. It is impossible to avoid competition. It is precisely that we embrace competition. Our knowledge and understanding of this industry are combined with our Experience is actually an advantage. Judging the entire market and the pace of development will also make some companies other than big manufacturers stand out. 

Zero State LT: In fact, there are also some opinions that the blasting point of the Metaverse will not appear in Dachang. What do you think?

Xu Chi: Metaverse has different terminals and different divisions of labor, such as chips, cloud rendering and other infrastructures, which may not be able to be shaken by a small company. There may be some opportunities for large companies and small companies to join forces. In the upstream content ecology At the same level, from the experience of the mobile Internet, whoever can respond to the market faster and find the pain points of users can quickly run out. 

Looking at it today, there will definitely be BAT from the Metaverse in the future, it may be BAT itself, or it may be a new company, a brand that young people think is better. 

Zero State LT: Does starting a business feel like it’s in the air every day?

Xu Chi: We came back from the United States in 2017, just in time for the AR/VR bubble period. At that time, the product experience did not meet the expectations of C-end consumers. At that stage, our team was accumulating technology. With the arrival of different terminals, the future Metaverse is a very deterministic thing, so we thought it was very important to lay out in advance at that time, and it was all about ALL IN at that time, which was also the biggest motivation and source of my entrepreneurship, waiting for the wind to slow down Slowly, our basic skills and internal skills have been solidified. When the surrounding upstream and downstream markets move rapidly, we can also achieve rapid growth. 

Zero State LT: Do we have the confidence to become BAT in the Metaverse in the future?

Xu Chi: Of course, this requires the right time, favorable location, and people. If a new company emerges in the terminal area in the future, I think Nreal is the most similar company. We hope that Apple and Meta will not be the ones who will define the terminal in the future. , there will also be Chinese companies involved in defining what the next terminal should look like. 

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